Contract relationships in Korean dramas

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Updated on: 02/09/2022

Love and attraction have always been the foundation for any romantic relationship, but what happens when two people form a relationship purely based on their benefits and profits? How long will their relationship last? Will the relation even turn romantic at some point? Let us consider these contract relationships in Korean dramas and see how they mature into a strong and loving bond. Company them with their unique but equally exhausting and emotionally draining hardships to prove and win the heart of their love.

Contract relationships in Korean Dramas

One Percent of anything - Contract relationships in Korean dramas

25. 1% of Anything

This drama follows the kind-hearted Kim Da Hyun and Lee Jae In. Starring Kim Jung Hwa and Kang Dong Won, who do great justice to their role, this drama is one of a kind and indeed close to the heart.  The chemistry between the two portrays excellent depth and emotion in itself. When Lee Jae In helps the elderly Lee Kyu Chul, her kindheartedness impresses him. He decides that she is the one for his favorite grandson and legal hire to his company. The funny and endearing relation between the grandfather and his grandson is a delight to watch. The drama, unlike other contract relationships Korean drama, is full of morale, at every nook and cranny. This drama is an adaptation of a novel of the same name. The drama is so successful that it was remade in 2008

The Accidental Couple

24. Accidental Couple

The Korean drama, starring Hwang Jung Min and Kim Ah Joong, is a contract relation turned love story between a celebrity and a fan. Celebrity actress Han Ji Soo gets into a car accident with her secret boyfriend. She improvises by switches her boyfriend with a bystander, Gu Dong Baek, to avoid backlash from her fans. This forces her to seek help from him to act as her boyfriend. However, things quickly get complicated as the lies pile on top of one another. Amidst all the drama, the two start developing delicate feelings as they get to know each other. The drama is easily one of the best in the Contract relation genre in Korean Drama lists. Light humor and chemistry between the leads make the series flow naturally and seamlessly. The development of the plot and character arch is gentle and smooth to give the viewers a pleasant experience.

Fated To Love You

23. Fated To Love You

Fated to love you is a contract relationship Korean Drama starring Jang Na Ra and Jang Hyuk. The drama is, without a doubt, a classic. CEO Lee Gun is to marry Kim Mi Young, an office worker after their one-night-stand result in an unexpected situation. Due to her accidental pregnancy, Mi-Young is forced to be with Lee Gun. She goes through several physical and emotional transformations to fit into the society in which the wealthy CEO lives. However, throughout her hardships and struggles, Lee Gun proves himself to be worthy. He stands up for her and helps her in whichever way he can. The developing romance and progression of the plot take us for a definite joy-ride. The dynamics of their relationship and the overall humorous scenario makes the drama a must-watch. The seemingly natural growth and character arch in the drama is a pleasant bonus.

Lie To Me - Contract relationships in Korean dramas

22. Lie To Me

The drama aired in 2011 is still close to the heart of many. This drama, unlike other contract relationship Korean dramas, is lighthearted. It does not contain any complicated politics, which makes the experience a feel-good type.  Yoon Eun Hye, who plays Gong Ah Jung, lies her friend for the sake of her pride. This, however, backfires when Hyun Ki Joon wants nothing to do with her. Through various situations and turn of events, the two agree to pretend as a couple for a short period. However, this causes great havoc in their life. Throughout their interactions with each other, they start developing feelings. They fall for each other, which makes Hyung Ki Joon, played by Kang Ji Hwan, question his choice in marrying his fiance. The series has a great plotline and character depth, which accentuates the story perfectly.

The Korean Odyssey

 21. The Korean Odyssey

The drama starring the multitalented and “the ballad prince” Lee Seung-gi and Oh Yeon-seo is undoubtedly one of a kind and unique series. This drama takes us through the hardships the girl Jin Seon-mi (Oh Yeon-seo) faces, due to her ability to see spirits. The immortal monkey-king Son Oh-gong (Lee Seung-gi) and his naughty and evil demeanor give a refreshing breath to the storyline. The relationship between Seon Mi and Oh Gong is that of a cat and mice. To stay safe, she resorts to a bracelet that would make Oh Gong fall in love with Seon Mi and would squeeze his heart whenever she is in any mortal danger. This contract relationship between the duo is different than any other contract relationships in Korean dramas. It is littered with a twist and turns that make them eventually fall in love.

