5 Top Wuxia Novels (Chinese) That You Must Read!

Today I would like to recommend 5 top wuxia novels that you must definitely try to read. 

Wuxia novels these days have been really popular, especially thanks to the translators who have made it easier to get access to these novels. Earlier it was not possible for non-Chinese readers to read them. Anyway, without any further ado let us start with the list of 5 top wuxia novels.

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5 Top Wuxia Novels

1st in the list of 5 top wuxia novels:

1. Against the Gods

top wuxia novels

Against the gods

Other names: ATGHeaven Defying Evil GodNghịch Thiên Tà ThầnNi Tian Xie Shen逆天邪神

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Mature, Harem, Martial Arts, Mature, Xuanhuan

Author: Mars Gravity; 火星引力

Status: Ongoing

ATG Team: alyschu, SummerRain, Xian, Rubble

Translator: Wuxiaworld

Summary: In order to avenge his master he poisoned millions of people to death using the heavenly treasure sky poison pearl but in the end, he was backed into a corner by his enemies that were after the Sky Poison Pearl, but rather than giving them the treasure he committed suicide by jumping off a cliff.

But after dying, he got reincarnated into a new body, but the fate was not so generous as he soon found out that the profound veins in his body was crippled which ment that he would not be able to cultivate (level-up). So to fix his profound veins and to protect his loved ones, he started his journey where he fought many powerhouses, eradicated many sects, met many new friends, conquered many ravishing beauties and was finally able to stand at the summit of this world but is that really all that is to it? Read the novel to go with Yun Che with his exciting & thrilling journey~

My Review

The plot is good, it is full of action and thrilling adventures. I bet you will never lose interest as one after other interesting events keep on happening which keeps you completely engrossed in the novel. Overall the novel is awesome. #myfavoritenovel

2nd in the list of 5 top wuxia novels:

2. Martial World

top wuxia novels

Martial World

Other names: MWVũ Cực Thiên HạWuji Tianxia武极天下

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Xuanhuan

Author: Cocooned Cow; 蚕茧里的牛

Status: Ongoing

Translator: Wuxiaworld

In the Realm of the Gods, countless legends fought over a mysterious cube. However, after the battle, it disappeared into the void.

Now Lin Ming stumbles upon this mysterious cube and with his quick wits and strong will begin his journey to become the human emperor. Join him on his adventures to see how he grows from a simple boy with average talent to become the greatest cultivator in the 33 heavens and 18 abysses and get known as Human Emperor.

My Review

In my opinion, right now it’s better than Against the Gods. The plot is amazing, the MC is OP (Over Powering) and the fights are very thrilling too. #myfavnovel2

3rd in the list of 5 top wuxia novels:

3. Dragon-Marked War God

top wuxia novels

Dargon-marked war god

Other names: DMWGlong văn chiến thầnLong Wen Zhan Shen龙纹战神

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Xuanhuan

Author: Su Yue Xi

Status: Ongoing

Translator: LiberSpark

The once greatest Saint underneath the heavens has been reborn after one hundred years. He cultivates with mighty skills, and he fights to once again reach the top of the world!

top wuxia novels

Jiang chen

Don’t compete with me when it comes to concocting pills, 100% effectiveness means nothing to me. never compete with me when it comes to cultivation speed, I won’t be responsible when you die from embarrassment. Don’t even think to compete with me when it comes to experience, as I’m an ancient ancestor. The existence of Jiang Chen is destined to ridicule thousands of genius.

My Review

It’s a very funny novel with a good storyline. The main character is very clever and cruel to his enemiesbut very friendly to his friends. The best part of this novel is of the friendship between him and Big Yellow, both have similar personalities and both are equally cruel too. I’m sure you will like this novel.

4th in the list of 5 top wuxia novels:

4. Martial God Asura

top wuxia novels

Martial god asura

Other names: MGAXiuluo Wushen修罗武神

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Ecchi, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Mature, Xuanhuan

Author: Kindhearted Bee; Shan Liang de Mi Feng; 善良的蜜蜂

Status: Ongoing

Translator: Wuxiaworld

One night a mysterious and unexplained phenomenon occurs in the nine provinces. Five years later Chu Feng, a regular outer disciple of the Azure Dragon school, awakens one of the mysterious nine lightning beasts. Also, he discovers an egg sealed inside him. From there we follow Chu Feng as he crosses the continent, beating up the strongest senior brothers, raiding tombs, destroying sects and as well as he conquers beauties.

My Review

In my opinion, this novel is awesome and fantastic although it does have some repetitiveness. Althoughthe plot is very huge it still makes sense. Even though the main character has a very satisfying and cruel personality the way the main character and the other main characters show pretty good characterdevelopment makes this novel interesting. So while it does have a bad chapter or two here and there you (can’t be possibly expecting it to be perfect, especially with the sheer huge amount of chapters) thenovel will keep you entertained for the most part.

5th in the list of 5 top wuxia novels:

5. Ancient Strengthening Technique

top wuxia novels

Ancient strengthening technique

Other names: ASTPortraits of Beauty上古强身术美女图

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Ecchi, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Mature, Xuanhuan

Author: I Am Superfluous; 我是多余人

Status: Ongoing

Translator: Wuxiaworld

This novel is about the main character, named Qing Shui, who after getting reincarnated into this life uses the heaven-defying treasure – the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal to forge ahead his path to seek the heavenly dao, and to seek vengeance for the one who had forsaken his mother! But the trouble just doesn’t end here, in order to protect his friends and help his clan to revive, he cultivates day and night without wasting a second!

Accompany him on his thrilling adventures and find out how he conquers many heaven-defying beauties and becomes the strongest in the nine continents. 

My Review

This plot of the novel is good overall even though at the later parts it gets to be little slow. The novel is still enjoyable. The best thing about this novel is that the main character actually keeps on honing all his skills like alchemy, blacksmithing, Painting, crafting and many other more skills rather than discarding the skills like other main characters from other novels. I hope that you would enjoy reading this.

So with this, the list of 5 top wuxia novels is complete and I hope that you have found it useful. Do let us know your thoughts on this list in the comments below. 

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