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Updated on: 08/01/2023

Historical anime has its own charm. A glimpse of the past that is real and present but something that we could never see for ourselves. History is full of events that are fascinating and awe-inspiring, but also of some that we never want to see or relive again. War and territorial annexation are one of those, never a pleasant or a good thing to even read in a book, what must it have been for the people who had to go through it? Maybe that’s why historical anime series is so fascinating; they give a glimpse of what it might have been like, with a sprinkle of fantasy. One such anime is Golden Kamuy.

The story is set in the early 20th century after the Russo-Japanese war ended. Saichi Sugimoto is a war veteran known by the name of ‘ Sugimoto the Immortal’ for his daring and death-defying acts in battle. One day he stumbles upon a map of a treasure of gold that has been stolen from a group of murdered Ainu people. Saichi decides to pursue the treasure to fulfill a promise made to his best friend, who was killed in the battle, to support his family and get his wife treatment.

But to survive in the cold wilderness of the north while evading the ruthless criminals and other treasure hunt parties who would kill to possess it is not easy. Saichi meets Asirpa, an Ainu girl in a dire situation, and the two decide to work together to reach their individual goal involving finding the hidden treasure.

Golden Kamuy is an intriguing historical anime revolving around the unique culture of Ainu, beautiful geographics, undying promises, and fascinating characters with a well-structured story plot. The series is based on a manga of the same name written and illustrated by Satoru Noda which was adopted by Geno Studio and adapted into an anime. The first season of the series premiered in 2018, and the latest, season 4, is going to be premiered in October 2022. Here are a few anime series based on the same genre or theme similar to Golden Kamuy that you can enjoy while waiting for the fourth season to be premiered.

Here are 20 Anime Similar to Golden Kamuy

1. Yona of the Dawn

Anime similar to Golden Kamuy

Yona of the dawn has a lot of themes similar to Golden Kamuy. Similar to Golden Kamuy, it is also a historical drama around the time of war, where the male lead goes on an adventure to keep a promise and the female lead to survive and get back what was rightfully her’s. But instead of gold, Yona and Hak are searching for four legendary dragons to help her reclaim her kingdom.

Yona, the princess of the Kingdom of Kouka and the only heir to the king and queen, lives a well-loved and pampered life. But on the night of her sixteenth birthday, her whole life changed. When her parents are killed by her cousin Soo-Won, she is forced to flee her only home and kingdom. Hak, Yona’s childhood friend, and bodyguard pledges to protect her decides to take her to his tribe for safety. Left with no one to trust except Hak, Yona decides to seek the help of the four legendary dragons and claim her rightful throne back.

Although it is similar to Golden Kamuy in many aspects, it has its own unique elements that will make you an eternal fan of it. The story has a fabulous mix of light and dark moments with an amazing plot line and characters set in a Goguryeo timeline-based fantasy world. And it has survival-in-the-wilderness elements too. It’s a pretty amazing anime considering all the things.

2. Inuyasha

Similar to Golden Kamuy, Inuyasha is another anime based on a historical setting and treasure hunting. Although the treasure here is not gold but a jewel with tremendous power, it’s a treasure nonetheless that both humans and demons are trying to acquire. The plot revolves around a high school girl who gets transported to another world and embarks on a journey to gather the shards of a jewel she mistakingly shattered.

Kagome Higurashi is a normal high school girl who lives in a shrine with her family. She gets transported to another world similar to feudal japan after falling into the shrine’s well. But this world is roamed by demons of kinds and humans with mysterious powers. Here she meets a half-demon Inuyasha who has been bound to a tree for years. After somehow freeing him, she finds herself with a duty to gather all the fragments of the Shikon jewel so that it can’t be used for evil purposes.

So, if you enjoy adventure and treasure hunting anime similar to Golden Kamuy, you must give it a try. Besides sharing a lot of elements with Golden Kamuy, Inuyasha with its fantasy romance plot has its own charm.

3. The Legend of the Legendary Hero

Anime similar to Golden Kamuy

Losing a friend, in any meaning of the word can change a person in many ways. The same happens with Ryner. After losing many of his classmates to war against their neighboring country, Ryner vows to make his country more peaceful and safe. And for that, he is even ready to take on the perilous journey to search for the legendary treasure. Similar to Golden Kamuy, this series is also a historical anime revolving around hunting for treasure.

 Ryner Lute is an Alpha Stigma bearer studying at Roland Empire Magician Academy to become a military magician. After witnessing the loss of life and misery caused due to the war, Ryner and his best friend Sion Astal take an oath to make their nation more stable and strong. After Sion becomes the King of Roland, Ryner with a fellow warrior Ferris Eris takes on a journey in search of the legendary treasure called relics of legendary heroes.

