Unexplainable Emotions


Have any of you ever had certain feelings which were hard to describe? I have often felt this way, but when it comes to explaining that feeling, it is one of the hardest tasks ever. However, some of these feelings and emotions do have terms, even if we barely ever use them. So in this article, I’ll be talking about such emotions.

Unexplainable Emotions

Here is a list of emotions which are hard to explain or express to someone.

1. Énouement

It is the feeling of having reached a point in the future and seeing how things turn out. However, you cannot quench the desire to tell your past self.

2. Sonder

The realization that every passerby has just as complex a life as yours.

3. Anecdoche

A conversation where everyone I’d talking, but barely anyone is listening.

4. Jouska

The hypothetical conversations one has with themselves as they play it out in their head.

5. Jamais Vu

Somewhat like Deja Vu, Jamais Vu is the sudden feeling of seeing something for the first time, despite knowing you have already seen it multiple times before. eg. Writing down ‘calf’, but feeling as if this is the first time you have written it.

6. Onism

It is the realization of how little of the world you will ever experience. Your existence is one among the many, exploring the entire world is impossible.


1. Have you ever felt one of these emotions? If so which ones?

2. Do you know of any other such terms for emotions you can’t explain?

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