Guardian - The Lonely and Great God

20. Guardian: The Lonely And Great God

Gong Yoo plays the lead in the drama as a lonely goblin Kim Shin. He is cursed to stay alive for several generations and go through the pain until his human bride Ji Eun-tak (Kim Go-eun), releases him. This drama features a variety of otherworldly creatures like grim reapers, ghosts, and gods who are done justice through elite casting and their fantastic performance. Along with its famous OST collection, the drama is a classic in many of the k-drama viewers point of view. The tragic and sad drama is expertly veiled using continuous and quality humor. The contract between the Bride and the goblin gives rise to numerous funny anecdotes. It is easily one of the best. The goblin uses the bride to have his long term wish to die at peace after living for centuries. The bride also uses the contract to gain money for her education.

Marriage Contract - Contract relationships in Korean dramas

19. Marriage Contract

The drama is about a marriage contract between a widow and a wealthy businessman. The series has some of the brilliant actors such as Lee Seo Jin and Uee as the leads. Wanting financial support and needing to soothe an ill mother forces the two to enter into a contracted relationship. This drama, unlike other contracted relationship Korean dramas, has a smooth plot. The chemistry between the leads is admirable. The struggles they face to not fall in love with each other seems almost real. The very understandable plot makes it easy to accept the storyline faster. The eventual build of their relationship and their interactions are heartwarming and natural to witness. The supporting actors also play a vital role in this drama. The child actress Shin Rin Ah does an amicable performance to support the emotional intensity of the series well.

The Mask

18. The Mask

The Mask is a business drama that involves creating a marriage contract between two large companies. The drama revolves around Byun Ji Sook, who is to replace Seo Eun-ha, who was supposed to marry Choi Min Woo. Eun ha is killed, and to sustain the profitable partnership is replaced by Ji Sook. The relationship between the husband and wife takes a romantic turn when Ji Sook genuinely falls in love with the husband. This series is unique in its genre from other contract relationship Korean dramas. The series packs thriller and business-oriented politics along with its romantic counterpart. Soo Ae and Ju Ji Hoon do a remarkable job of portraying their roles seamlessly. Their character arch and relationship development grow in an integrated way with the storyline. Everything in the drama is effortlessly executed, and it is a joy to watch.

The King - 2 Hearts

17. King 2 Hearts

The drama starring Lee Seung Gi and Hwa Ji Won is a Contract relationship Korean dramas between royals. This drama takes place in an alternative reality where the republic of Korea is is still under the monarchy. Young prince Jae Ha takes on the responsibility of a king at a young age. He marries the North Korean princess Kim Hang Ah as a royal contract between the two nations. Although the drama focusses on the political aspect of the royalties, the relationship between them is notable. Starting from a very convenient oriented base, they soon become close. They mutually trust each other and support one another during many hardships and struggles. Each character in the series has a detailed and in-depth role that is vital for the plot. The plotline is politically intricate and has various other flavors to it apart from romance.

Marriage not dating

16. Marriage not dating

Kong Ki Tae is a well to do and handsome man who never wants to marry. Joo Jang Mi is a girl who wants to marry the guy she loves. The two were perfectly fine on their own. However, when Ki Tae’s family forces him to marry someone. He brings home Jang Mi, who his family will not accept and declares his love for her. They enter a contracted relationship to fool his family. This Korean drama is heavily family-oriented and involves sentiments. The character of the mother shines through well with warmth. Although the relationship they share grows romantic, it’s only a part of the whole picture. Many types of bonds and love in a family are present in this drama that makes it unique. These are usually scarce to find in contracted relationship Korean dramas. The overall plot and emotional content in the drama are fantastic.

