Trinity Seven Anime Review (Not Spoiler Free)


Date: 24/05/2018

This review of Trinity Seven is not spolier free.

Do you like Pinã Colada? I know you do. What about getting caught in the rain? I know, I know, you obviously do. One last question though. Do you like mediocre stories splashed with generic settings? Really? Do you? Well, my friend, look no further, Trinity Seven is for you. Although, before that, let me explain my analytic dated viewpoint about it. A mere approach is chained to a prolonged uneffective claim that goes by the name of “I like Capitalism too, Dad!” Okay, maybe too harsh, so ignore that one.

Trinity Seven Review

Trinity Seven

Astral Trinity

Anime which is used as a medium nowadays to be solely used for the purpose of any personal gains or indirect attention by dismantling delusional beliefs. And in anime, there are shows that do care about those types of fans! Are you one of those? Great, Great, you passed the first step. So Trinity Seven which is an adaptation of the manga, and for the exquisite surprise, the author specializes in showing off pretty designs and luxurious skin as a device to lure the virgin plebs in. “Give us the goodies” -Virgin Plebs.

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Courage To Anime Is The Epidemic Of Respect

I thought at first that to animate a series like this you could bring the old 8bit studio. Or Production IMS and have them exhibit their immersed passion for this particular substance. While making sure that it is one hundred percent loyal when it comes to the fans that are expecting the goodies. Yes, those goodies that I talked about above. Yet, no. A studio that comes out of nowhere decides to take on the job.

Seven Arcs Pictures is the name of the studio. Being the curious being that I am, I just couldn’t resist the succumbing thought of taking a peek at their works. Through an akin elation, it was apparent at a point that shows like Mushibugyo and Dog Days were on the list. Dog Days is actually an old one for me since it was my first ones. So of course, I had to give them the mighty regards. As for Mushibugyo, let’s just say it went as good as Hillary against Trump. Not sure why, but it would only be the case if one would have watched Dog Days before. Yet for some reason, the alluding thought of the possibility didn’t occur to me.

Galores Only Serve As A Visioned Paradise

What possibility might you ask? That the shows animated by it would have almost to non-plot. Basically, it would turn into an ass and boobs galore. While I do have to say, that it was the case, it wasn’t as bad as I originally gave the speculation to be a reality. In fact, you will see later on, that the studio did a good job at picking this up. It was bound to make money drop from the clouds right down to the Earth soil without any sort of obscure doubt. Anyways, enough blabbering, let’s get into it, shall we?

Laughs, everyday life, joy, ecchi scenes and most of all, exciting lines out of our grand protagonist. That could be used as a brief summary. Yet, why do that right? SO, the story is set out first in a normal world, soon to not be normal. Because the protagonist’s life is about to change just like many other protagonists. Such a coincidental fate, feels so similar and so ironic?

The Shounen Fate

Our protagonist, Arata, and his cousin, Hijiri(first time in my eyes to witness a cousin harem member, well she technically isn’t but introduced herself as one, still, plausible)are enjoying their everyday life. It would only be a matter of time before the Shounen stereotypical fate would kick Arata to his well deserved generic ventures. So one day, the sun goes black, because apparently, Arata is a demon lord candidate.

Trinity Seven


This means that he himself created this world with the help of no other. It’s a bit ridiculous. Because, if you try to follow any sort of logical reasoning, you will fail either way because there isn’t much logic in this anime. My point is, it doesn’t even make sense for him to be born or isn’t explained as to how. That’s fine though, most viewers don’t care nor have the brain capacity to give a care about it, so no way they would ever notice. Right, Right? Ah, why do I even bother to explore these little details?

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Sense Is Old School, Non-Sense The New Meta

To prevent the so-called abrupt events that happen due to very subtle reasons, those events that go by the name of “Breakdown Phenomenon”. One of the top mages comes purposely from another dimension to bring a stop to this mess. After many melodramatic scenes, Arata decides that he is gonna become a mage for the sake of saving Hijiri. Which was evacuated into another dimension? This is probably the most nonsensical part of the anime itself.

Arata knows absolutely nothing about magic. Yet he claims that he will become a mage to save Hijiri. But why, you might ask? Fret not, I also asked the same question. Since the advents earlier wouldn’t add up for some reason there must be for sure an obstruct reason for this. The reason was that he felt like. Yes, he felt like it. I can’t count the number of imaginary facepalms I did to myself on that moment. I wanted to drop the anime after it, but, I linked on.

Plot Devices Are Like Cheating In Exams

Essentially, the story revolves around Arata going on an adventure to rescue Hijiri from (???). Seriously, it isn’t even presented the chance that she would be there, Hijiri just happens to be in the same dimension as Arata because it is a plot device. Damn, aren’t plot devices too convenient?

Now that I explained to you the basic introduction of it, I say we get onto to the fundamentals, so without any further ado.

