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Often, our dreams consist of unexplainable occurrences, or sometimes even the repetition of some event. But they are truly just a plethora of vivid adventures. Each dream is different and extraordinary, and apparently, they have different meanings.

Why Do We Dream?

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On an average, an adult dreams 2 hours for every 8 hours of sleep. In other words, we may dream four to six times a night; as dreams usually take place for a few seconds to 30 minutes . ( I thought it was all one dream 😮 ) Our dreaming takes place during the REM ( Rapid Eye Moment ) stage – this is when we are considered to be sound asleep 🙂 In the past few years, there have been many theories concerning why we dream, of these, there are four which are fairly popular among people :

Wish Fulfillment

According to Sigmund Freud, dreams indicated wish fulfillment. He believed that dreams demonstrated the innermost ‘wishes’ of a person which they could not fulfill in reality. However, this theory hit a pothole when traumatic or punishment dreams came into questions. In response to this query, he stated that dreams may be a person’s medium to express guilt or trauma. Therefore, dreams were indirect manifestations of a person’s mind.

Direct Mental Expression

Contrary to Freud’s theory, Carl Jung believed that dreams were direct expressions of an individual’s mind. They expressed their unconscious or sub conscious state through a language of dreams – symbolism. This language or symbolism differed from the normal language; which is why it was hard to interpret. Dreams had two functions : a) compensate a dreamer’s psyche and provide a future prospective that may allow the dreamer to anticipate future events.

REM & Active Synthesis

Harvard professors Allan Hobson and Robert McCarly discovered that during REM sleep, electrical signals pass through the brain. This stimulus causes the brain to naturally react and try to make sense of them. In other words, dreams are meaningless, side effects of this activity. Now, at that time, this theory seemed flawless, however, it has been revised to the latest theory.

Threat Simulation

Antii Revansuo ( Finnish ) suggested the latest theory regarding dreams. During REM sleep, the amygdala (the fight-or-flight section of the brain) reacts the same way it would if ever caught in a threatening situation. So, nightmare dreams are basically practice for similar events that may occur in reality – As a result, the brain is already trained to avoid such situations. In a nutshell, dreams are evolutionary traits for survival.

Interpretation Of Dreams : Dream Dictionary

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You know, over here, dreaming about something at dawn is a sign of that dream turning into reality ( load of bullsh*t, I know, but interesting ) Similarly, certain symbols you see in your dreams can be an interpreted in a variety of ways.

  • Chasing – It means we need to give attention to something important that has slipped out of our mind.
  • Water – It represents our emotions. They state of the water tells us more about emotions.
  • Classroom – When we dream about taking a test we didn’t prepare for, it is something we need to learn again.
  • Paralysis – It may mean you are losing control in your life.
  • Death – It indicates end for something, but also the beginning of something new too.
  • Falling – Slow falling may mean letting go, while uncontrollable falling can mean something is out of our control.
  • Nudity – It can justify vulnerability or psychological exposure.
  • Food – It indicates energy, knowledge, spirituality
  • Cheating individuals – It is a reflection of our guilt and low self esteem.
  • Killing – Maybe, it means that you are trying to cut ties with an unwanted aspect of you.
  • Shoes – It symbolizes moving forward in life or career.
  • Police – It can mean law, authority or control over someone.
  • Birth – It could mean creativity.
  • Blisters – It indicates annoyance.
  • Dolls – It means some childhood innocence or fun. I’d flip to be honest, I hate dolls.
  • Sex – It may indicate literal desire for sex. Furthermore, it may indicate new awareness and personal growth.
  • Trapped Situation – This reflects the real life inability to escape or make the right choice.

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Can We Control Our Dreams?

Honestly, it is quite possible; this may be more recognizable as Lucid Dreaming. Lucid dream is a dream where one is aware of their dreaming state. It is stated to be beneficial in Nightmare therapy as well as a mode of creativity, as the individual is aware of their state, they may have a hold on the control of such dreams. Here is a small guide to Lucid dreaming if you are interested. People who have lucid dreams state that they are connected to their bodies by a cord like object.

Bonus : This Man Controversy

This Man In Our Dreams

This Man Portrait

In the year 2006, January, a patient drew the face of a man who seemed to repeatedly appear in her dreams. In addition to that, this man interacted with her, giving her advice on her private life. Dismissing this thought at the time, the psychiatrist left the patient’s drawing on their desk. However, another patient recognized the man from their dreams. Curious about this incident, the psychiatrist decided to send this drawing to her colleague’s patients. Within a while, four others recognized the man to be from their dreams. They denied ever meeting him in real life.

Till today, people from all over the world claim to have seen This Man in their dreams. Recently , this incident has been declared as a hoax, but people still dwell over the mystery of This Man. What do you think?


~Which dream do you tend to see frequently in your sleep?

~What is your interpretation of your dreams?

~Which theory from the above four do you believe? Do you think it is accurate?

~What are your thoughts about ‘This Man’?

~Lastly, have you ever lucid dreamed? Share your experience.

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