Minister and I - Contract relationships in Korean dramas

15. Minister and I

This political drama revolves around the single dad and a prime minister Kwon Yool and reporter Nam Da Jung. A series of events lead them into public scrutiny and backlashes. This forces Kwon Yool to lose his reputation and pushes him to the brink of resigning his job. Da Jung, who is a struggling reporter, somehow gets tangled in his political setback and helps him cover up for her mistake. However, this does not work, and they are forced to get engaged. Although the couple is initially doing it only for public acceptance, they eventually fall in love with each other. The complicated politics, family struggles, and emotional intensity make the drama a worthy choice. There is slight humor to the plot which, enhances the viewing experience to a great extent. The series is unique and easily understandable, even with its detailed storyline.


14. BIG

Big is a series that starred Gong Yoo, Lee Min Jung, and Shin Won Ho. This drama, unlike other contracted Korean relationship dramas, doesn’t base on a profitable exchange. A chain of events forces the couple to act as if in a relationship purely because of fate. This drama is full of humor and fun treats. Gong Yoo, who plays Kang Kyung Joon and Seo Yoon Jae, has done an incredible performance just as usual. His acting in both roles with vast character difference is natural. His chemistry with Gil Da Ran as both doctor and student are exceptional. Although the drama is not your typical kind, it snatches the must-watch title easily. The budding relationship between the leads is smooth and slow-paced. The way they get romantically involved is given importance, and that makes the drama its essence.

Because this is my first love

13. Because this is my first love

This drama, released in 2007, is the best in terms of contract relationship Korean dramas. The series starring Lee Min Ki and Jung So Min is one of the most relatable dramas in this genre. Unable to pay rent and looking to avoid family pressure, the two get into a contracted relationship. They take time to get to know each other and fall in love gradually. The supporting actors do a great job of balancing out the plot and giving depth to the characters. The gradual growth of their relationship makes the series progress at a natural pace. The well-integrated humor and light-heartedness give the drama a great flavor. Even though the storyline was moving at a slow pace, it was barely noticeable. This lighthearted drama became a major hit when it was released. Because This Is My First Love, has become a love of many k-drama enthusiasts.

Full House

12. Full House

The full house is a 2004 comedy contract relationship Korean drama. It involves famous stars such as Song Hye Kyo and Rain. The superstar Lee Yeong Jae is a media-loved and controversial person. Under eventful circumstances, he lives with a naive and innocent writer Han Ji Eun. The childish brawls between the duo are humorous and a delight to watch. The couple continually fights and nags each other that they somehow become dependent. However, the act they put up for the media soon backfires. They slowly develop feelings for each other at a natural pace. This makes the series emotionally packed and a rollercoaster ride. Having to overcome so many struggles together, the two falls in love without them realizing it. The series progresses at an engaging pace and lets the audience feel its emotions well. The supporting actors also make a great foundation for the drama.

I Picked up A Star on The Road

11. I Picked Up A Star on The Road

This drama is unique in every sense. The show follows a contract worker and a celebrity Hallyu star. Seung Hoon and Kim Ga Yoon have done an excellent job of portraying their characters. A series of events lead to Lee Yeon Seo accidentally kidnapping the Kang Joon Hyuk. The series has a twisted take on light humor and is a great watch. Yeon Seo and her gullible actions and Hoon Hyuk’s attempts at escaping turns humorous and mind-boggling at some point. Although the drama is quite an action/thriller, it also connects well with other contract relationship Korean dramas. Even though not many people will like the dark humor, the drama is enjoyable. The unique plotline and events that lead to the couple falling in love make the series one of a kind. The love triangle here also gives a different flavor to look forward to.

