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Tower of God Anime Theme Song to Feature Popular K-Pop Boy-band, The Stray Kids




Updated on: 23/10/2023


Take out your calendars and mark out April 2020! Your favorite webtoon – “Tower of God” – is all set to come forth as an all-new T.V. adaptation. Besides, the lovable Stray Kids boy band is to be behind the Tower of God Anime Theme Song. Here’s everything you need to find out.

March 9, 2020:

The famous Stray Kids are to perform the theme songs for the Tower of God’s televised version. This thrilling fantasy manga is to see an upcoming adaptation as a T.V. anime series. It is to release on Crunchyroll from April onwards. Fans worldwide cannot wait for their favorite webtoon as an anime.

“Tower of God” was published as a webtoon back in 2010. Since then, it has amassed great fandom worldwide. Till February 2020, the manga has garnered above 4.5 billion views worldwide. It has been published and read across twenty different languages so far. So, it was an obvious choice to screen the series across different borders.

Tower of God: Plot Summary

The Tower of God speaks of the thrilling story of Twenty-Fifth Bam. In a mysterious setting, Bam happens to live beneath the vast Tower of God for long. And all he has is his friend Rachel for the company.

When Rachel enters the Tower, Bam cannot help but step into it himself to seek her. Therefore has dire consequences for him. He meets many challenges and aliens on every floor. These monsters are often not happy seeing an outsider. Yet, he must do everything to seek his only friend and rescue her.

The plot offers a fascinating insight into the concepts of friendship, loneliness, and courage. How far can someone go when it comes to the bond of friendship? This and much more becomes reflected clearly in the Tower of God.

Tower of god anime theme songCharacters Synopsis

The Tower of God has two main protagonists – Twenty-Fifth Bam and Rachel. They are the closest of friends, instead of the solitary partners for each other. Bam has spent a long time underneath the Tower and steps inside it only to seek his friend. 

Bam is young and naïve, yet determined. He is ready to face both life-threatening challenges as well as dealing with strangers. ( All he knows is that he needs to pass through the Tower at any cost to seek his friend Rachel. Bam is an example of how far friendship can go. 

Rachel, on the other hand, has a different reason for stepping into the Tower of God. Her fear of the night’s darkness has always haunted her. So, she wishes to see for herself the stars one can see from the top of the Tower. 

Apart from the two chief protagonists, there are many other famous characters. Without them, the story seems incomplete. The first among them is Khun Aguero Agnes. He meets Bam when he confronts his first test on the second floor. Over time, he becomes one of the closest friends Bam has in his quest to seek Rachel.

Another essential character goes by the name of Rak Wraithraiser. Although Rak joins Bam and Khun unwillingly at first, he goes on to get attached to them in the stages that follow. Rak has the unique ability to change his size into small and big as per his wishes. With the help of this ability, he can commute easily across the Tower. 

There are other characters like Ja Wangnan and Hwa Ryun, whom Bam meets on the upper floors of the Tower. They contribute immensely to the story as well. Ja Wagnan may even be called a very crucial protagonist to the story who sees a change of heart in later episodes. (Lorazepam) Hwa Ryun, written as the most beautiful woman in the series, is a member of the Red witch species.

Other Characters

Apart from these central characters, Bam comes across several others on his journey to the top of the Tower. There is White, who is the tenth out of the eleven FUG slayers. Then there’s Urek Mazino, a fourth-rank irregular, just like Bam. Now, there are the characters od Endorsi, and Aanak Jahad and Enryu mentioned in the later season of the manga series. Each of the characters contributes significantly to the progress of the story.

Tower of God anime theme songThe premiere of the T.V. Adaptation

The announcement of the televised adaptation of the manga had taken place back in August 2019 at the Seoul Comic-Con. The series is to have Takashi Sano as its director, with Kevin Penkin as music composers. There has been no confirmed news on the acting cast so far.

The anime T.V. series will see a simultaneous premiere in Japan, South Korea, and the United States alike. The illustrator behind “Tower of God,” Lee Jong-Hui, goes by the popular pseudonym of SUI (Slave. In. Utero). The series is to be produced primarily by Telecom Animation Film, with separate teams for Japanese production and management.

The Stray Kids Band for the Theme Music

The Stray Kids is a widely popular eight-member boy band hailing from South Korea. Vivacious and young, the Stray Kids work under JYP Entertainment since 2017. They formed their band after emerging as the winners of a reality show that went by the same name. 

Since then, they have come a long way. Their debut album is to release on March 18, 2020, in Japan. Their performance for the Tower of God Anime Theme Song comes as a welcome surprise for fans. After all, it would be exciting to see the boy band perform in three different languages.

“We have needed a lot of preparation to record the songs in three languages, but I think it will provide opportunities to let more people know about us,” says Seungmin, vocalist at the Stray Kids. The band’s other members are Bang Chan (lead vocalist), Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, and I.N. 

The audiences can only wait to find out how this to a blend of their two favorites works out. 

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