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Description of Call of Juarez:

Call of Juarez is a 2006 first-person shooter Western video game developed by Techland. It was published for Microsoft Windows by Focus Home Interactive in Europe in September 2006, and by Ubisoft in North America in June 2007. It was ported to the Xbox 360 in 2007, published worldwide by Ubisoft. It was released on Xbox Live in March 2011. The North American PC release version of the game was one of the first PC games optimized for Windows Vista and DirectX 10. Call of Juarez is the first game in the Call of Juarez series.

The game tells the story of Billy “Candle” and Ray McCall, a former gunslinger turned preacher. After two years in Juarez looking for the mysterious “Gold of Juarez”, Billy returns to his home town of Hope, Texas, near the Mexican border. However, when he arrives at his farm, he finds his mother and stepfather have been murdered, and “Call of Juarez” written on a barn in their blood. Mistakenly believing that Billy is the killer, McCall (his step-uncle) abandons his role as the town’s preacher and sets out to avenge their deaths by killing Billy, as Billy himself tries to find out who actually committed the murders, and why.

Call of Juarez received mixed to positive reviews, with most critics praising Ray’s levels and the general shooting mechanics, but finding Billy’s levels considerably inferior, especially the platforming sections. Although the game did not sell very well in North America, it fared better in Europe, with Techland citing it as “putting us on the map.” Overall, the game was enough of a success that Techland and Ubisoft established a Call of Juarez franchise. The series includes a direct prequel (Bound in Blood), a loose sequel set in contemporary Los Angeles and Mexico (The Cartel), and a narratively unrelated game with similar gameplay (Gunslinger).

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