Perfume - Contract relationships in Korean dramas

10. Perfume

Perfume is a series that is a fantasy-related. Unlike other contract relationship Korean dramas, this series does not concentrate mainly on the contract. The family woman Min Jae Hee, who has lost her identity and respect, gets a second chance in life. The talented designer Soe Yi Do, who is very picky, also gets an opportunity to date, someone, finally. The couple gradually falls in love and make their life better. Comedic elements in this series are widespread and are at a constant. The character arch of both the leads is smooth and almost unnoticeable. However, the emotionally packed series does not hold back in touching sensitive topics wither. The lack of respect for a dedicated housewife and the struggles she goes through are deeply emotional. Standards of beauty are harsh in the fashion industry, but she bravely counters it with her newfound secret. The drama is a must-watch.

Last Minute Romance

09. Last Minute Romance

The web series Last Minute Romance is all about an emotion-packed and wild ride. Starring Han Seung Yeon and Lee Seo Won, this drama touches a spot with its sad storyline. Baek Se, a normal 27-year-old woman, is diagnosed with a terminal illness and has only three months to live. On her plight to have a “complete life” she hires an actor, who is a look-alike of another celebrity. The look-alike of celebrity Ji Sul Woo is an aspiring actor Yoon Dong Joon, who needs the cash. The couple starts their journey for profit. However, things get complicated when they develop feelings for one another. The tragic fate of their relationship and the amazing performance of actors makes the series a great choice. The seemingly natural and continuous humor makes the drama a lighthearted and almost feel-good series. This drama is one-of-a-kind, unlike other contract relationships Korean dramas.

My Girl

08. My Girl

This 2005 drama is a classic contract relationship drama with amazing casts. The series stars Lee Da Hee, Lee Dong Wook and Lee Joon Gi as the main leads. This family drama is similar to other contract relationships in Korean dramas as it has a profit-based relation. The amazing cast and their chemistry are evident throughout the drama. Joo Yoo Rin and Seol Gong Chan have significant character growth that happens throughout the drama. Familial bonds and emotional struggles are expertly veiled with the use of humor. The bromance in the series is worth mentioning. Love triangles and complications fill the plotline considerably. The gradual growth of the relation between the leads makes the series progress at an understandable pace. The elements of Ex’s return and complicated triangles create exciting twists and turns. The drama is worth watching and is much recommended.

The Beauty Inside

07. The Beauty Inside

Beauty Inside is an adaptation from the movie of the same name. This series follows the celebrity Han Se Gye and CEO Seo Do Jae. The curse of the actress and inability of the CEO makes for a perfect pairing. The romantic relationship the couple share is consistent and has an even growth rate. Does Jae suffer from a condition where he cannot recognize the faces of people after an accident? However, he can recognize only the face of Se Gye. This complicates things as Se Gye has a curse where she has to transform into someone else for a week each year. This romantic comedy touches the subject of romance like other contract relationships Korean dramas. The relationships and twists in the series are authentic and natural to watch. The chemistry the crew shared, on the whole, is also worth mentioning. The relationship development and character depth were intricate.

Noble, My Love - Contract relationships in Korean dramas

06. Noble, My Love

Noble, My Love is a romantic comedy that has the element of contract relationships in Korean dramas. It’s about Lee Kang Hoon, the wealthy CEO of a company and Cha Yoon Seo, a veterinary doctor who saves his life. Kang Hoon immediately falls in love and chases after the female lead who is headstrong and charismatic. The cliche romance in the drama is expertly veiled through the use of comedy. This short series is perfect for a quick watch and lighthearted fun. The character development and growth of the relationship happen quickly and effortlessly. The chemistry between the main leads is terrific. Although the series showcases mainly on the leads, the supporting actors also do a great job of delivering their characters well. The series is quick and lighthearted with just the right amount of emotional quotient to it. Overall, the series is a great lifter-up for weekends.

