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Anime ‘Uma Musume – Pretty Derby’ Releases New Visuals & Cast Details


Date: 26/02/2018

TV Anime Uma Musume: Pretty Derby has shared key visuals and cast details earlier today. Additionally, the official website shared the titles of the opening and ending theme songs. The opening song is titled ‘Make Debut!’ and the ending song is titled ‘Grow up shine!’. The seven Uma Musume main characters will be singing in the theme songs. The anime will premier from April 2018. TOKYO MX, Kansai TV, Sagatrevi, BS11, AbemaTV will be broadcasting the series.

‘Uma Musume’ (lit. ‘Horse Girls’) is a youthful story where girls are seen running races. Just as racehorses, the girls need to outdo one another. Hence they keep undergoing rigorous training at the academy to perform there best.

The cast details are as the following:  While Azumi Waki will voice Special Week, Marika Kouno will voice Silent Suzuka. We will have Machico voicing Tokai Teio, Ayaka Ohashivoicing Vodka, Chisa Kimura voicing Daiwa Scarlet. Furthermore,  Hitomi Ueda will be voicing Gold Ship and Saori Onishi will be voicing Mejiro McQueen. Additionally, Yukiyo Fujii will voice the school chairman’s secretary, Tazuna Hayakawa. Lastly, Koji Okino will voice the trainer and Megumi Toyoguchi will voice Hana Tojo.

Key Visuals

Promotional Video #2

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What We Can Expect

This anime is a prime example of what we can expect in the future from Japanese Anime. Here we have an anime where girls are seen running like horses. Furthermore, all this is professionally organized and the girls are trained and coached just as professional athletes would be. Maybe, the unorthodox nature of the plot will convince some viewers to watch this anime. Also, in a way, this is a kind of sports anime and we can expect the regular inspirational stuff that is common in such anime. I am not sure how fun it is going to be to watch girls running and people placing bets on them. Well, since hybrid humans are involved we can hope for some surprises.

Do share in the comments if you are going to watch this anime or not.

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