Although the story is placed in a fictional kingdom, unlike Golden Kamuy’s Japanese historical premise, it still has a lot of elements similar to Golden Kamuy. So if you are looking for an anime similar to Golden Kamuy, then do give it a try.

4. Dororo

Dororo is a story of two boys, one, left by his parents to the world and the other, whose parents left the world. Dororo, similar to Golden Kamuy is placed in the past japan but with a twist of a fantasy world infested with demons. It’s also similar to Golden Kamuy with its dark theme, action, adventure, and mature elements.

To gain power, samurai lord Daigo Kagemitsu makes a pact with 12 demons who grants his wish by aiding his land’s growth but at the cost of his eldest child, who is born missing 48 body parts and without any face; he is thrown by him into the river. But as fate will have it, he is saved by a medicine man who gives him fake skin and prosthetics, allowing him to survive. Now he is on a journey to kill all the demons that are made with his body parts to reclaim them, he befriends a child thief, Dororo, who decides to accompany him on his quest.

Dororo is such a heartwarming anime that will make you fall in love with it.  Similar to Golden Kamuy it revolves around an orphan and a warrior on a journey together. If you enjoyed Golden Kamuy, you sure must give this one a try. It’s similar to Golden Kamuy in several elements and beautifully different in others with a well-constructed story plot and amazing characters, it sure can win your heart.

5. Rurouni Kenshin

Rurouni Kenshin is another anime similar to Golden Kamuy with a historical genre and revenge theme as it’s the center plot.  The story is about a young boy Shinta who is saved by a group of passing swordsmen after bandits ambush his caravan. After seeing Shinta bury all the dead bodies, including the bandits that tried to kill him, Hiko Seijuro, the master of the Devine Justice School of Swordnamship, decides to adopt him and name him Kenshin.

After spending several years in training under Hiko Kenshin, against Hiko’s wish decides to join Bakumatsu Revolution, leaving his training incomplete. He starts working under Ishin Patriot as an assassin with the alias of Battousai to build a better world. One day he meets a mysterious woman named Tomoe and due to an unexpected turn of events, has to live in a village pretending to be husband and wife. Unknown to him Tomoe is hiding secrets that might cost him his life.

If you enjoyed Golden Kamuy’s dark action, adventure, and revenge-centered plotline, then you must give Rurouni Kenshin a try. Similar to Golden Kamuy, it has the same elements, with romance and drama in the mix.

6. Dr. Stone

Similar to Golden Kamuy, Dr. Stone is another anime based on survival in the wild theme. Aside from being similar to Golden Kamuy, it is a masterpiece in its genre due to its incredible accuracy.

Taiju Ooki is in the middle of his confession to his long time crushYuzuriha Ogawa, when a green light engulfs humankind and petrifies everyone. An unidentified time later, Taiju wakes up to an earth that is nothing but wilderness without any sign of modernity. While rooming around the new world he meets his science-crazy friend Senkuu, who has been awake for some time now. Senkuu tells Taiju about his plan to revive humanity, and the two using their skills together, start to uncover a quick method to revive the petrified humans. 

If you are into science, then this show is a royal treat. If you enjoyed watching Golden Kamuy and are looking for another anime similar to Golden Kamuy, make sure you give it a try; you will not be disappointed with its scientific dealing with the wilderness theme.

7. Otome Yokai Zakuro

Similar to Golden Kamuy, Otome Youkai Zakuro is a historical anime, set in alternate historical japan that has just started to westernize. A world where humans and spirits coexist. To bridge the gap between the two and resolve mysterious incidents relating to the spirit community, The Ministry of Spirit Affairs is established.

When a new unit is formed under MSA to promote a harmonized relationship between humans and spirits, Lt. Kei Agenmaki and two other military personnel are partnered with spirits representatives. Everything would have been alright if Kei wasn’t so terrified of supernatural beings. Now partnered with a fox spirit Zakuro, Kei doesn’t only have to learn to work together and solve paranormal cases but also overcome his lifelong fear of yokai.

If you are looking for an anime series similar to Golden Kamuy set in historic japan revolving around military personals, then this anime is for you. It is an action-romance series with supernatural elements and a comedic undertone. A series that might teach you to respect differences in race and thinking.