Wonderful Life

05. Wonderful Life

The drama is among the typical contract relationship Korean dramas. It involves unwanted pregnancies and resulting consequences. The series has a stellar casting of Eugene and Kim Jae Won. Their chemistry in the series is natural and budding. The relationship between the couple is natural and expertly delivered. Family and bonds take center stage in this series and portrayed perfectly. The child actress playing Shin Bi was adorable and cute. Although the initial few episodes are dragging, the rest are quite reasonably paced. The cliche storyline and great chemistry make the series worth the time. Complications and previous relationship troubles give the plot progressive reasonings. Throughout the whirlwind of the series, we get to witness the growth of characters as a parent and a responsible adult. This makes the drama heartwarming and family-friendly to watch. The light humor and bickering romance gives light essence to the series admirably.

My only one - Contract relationships in Korean dramas

04. My Only One

The series is family-oriented and has included lots of cliche elements. This drama heavily emphasizes on family bonds and the relationship between parent and child, unlike other contract relationships in Korean dramas. There are a variety of cast members, and each has its storyline, which is perfectly delivered. The show focuses mainly on the parent-child bond and how family situations are solved. All the characters grow exceptionally well throughout the drama and evolve into multidimensional personalities. The series has a beautiful, emotional structure that works well for the plotline. Even though the story is deep with multiple cultural elements, the series is straightforward to understand and comprehend. Each of the characters has their flavor and essence that is wonderfully highlighted. The drama is an excellent choice for the emotion-filled experience that many drama enthusiasts want. The staging and the viewing journey in the drama are exceptionally good.

Warm and cozy

03. Warm and Cozy

Just as the name suggests, this drama showcases the Warm and Cozy side of a relationship that the main leads share. The drama has a stellar crew consisting of Kang So Ra and Yoo Yeon Seok as the main lead. The two share great chemistry in the series, which makes the drama feel authentic. Lee Jung Joo and Baek Geon Woo, who have shared the same tragic fate in both love life and professionally, meet and start their relationship. The cinematography and the background with Jeju island give the drama a summery flavor. The light plotline is highlighted in the relationship between the main couples. The secondary leads in the drama also did a fantastic job of delivering their characters with high accuracy. The complications in the relationship make the show unique from another contract relationship Korean dramas. Combined with the progress and acting, this is an easy watch.

Lucky Romance

02. Lucky Romance

Based on the blind superstition of the female protagonist, this drama covers genres other than typical contract relationships Korean dramas. The series has Hwang Jung Eun and Ryu Joon Yeol as the main leads. They portray the characters of Shim Bo Nui and Je Su Ho perfectly with great depth. A classic romantic comedy plotwise, but effectively capturing all audiences, this drama is quirky in every way. The characterization of each role is done correctly and in synch. The appropriate amount of emotional complications, struggles, and progression is in the plot to ensure maximum entertainment. The orphaned Bo Nui never loses her character even after many hardships, and that makes her role more admirable. Although the first few episodes in the series are quite dragging, the classic romance makes up for it soon. The generous humor and interactions between the leads make the drama incredibly joyous to watch.

Delightful Girl, Choon Hyang

01. Delightful Girl, Choon Hyang

This drama has all the elements of contract relationships in Korean dramas that would generally be present. The teenage love story has complex romantic and emotional elements throughout the series. Starring Han Chae Young and Jae Hee as the leading protagonists, this drama is natural. Antagonists of the series, Uhm Tae Woong and Park Shi Eun is also worth mentioning. This series follows the life of Sung Chun Hyang and her first love Lee Mong Ryong. Having just been transferred from Seoul, Mong Ryong gets help from Chun Hyang. Chung Hyang quickly falls for him. However, the feeling is not reciprocated by Mong Ryong, who likes Chae Rin. However, the love triangle only gets even more complicated by the introduction of Byun Hak Do. Will the couple overcome the situations to be together? Or will they succumb to the plans of the antagonists? Watch the drama to find out.

Relationships based on contracts and agreements, though created for profits and reasons, still prove to be just as sentimental. So don’t wait and start your marathon right now! Don’t know where to watch these emotionally packed series? Here are the best websites to watch K-dramas. Grab a snack and snuggle up because it’s going to be a fun ride.

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