Trinity Seven – Plot

As explained previously the whole goal of this anime is to rescue Hijiri from God knows where. To bring back the good old days that Arata and she would live by every day. To spring forever is their cause. So Arata decides that it would be convenient to stabilize a mutual relationship with the Trinity Seven, which consists of 7 girls. Hehe, didn’t see that one coming did you?

Trinity Seven

Lilith, Arata and, Sora

Seven girls? Haha, prosperous! But that’s just how harem works. Furthermore, if the harem is good in terms of characterization plus the protagonist being the ladies man and not the 0,000001% sperm that goes through every woman at every dating session that has a chance of being Yuuki Rito. Then yes, you have hit the jackpot when it comes to making a harem anime enjoyable and supremely watchable.

A Harem Mayhem Is Your Worst Nightmare

The plot itself is beyond generic. It has no unfolding remarks whatsoever. Mainly due to the simplistic substance of being set on a high school which has only girls alone the male protagonist. Although it’s not like Infinite Stratos, there are signs of other male species across the school. The headmaster happens to be a male character, so that’s a relief. We didn’t happen to witness another Infinite Stratos mayhem yet again.

Besides, in episode 11, there is a huge contradiction to this so set rule of being a girls-only school. You could actually see 2 boys in the background along with the rest of the class. Now that was pure idiocy spreading and breaking through thin glass like it was made by a whirlwind of a storming gale. In essence, plot holes are like a coin flip. A lot don’t care about the obvious part, yet those who do tend to become more emerged into it, ruining the absence of potential for them.

Directions Tend To Mislead Beliefs

Still, that manages to be little to almost none for when it comes to establishing any direction in this anime. This anime has absolutely no sense of direction. Not only do the events have blitherings amounts of nonsense but they love to try and hide the fact that for a possible compensation through the plethoras you really don’t have anything going for the show.

It’s those shows that need a desperate amount of numerous fanservice scenes to make it seem good. While it isn’t exactly good, instead it’s a fetch, the schizophrenic story builds up with reluctant events along with advents that make utterly no sense.

The Consequences Of No Direction

When I say it has no direction, I mean that the sequences that are built on have almost no duality. As you don’t have any idea on what to expect from the show now that the show has ended. Normally you would end the show with high remorses and have those vital wicked feelings about it. Saying along the lines “I want more” or “Second season please!”. But this show leaves you with a forgettable mark upon its own title. As its just another free 4 hours that were there just by the looks of it.

Trinity Seven

Levi – Trinity Seven

Also, being as generic as it gets doesn’t help either. Set in a high school and have the magic concepts, the premise was pretty shallow. In fact, it was begging and asking to be doomed from the get-go honestly. Even though breaking all that viciousness with massive lecherous plethoras in it, the plot itself delves in an enjoyable way. Because the characters and the atmosphere turned out to be enjoyable as you aren’t caught with too many cliche scenes.

Execution Saving Lechered Formulas Since Last Century

I should mention one thing. The scenes and the plot may be a bit cliche, that’s a harsh and truthful statement. Yet the execution manages to be cunning to the maximum. I for once couldn’t foresee most of the scenes and how it would finalize, simply due to the characters charismatics signatures.

Invoking a good storytelling is always hard. Most writers nowadays realize that fact and decide to pursue their story through effective characters without having to rely on a lackluster story. That’s understandable, but, it’s not hard to make a good direction for your story. Especially here, the events unfold so badly that even through all the episodes you get no answer as to why they happened in the first place. Let me give you a few examples.

For A Reason There Is A Purpose

During the last arc, when an outside school invaded the school for some reason, decided to use harsh measures against the school to simply face Arata, but why? It’s never explained as to why they would do that in the first place. First off, it would be way too dumb to even try that, and, it doesn’t make sense considering the fact that they would be outnumbered and rendered useless. Because let’s be real here, the headmaster could probably snap his fingers and have all of the enemies in the bare skin without any magic and no clothes on. Arata style.

So, not only did this event did particularly nothing, well that’s not exactly the truth. A few questions got answered, but overall it was essentially just fanservice. In both action and girls without much left to speculate, which begs the question, what the fuck?

More To The Table

What, you still want more examples as to why the direction sucks? Fine then. Not sure if you have watched this series or not to remember this exact event but since I did, I might as well highlight it. During the Lisle arc, when all of that pseudo-romance and melodrama goes down, Arata says that he would make sure to rescue her from the frozen dimension. Which is, in other words, a dimension where time doesn’t exist.

Hence why Lisle couldn’t come out of it. And the fact that she sacrificed a great depth for the power of it, which was rendered to a poor degree in terms of implosion. Still, that’s not the deal. She and Arata were separated after all that. To be followed up was the ambition of Arata wanting to rescue her from that dimension to the point of even wasting one episode on it. Just so all the watchers were deep and absorbed into it, since it was stated that he would rescue her, right, RIGHT?

