Pyromania : Playing With Fire

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“If you are playing with fire, don’t complain if it burns you.” This is very much true. But no, this is not an elaboration into a philosophical article. Because, this is an informative article on pyromania 🙂 It means the irresistible urge to set things on fire. And not just your heart 😉 Okay that was a bad pickup line.

Pyromania : You Light Up My Days


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I think we have probably seen Phoebe’s brother setting things on fire in F.R.I.E.N.D.S show. He is none other than a pyromaniac. Pyromania is the inability to resist setting things on fire. It is an impulse control disorder usually taking place to relieve stress. It is a Greek term : Pyre means fire. Pyromaniacs often practice this to induce excitement. In fact, not only do they have a peculiar fixation on fire, but also anything related. For eg, Firemen, Fire houses, etc. It is more common in males than females. Furthermore, it is more profound in L.D. individuals and people who lack social skills.



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  • Fascination with fire, or anything related.
  • Discovering matches, lighters, burnt material in a trash can or by the stove.
  • Stress and emotional buildup on meeting a fellow pyromaniac.
  • Parents find it hard to differentiate from experimentation in early years.

A quick differentiation between pyromaniacs and experimentation with fire :

  • A pyromaniac will set fire to anything but not to satisfy himself.
  • He or she will set fire to something more than once.
  • We should eliminate manic episodes, conduct disorder when considering pyromaniacs.
  • Did You Know? According to the NFPA, juvenile pyromaniacs have caused 6,215 deaths. They have also caused 31,000 injuries and over $11 billion worth of property damages. Information Source

It may seem milder than most psychological disorders, however, it is equally detrimental.

Treatment For Pyromania

Playing With Fire

Behavioral Therapy is one way to control this disorder. We cannot be treated it properly as we don’t know much about it, unfortunately. However, one should recieve proper treatment for pyromania as it is highly perilous if one isn’t cautious. 


  1. What is your opinion about pyromania?
  2. Does fire fascinate you?
  3. If you could to set fire to one thing, what would you burn?
  4. Do you think a pyromaniac and an arsonist ( one who loves fire ) are the same?

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Setting Fires To Objects : What is the reason for Pyromania
Arsonists are people who set fire for money. But what about people who are fascinated with setting fires? Pyromania is the disorder of setting fires.
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