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Updated on: 16/03/2024

In the Anime World, not having a waifu is the equivalent of not having a shield in darksouls. Every Anime that has ever come out will have that one girl character who is pure waifu material. Since covering all of them would be practically impossible, here are our picks for the top 29 Anime Girls with Black hair.

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Best Anime Girls with Black Hair

Azusa Nakano - anime girls with black hair

29. Azusa Nakano

Anime: K-on!

Imagine having a girlfriend who could be calmed down by simply petting her head. Azusa Nakano is a modest girl with low self-esteem despite being extremely talented. Her insane affinity for sweets and her ambitious natures make her one of the best among the rare species of Anime girls with black hair. Might as well call her the Kpop fans waifu.

Sawako Kuronuma

28. Sawako Kuronuma

Anime: Kimi no Todoke

The pure essence of Kimi No Todoke lies in the joy of being able to express your feelings accurately. Sadly, Sawako resembles  Sadako Yamamura, who’s a character from a horror film and this leads to her being ostracized by her peers. Adding up to her misery, her modest nature and ineffective communication skills resulted in misconceptions which couldn’t be cleared. Sadoko has one of the purest hearts among all anime girls and simply because of her circumstances, she’s completely forgotten about emotions. This cute, pure hearted girl will definitely be in your kokoro for a long time.

Suzune Horikita - anime girls with black hair

27. Suzune Horikita

Anime: Classroom of the Elite

Suzune is the ultimate anime girl for introverts. Her anti social beliefs and other factors have led others to stay miles away from. She’s perfectly good at both studies and sports but her ultimate goal is to get her Oniiichan’s attention.


She’s the cold, silent type of gal who’d keep you wanting more every time.

Nico Yazawa

26. Nico Yazawa

Anime: Love Live!

NICO NICO NIIIIII. Sorry, had to.

Nico Yazawa is one of those cute dumb waifus who can be annoying but you still love them. Her signature catchphrase and the pose that comes with it has been part of the internet for some quite time now. She’s really cheerful and her foolish ways and puts will always bring a smile on your face.

Ai Enma - anime girls with black hair

25. Ai Enma

Anime: Jigoku Shoujo

A lot of people wouldnt want Ai to be on a list for best anime girls but the predicament she’s in would make you cheer for her instantly. An otherwise cold hearted, emotionless doll, Ai actually was forced to lock away her emotions. At a time, she was asked to send an innocent person to hell. Despite of the fact that she did carry it out, we see her scream inside her heart even though she is suppose to have no emotions at all. I’d consider her a truly unique waifu. Not the trap kind of unique.

Misaki Mei

24. Misaki Mei

Anime: Another

Misaki is the kind of girl who loves to protect those who are in the same boat as her. Even after having a very withdrawn nature, she’s able to show her affectionate side to Koichi. Even though she can be creepy at times, you cant deny her super cute face. Her subtle hidden love for koichi is something simply relatable. You’ll need a fine eye to really see the hidden Misaki.

Mio Akiyama - anime girls with black hair

23. Mio Akiyama

Anime: K-on!

Mio is the super mature but super scared type of gal. In my opinion alone, I find this combination of intellect and a submissive nature really cute. Her shy nature might appeal to some in a very kawaii fashion but that’s not all she has in store. *wink wink* Even after all this, it’s truly hard to not adore her shy ways.

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Eru Chitanda

22. Eru Chitanada

Anime: Hyouka

Black hair, purple eyes. Do I need to say more? Eru Chitanada is a mystery-loving eye candy that you simply can’t resist. Her simple smile and caring nature really make her a perfect waifu. Seriously though, that smile can end wars.

Kurumi Tokisaki - anime girls with black hair

21. Kurumi Tokisaki

Anime: Date a Live

Thicc thighs and a school dress can be a weakness for many out there but that’s not where Kurumi stops.