Optimism Is The Worst Sometimes

No, wrong, of course. You get introduced to a brand new arc forgetting all the past events that linked no connections to the previous ones. On top of it, you wasted a damn whole episode while basically filling up time simply to shorten the time spent between the ending line and the current episodes that were ongoing at the time that it was running.

So much for that, at the end of the day, new arcs are more prioritized because apparently. Whenever you can’t establish your own characters and your plot devices are weak to this point, changing into a new arc is the supposedly “right” call. Such a shame that it is like this in this modern age of anime.

Methodologies Are Going Extinct By The Looks Of It

It doesn’t even go through one’s head to simply make a well-developed methodology before even attempting to build any sort of development. It’s only laughable that clowns like these get the luxury to uphold such ill manners towards the affinity of writing.

Trinity Seven

Liese – Trinity Seven

To round up this haphazard plot department. I’ll mention one formula that is constantly overused that leaves little to desire considering the own benefit that it gives. I’m sure there are more formulas out there in this show hidden to be exposed. Yet this was the most noticeable one that I visioned.

Who Doesn’t Love Interrupting Moments

Every time there is a slight touch of romance or erotic moments that would go down, either Arata would come up with his philosophical inner mode. Or Lilith would casually interrupt every single of those moments. It represents an odd contrast to one another. On one side, you have the protagonist who is Issei’s brother from another mother, except he actually is a gentleman. Then you have Lilith that for some meandering reason loves to bargain for no apparent reason.

I’m serious, it’s never mentioned as to why she does that. The clear answer would be, she has feelings for him, but that’s not the exact case. She feels the necessity to stop every moment and does that the whole series. Which obviously brings consequences to her character in general. So that’s not an exactly good play there, you should rethink it and preview it better next time. Because the results were terrible and lacked impact as it was downright poor.

Trinity Seven – Characters

Probably the best part of this whole show. With much sincerity, this anime did one thing that was a good play, and that was to put in almost every scene of every Trinity Seven member. This gave enough room for you to be able to distinguish every character and fully understand their characteristics. Not only that, that became way easier, especially in the harem, because as the anime title issues “Trinity Seven” is the main signature for the harem.

The Trinity Seven each represent a sin. The seven deadly sins in this peculiar case. That’s how they manage to be so noticeable through in and out of the series. If this wasn’t the case, it was bound to be bad in terms of characters and their characteristics would be lost in a quicksilver, no doubt on that one. I think it’s time to present as to why this series was a success at least from my perspective.

Kasuga Arata

To start off, the main protagonist. Many people tend to relate him to the very famous harem king saying that he definitely goes up in the list. That’s where I would beg to differ. Arata is a first class top tier gentleman. not only does he respect the girl’s feelings, cares about them but on top of all, he has ambition.

You might say: “Hey, Issei also has many and many ambitions, perverted one, much like Arata.” Wrong again, Arata knows how to approach and isn’t an odd individual to the point where he has to do anything out of the scene to get what he wants, in this case, the girls. There are several kisses in this anime, and never EVER does Arata show any kind of cliched reaction. I’m saying this while having Itsuka Shidou flashbacks. So you can’t possibly imagine my current joy.

Comical Interactions Manage To Always Bring The Best Out Of Characters

I’m ecstatic. Either way, he is the man of the show, and surprisingly, manages to have a good synergy with the characters. Especially the Grimoire and the Headmaster. Their interactions are some of the best I’ve ever seen when it comes to these tropes. You can’t help but burst yourself in laughter.

He does have some flaws though. Especially the lack of intelligence along with the bipolar reactions. There are scenes where it would turn right into a straight +18 show if there weren’t the constant interruptions or the so casual events on it. Still, it’s refreshing to see protagonists like him that have a character, are lively, have a good sense of humor and most of all, have no fear of going up against a girl with the intentions that we plebs want. Bring the goodies we said, Arata shall give us. Praise the God himself.

The Rest Of The Cast

The rest is pretty self-explanatory.  There is one good contrast between the characters, mainly the Trinity Seven crew. Each of them transpires in the Seven Deadly Sins, yet they are the exact opposite of them. For example, Arin represents the sin of Wrath, although she is the exact opposite. This leaves a room for thinking, you don’t have to simply look at them for their hair color or breast size!

Trinity Seven

Liese and Arata having a kiss

Evolution is at sight, keep it up Japan. I’m impressed honestly. If there is one good side from this, is that it doesn’t bother to give useless characters any sort of screen. Since that’s a nice way to give specific development without shattering any sort of stacked degree, thus the good characters.

