Ultraman anime release date announced for Spring 2019


Date: 11/07/2018

Hello everyone, it has officially been revealed. The Ultraman anime release date was set for Spring 2019. The anime will be done by Netflix, so I’m hoping that it will be very good. The news for Ultraman anime release date was announced in Eiichi Shimizu and Tomohiro Shimoguchi’s 12th compiled book volume of the Ultraman manga. The anime will be released on Netflix in Spring of 2019. Netflix has recently started pushing forward a lot in the anime industry. So far, I have not been disappointed by their work. Therefore, I am really hoping that Ultraman anime will be as good as their previous works. The best one so far was definitely Devilman Crybaby.

Ultraman anime release date Ultraman anime release date and information

There is not much known about the characters that will be in the anime adaptation so far (unless you’ve read the manga). So far, the only thing that we know is the anime will be directed by Shinji Aramaki (Space Pirates) and Kenji Kamiyama ( Ghost in the Shell: Standalone complex).  Production I. G. and Sola Digital Arts will be working on producing the anime. The anime was announced to be done in 3D CG. There was quite a lot of anime that were done badly with this method. But I do hope that they make this one good.  I will definitely give the first episode a try and then decide if it’s worth watching or not.

What is the story about?

The story revolves around Shinjiro whom at first seems like an ordinary teenager. But in reality, he is the son of Shin Hayata. Shin Hayata is the original Ultraman from the Scientific Special Search Party. And, together with a certain being called Giant of Light, Shin saved the Earth from devastating monsters. The world is currently at peace, but there is a new darkness lurking around, and waiting for its chance to strike. The daily life of Shinjiro will change once he realizes that his father passed on the Ultraman Factor to him.



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