She’s killed over 10000 people

Kurumi is the most kawaii spirit you can come across and lets just say she can truly give your life a happy ending *wink wink*

Satsuki Kiryuin

20. Satsuki Kiryūin

Anime: Kill la Kill

Satsuki is the president of Honnōji Academy’s Student Council and boy does she take her role seriously. A perfect word to fit her description would be ” Dominatrix”. As for her personality, She’s prideful but has shown moments where she can cast that aside easily. Trust me, if you ever want to be dominated, it should be from Satsuki. Period.

Yuuko Ichihara - anime girls with black hair

19. Yuuko Ichihara

Anime: xxxHolic

Guys she’s an interdimensional witch who wears a kimono and a choker. Only in your craziest dream, could you ever pass on Yuuko. Her pale skin and contrasting black hair really make you stare as long as time permits. Only if she wasn’t such a jerk at times, she’d make a really great waifu.

Inaba Himeko - anime girls with black hair

18. Inaba Himeko

Anime: Kokoro Connect

You know how they say girls look cuter with they’re angry? well, Inaba proves this theory. Despite her few edges, she is simply a girl who finds it hard to trust someone and behind that mask is someone only a lucky few will ever meet. Getting to see her open side can be really challenging at times but its all worth it. Take the pleasure with the pain.

Nana Osaki - anime girls with black hair

17. Nana Osaki

Anime: Nana

Punk. Goth. Badass?

There simply aren’t enough ways to describe the beauty that Nana Osaki is. Even though her appearance doesn’t make her look like it, but Nana is extremely kind and devoted to her friends. She loves smoking and coffee with strawberry cake, really distinguishes her from others. Also she might remind you of Uta from Tokyo Ghoul. No? Just me?

Ryuko Matoi

16. Ryuko Matoi

Anime: Kill la Kill

Anyone who is into fiesty and stubborn girls will die for Ryuko. I mean even if you’re not into that stuff you’d still die for Ryuko, come on we have all seen her senketsu. Ryuko is the kind of black haired anime gal who would kill for you if she had to and don’t blame be but that’s low-key what everyone looks for in a waifu.

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15. Fubuki

Anime: One Punch Man

This Esper can control more than just objects. Fubiki could undoubtly win the crown of the sexiest woman in One Punch Man. She can leave you thirsty…… really really thirsty. Fubiki’s two second bad ass attitude might impress some but her other caring and scared side has a massive fan following. Seriously, she’s got a ” Big ” future.

Ruri Gokou - anime girls with black hair

14. Ruri Gokou

Anime: OreImo

She is every otaku’s wet dream. I mean she is an otaku herself! Ruri might act like she is something else but we all have seen her docile side. She might be dubbed the queen of nightmares but at home she takes care of everything. She can cook and do chores. I mean her name screams waifu.

Homura Akemi - anime girls with black hair

13. Homura Akemi

Anime: Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Homura has something that separates her from all the other Anime girls with black hair.


She is a gold mine for the ones that refer to themselves as Sapiosexual. Her stoic and cold attitude simple leaves you asking for more.

Rukia Kuchiki

12. Rukia Kuchiki

Anime: Bleach

Rukia is simple to explain. She’s a modest princess with a bunny obsession. To me, Rukia is this amazing hidden character that really takes a while to find. Her lonely attitude makes it hard to get through but her modesty. Imagine having a waifu that’s scared of strangers and only trusts a few. Rare nowadays isn’t it.

Momo Yaoyuzuru

11. Momo Yaoyorozu

Anime: Boku no Hero Academia

Coming in on number 11, we have M0mo Yaoyorozu. This “fiery” girl can set your world ablaze. She somehow remains calm and level headed in dirty situations and turns out to be pretty blunt once in while. But whatever the case maybe, we all love her quirky moments when she accidentally flaunts how rich she is. Oh and don’t forget her costume.

Akame - anime girls with black hair

10. Akame

Anime: Akame ga Kill

She will seem like the most serious person you can ever meet, until pull out a sweet candy. Anything sweet can and absolutely turn Akame to your side and her face at that time is something to die for. Akame is definitely the angry type of waifu and trust me, you don’t her to get mad. Her perfectly pretty face will make you do anything from letting  tear fall from her cheek. Anime girls with black hair like Akame have this different charm that is pretty rare to come by.