8. Samurai Champloo

In a group of three people, it is usually the case that two are almost always bickering. It’s the same here too, but the bickering between two of the trio in Samurai Champloo becomes deadly more often than not. It’s a hilarious scene to witness actually. Similar to Golden Kamuy, Samurai Champloo is also placed in the historical japan timeline. Samurai Champloo is considered a classic set in an alternate Edo Period of Japan, where it is more common than not to see Samurais walking with their katana on full display.

Mugen and Jin are two contrasting samurai with different fighting styles and completely different personalities. One day their paths cross in the same teahouse and a fight erupts between the two, destroying the whole establishment and accidentally killing the magistrate’s son. To no one’s surprise, they are sentenced to be executed. However to their surprise, they are rescued by Fuu Kasumi, a young clumsy waitress that worked in the teahouse. Fuu proposes to hire them to be her bodyguards on her journey to find a samurai who smells like sunflowers, after much reluctance the two agree.

Now the question is not how hard the journey would be but if Fuu will be able to stop the two from murdering each other on the way. If you are looking for an anime with travel advantages similar to Golden Kamuy but light-hearted and funnier then this one might suit your taste.

9. Katanagatari

Similar to Golden Kamuy, the story of Katanagatari is also a historical masterpiece. Although there is no gold, Katanagatari, similar to Golden Kamuy has its own treasure hunt, just instead of looking for gold, they are looking for legendary swords. On an adventure of finding artifacts, similar to Golden Kamuy, two very different people come together as a team.

The story centers around Shichika Yashuri, the 7th generation head of the Kyoto-Ryo Martial School, who lives on an isolated island with his elder sister Nanami. His monotone days change when he meets a military advisor Togame on her search for twelve legendary swords. Realizing Shichika uses a unique martial style utilizing his using own body as a sword, she asks him to accompany her on her journey. Enamored with her personality, Togame decides to leave the island and take on an adventure for the magic artifacts.

Katanagatari although has themes similar to Golden Kamuy with its intense combat, treasure hunting, and adventure, it is still a lot light-hearted and less nerve-wracking than Golden Kamuy. The quirky art style, engaging action schemes, and shocking revelations will keep you on the edge of your seat till the end.

10. Altair: A Record of Battles

Altair is a historical fiction similar to Golden Kamuy. It centers around the youngest Pasha in the Turkiye Stratocracy Mahmut Tugrul, who is trying to stop a war from starting between his nation and Balt-Rhein Empire. But the way of pacifism is never easy. It’s easier to start a war than to avoid one; as the saying goes, good deeds are hard done as the bad ones are easier to come.

Turkiye Devleti and Balt-Rhein Empire have stood in opposition for centuries. But after the assassination of a politician, Turkiye now stands under the threat of the military expansion of Balt- Rhein. Mahmut uncovers two sinister schemes within the nation. After witnessing the growing influence of Balt-Rhein on the continent, Mahmut sets on a journey to make new allies and form alliances with other nations to fight against Balt-Rhein.

Another dark action adventure similar to Golden Kamuy that you can enjoy when you want to watch historical politics with good action. If you liked watching Golden Kamuy, you must give this one a try.

11. Sword of an immortal

As it is often said a bad deed takes ten good ones to make it right. But still, a life taken can never be returned. And the punishment for taking a life is usually served with the killer’s own. But in the case of Manji, it is just the opposite, he earns a life of immortality. Similar to Golden Kamuy, this anime also revolves around a revenge motivation plot of a young girl who is accompanied by a weathered soldier on her journey with a similar goal.

Manji, also known as ‘Hundred Man Killer’ is an infamous swordsman in feudal Japan who is cursed with immortality by an 800-year-old nun Yaobikuni for killing 100 innocent men. To atone for his crimes and uplift his curse he’ll have to kill 10 evil men for each innocent life he has taken.  On his journey, Manji meets a young girl Rin, who requests his assistance in seeking revenge against a sword school that killed her parents.

Similar to Golden Kamuy this series also depicts a journey of a duo consisting of a young girl and an older man with a similar goal. It also has a dark action plot with a mature theme similar to Golden Kamuy.

12. Basilisk

Another anime similar to Golden Kamuy placed in a historical setting is Basilisk. The series is a fabulous mix of action, romance, and horror centering around martial arts, making it one of the best ninja/samurai anime. The plot is set in the year 1614 A.D. where two clans, the Iga and Kouga ninja clans have had bad blood between them for centuries, but now they have to cease fire on the desire of the present overlord Ieyasu.

Gennosuke Kouga and Oboro Iga the heirs of the two clans, instead of planning each other’s death, have fallen in love. They intend to unite the two clans, but before they could even start planning on it, the two clans go to war again, the reason being the two heirs of Ieyasu intending to inherit the shogunate. To resolve this situation, the clans have to send ten representatives to fight to the death to win the favor of the Tokugawa Shogunate. Now the two lovers are at a fork’s road, having to choose their love or their duty.

