TV Anime ‘Caligula’ Releases New Promo Video, To Premiere on April 8th 2018


Date: 01/04/2018

FuRyu’s The Caligula Effect game is receiving an anime adaptation. The anime title is ‘Caligula’ and it will be a 12 episode series. Caligula Effect is a pattern of behaviour where one wants to see or do something more often if it is denied to them. Pony Canyon is in charge of the music. On Friday it began streaming a Promotional video previewing the opening theme song “Paradigm Box.” Furthermore, it is confirmed that the anime will premiere on April 8th, 2018.


Jun’ichi Wada will be directing the anime and Touko Machida will take care of the series composition. Also, Kenji Tanabe will design the characters and Satoshi Motoyama will be the sound director.


The original game’s story is written by Tadashi Satomi. A virtual idol known as μ performs user-inputted songs. Additionally, she starts to become self-awareness of users’ bitter feelings and dissatisfaction towards reality. She thinks that humanity is continuously suffering and needs saving. Consequently, she lures people to a virtual reality world called Mobius with her songs. Also, she imprisons them in Mobius to be free from the suffering of reality. She also believes that all their wishes will come true. The “Going Home Club,” a club of 9 members, are characters who want to escape from Mobius and go home.

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Caligula – #PV Featuring Opening Theme Song

Chiharu Sawashiro and Shunsuke Takeuchi’s “Paradigm Box.”

Caligula – #PV Featuring Song ‘Distorted † Happiness’

What We Can Expect

Firstly, we can definitely expect this anime to be interesting. It gives of a Death Note kind of a vibe. I am counting on the psychological and thrilling aspects of this anime. Secondly, the art and animation quality is good. This would make a good viewing experience and that is important. Also, the background music is good too. In conclusion, I would say that this anime will be worth checking it out.



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