Supreme Overlord Badass Headmaster

On a final note, I have to say, the headmaster was probably the most enjoyable character for me. He had a supreme sense of humor and overly, was enjoyable to watch, I keep remembering the impact that he left when he fought off Liese, let’s just say it was enough to gain my trust on this. Although he lacks screen time, besides, it’s not as if most characters were impressive.

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m simply telling that characters can be like a mystery in the box if they aren’t completely chained down due to the author’s intoxicatingly implacability of designing proper characters, which was fine in this case, they passed the average score, hence the praise.


It was good, I was expecting bad things since this anime decided that short shots was a good idea and decided to bet on the mighty Cinematic Graphical Illustrations. It’s not always a bad move, by the looks of it, it worked really well here. The depiction of the illustrations was on point.

Each scene somehow portrayed enough detail into the scenes that it left a beautiful impression on it. The artifacts were designed brilliantly, especially the themes of it. To add up more spice, there wasn’t any scene that had random objects cut from it, which sometimes happen but most of the viewers are too lazy to ever notice.

So whenever there is any sort of those circumstances present, it isn’t very good, in fact, it’s rather thwarted as it gets labeled over the time, fortunately, that wasn’t the case here, kudos to the graphics team, you did well. Sincerely, I can’t find flaws in it, I hate CGI’s in general but this one took me for unnoticed, very well done.


The Pertulating opening was already listened by me over 500 times, no, not recently but in the past, so I couldn’t help myself to think that it would either be good and bad. To my reluctance, it was pretty average, yet it had a good melody to it. A bright and cheerful symphonic wave that portioned was utterly amazing.  One thing to be mentioned is the violinic tune that it had, mostly in the battle scenes.

Trinity Seven

Arata Kasuga with a Mantra Enchantment – Trinity Seven

It gave a vagrant feeling of desperation while making the atmosphere more heavy and detailed in terms of music. Back to the opening though, I find a very huge flaw in every ZAQ band opening, not sure if it’s a band or not, just making an assumption, since I’m too lazy to open up a tab on google at the moment, spare me please, either way, all of the songs that ZAQ puts up to listen suffer the same fate as many others. They are overhyped and die quickly.

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The Opening Essence

There is a vast variety of opening that tends to never be forgotten due to the fact that no matter how many times you listen to them, you essentially never get tired of them. Yet there are those openings that are either straight up garbage or are just completely bombastic at first, leaving all sorts of remarks at first, but as time goes by you get tired of them, they don’t have that supreme essence that godlike openings have. That’s why this opening failed as well. The endings are easily forgettable, I noticed some changes over the endings, which was about 3 in the total overall, I think.

Contrasting The Openings And The Endings Was Something Clearly Not Well Thought

An odd feat about endings is that they have to be remarkably good or else they are mere stepping stones. An example that comes to my mind, the endings of Hunter x Hunter 2011 left a bigger impression simply because they were better and had a glowing impact on the viewership. A basic flaw about endings is that, not only it’s, as I mentioned, a stepping stone, but a way to ignore it and move on to the next episode.

It is not like an opening, because an opening entices a new beginning along with the episode, while an ending is only a delay to the next episode. Why bother with it, when you can simply click the next episode button. That’s why they need a huge impact on the melody of its core or else it is simply bound to fail no matter what trick they try, especially the cheap shortcuts.


Did I enjoy Trinity Seven? Enjoyment for me always comes down to multiple portions, be it the character development, comical interactions, cute romance, battle scenes, intellectual themes, etc. Now when it comes down to this show, it’s rather one-sided. I found the show plain boring from the start, as I mentioned previously since this show has absolutely no direction it’s bound to recoil cynical prowess at maximum, which leads to such intricacies.

The enjoyment isn’t on the plot for certain, it’s right down generic as it gets. The setting is truly poor without any sort of rich remark in it, it is always in the high school type of setting. It is witnessed the change of setting 3 times as you see in the ruins, city, and hot springs. They weren’t even memorable, so that’s definitely a no. Lilith’s interactions blocking any romance? Hell no. Fanservice every scene not leading to anything in the end? I thought salvation was a thing until today. More disruption in terms of direction? God no.


Now, Now, it might seem like I did a drama out of this Trinity Seven review, but trust me, there are good sides of this which lead to a good enjoyment, those being the characters, mainly Arata. Honestly, without him and the rest of the Trinity Seven, not to forget the great Headmaster himself, it wouldn’t be possible to reach a good enjoyment. Yes, Trinity Seven was straight out generic and essentially too poor, yet it was bearable, so it’s watchable in my opinion.

To conclude this, if you are looking for a show that involves magic and bearable characters, and most of all, a good protagonist that defies the fate of every shounen harem main character, then look no further, Trinity Seven is the train to hop on, although take into consideration all the things I said, especially the direction, it really is bad. Still, enjoy.

If you have watched Trinity Seven then do share your views in the comments section below.



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