Nezuko Kamado - anime girls with black hair

09. Nezuko Kamado

Anime: Demon Slayer

Let me get this straight.


Now that we’ve understood that, lets talk about her personality. Nezuko still has her caring nature and the most adorable thing about her is that she will do anything to protect what is hers.

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One of the most powerful anime girls with black hair for sure, both metaphorically and literally.

Rin Tohsaka

08. Rin Tohsaka

Anime: Fate/Stay Night

Two words. High Stockings.

Rin has an attitude and she owns it and yet manages to charm everyone around her. Well almost everyone. If her smile, brash attitude and high stockings with a mini skirt aren’t enough to impress you, I’m sure her curse to make stupid mistakes at crucial times will make you find her immensely kawaii. Trust me I’ve tried.

Kiyoko Shimizu

07. Kiyoko Shimizu

Anime: Haikyuu

Kiyoko senpai is the ultimate force behind Karasuno High’s volleyball team. She is an absolutely beautiful woman who must be protected at all costs. Going to any extent to explain her beauty would probably a waste of time and I’m sure that everyone at Karasuno will oblige. She usually hides her emotions but at tense times she lets them free, showcasing her real caring and loving nature. (Alprazolam) And the mole on her face really steals the show.

Nico Robin - anime girls with black hair

06. Nico Robin

Anime: One Piece

Nico Robin is probably one of the sexiest anime girls of all time. With the great Hourglass figure and battle prowess, she really dominates the game. More than other factors that really impressed me was her transition from the kind of person she was to what she has become now. Shounen fans will never miss out on Nico.

Mayuri Shiina - anime girls with black hair

05. Mayuri Shiina

Anime: Steins Gate

The naïve little girl in a frock had to be on a list about Anime girls with black hair. Her childish nature and love for cute things will make you cheer for her no matter how much damage she causes because of this. Mayuri successfully embodies bring kawaii yet important at the same time. The moment you see her, you will want to protect her.

Mitsuha Miyamizu - anime girls with black hair

04. Mitsuha Miyamizu

Anime: Kimi no na Wa

Mitsuha is the kind of adventurous girl that always brings a smile on everyone’s face. Her down to Earth attitude which is clearly visible when she swaps bodies with Taki really sets her apart. Sometimes, the personality really gets to you and Mitsuha is one such character. She doesn’t necessarily have any other assists that other girls on this list might have but her personality alone will make you fall in love with this small-town girl.

Yukinoshita Yukino

03. Yukinoshita Yukino

Anime: Oregairu

Yukino is a powerhouse of a girl. She is not only stern but cold and yet somehow understands others problems. There is this thing about stern girls that usually makes audience want to know more about them, especially their different side and Yukino really plays it well. We get to see her caring side once in a while and it feels really wholesome when it happens. Oh and her extremely cute moments when she brings forth her clumsy nature will always be something to cherish.

Mikasa Ackerman - anime girls with black hair

02. Mikasa Ackerman

Anime: Attack on Titan

Mikasa is the one girl you definitely want by your side all the time. She can and will do everything for you no matter what the task. She is an extremely powerful character and her composure is an inspiration to many. Apart from her fighting skills, Mikasa’s affection towards the person she loves is out of this world and she isn’t always cold as we see. She sheds tears and cries out loud at times. Truly perfect.

Hinata Hyuuga - anime girls with black hair

01. Hinata Hyuga

Anime: Naruto

Ah Hinata. She embodies the word waifu in all senses. She is caring, loving and will literally throw herself infront of death to save someone she loves. Most important thing about our number one girl is that she stands by her beliefs. Her sheer determination for what she loves is what brings her here. I don’t think anyone else deserved number one than Hinata.

These were our picks for the top 29 anime girls with black hair, although it was hard to find black haired anime girls, we can say that most of them are amazing in their own respective fields. Comment down below about what you think.

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