If you enjoyed the deep and dark theme in Golden Kamuy, you might like Basilisk as well, it is similar to Golden Kamuy in that aspect, but with a twist of romance and politics.

13. 91 Days

To hear about a loved one’s death can leave you in shatters. It’s hard to even imagine what it might do to witness the death of your whole family in front of your eyes. This is what Avilio had to go through, but even tho his heart died he kept the fire for his vengeance burning. Similar to Golden Kamuy, 91 Days also revolves around dark themes set in the early 1900s. 

After witnessing the murder of his parents and younger brother by the Vanetti Mafia Family, Angelo Lagusa leaves his hometown Lawless and adopts a new identity. However, after seven years he receives a mysterious letter calling him back to his home. Considering it his chance for vengeance, he returns to his hometown with the name Avilio and befriends Vanetti Don’s son Nero. The first step in his plan is to kill each and every man involved in the death of his family.

91 Days is another anime similar to Golden Kamuy orbiting around a revenge plot placed in a historical setting. If you enjoyed the dark-action-thriller theme of Golden Kamuy, this series might be to your interest too.

14. Kurozuka

Kurozuka literally translating to Black Mound is as dark and epic as the name portrays. It’s a story revolving around love, betrayal, and bloodshed. Similar to Golden Kamuy, it’s a masterpiece in both historical and action genres. A tale of love and war over a thousand years of time.

Kuro is a swordsman running from his brother who wants to kill him. On his run, he meets a mysterious woman named Kuromitsu, who he falls in love with, and her being a vampire doesn’t change anything between them. After being fatally wounded by his pursuers, Kuromitsu has to turn him into a vampire to save his life. Kuro is betrayed by his servant who joins a shady organization called Red Skull and beheads Kuro. The next time Kuro wakes up he is in a post-apocalyptic world oppressed by Red Skull.

If you enjoy anime portraying Japanese history similar to Golden Kamuy, then Kurozuka will be of your taste. Similar to Golden Kamuy, it is a historical action-adventure series but with a twist of a post-apocalyptic world. And the most amazing thing about it is how it gives a peek at the various eras of Japanese history from the 12th century to a futuristic post-apocalyptic world.

15. Coyote Ragtime Show

It’s another anime based on treasure hunting similar to Golden Kamuy. Even if it’s not a historical series, it’s still an action-thriller drama. The whole premise of Coyote Ragtime Show, similar to Golden Kamuy is based on a promise to a friend and a treasure sought by a young girl that belonged to her father.

Mister is a space outlaw who breaks out of his prison just 10 days before his release with the help of his old partners Bishop and Katana, to search for Franka who is left in his care by her late father. Now Mister with Franka embarks on another journey to find the massive treasure left by her father on a planet that is scheduled to be demolished soon. And as if this wasn’t enough, they are also being pursued by two federal investigators and Madame Marciano and her 12 android assassins.

This is the story of the misadventure of a coyote and his adopted daughter in a space treasure hunt. If you are looking for another anime similar to Golden Kamuy, give this one a try.

16. Baccano!

What is your opinion on immortality? Do you think it would be a bone or a curse if attained? Even if it could be achieved what price humanity will have to pay for it? This is what Baccano! is about. Similar to Golden Kamuy, it’s also a historical action-adventure series. Taking place in the United States involving an elixir of immortality, outlaws, gangsters, immortals, and alchemists.

A group of alchemists obtains a secret elixir of life that can give one the gift of immortality. But suddenly, alchemists start disappearing without any apparent reason, making the others scatter throughout the world to save their life. After several years, with the start of a transcontinental train, Flying Pussyfoot, a series of gruesome incidents starts that don’t seem to be connected but are part of a bigger story. A set of several different stories that intersect each other and form a complicated story plot hard to predict.

Just like Golden Kamuy, Baccano! is also an action-adventure set in a historical world filled with darkness and hardship. Even though there are several elements similar to Golden Kamuy, it still holds its unique storyline and characters that set it aside from any other action historical drama.

17. Rune Soldier

Similar to Golden Kamuy, the Rune soldier revolves around treasure hunting and teamwork. It is an action-adventure comedy set in a fantasy world, derived from the drama Record of Lodoss War. The story takes place on Lodoss Island in a world called Forcella.

In an urgent need of a mage, an all-female adventure team of three has to take Louie, the son of the local mage, with them on their journey. But the problem is even tho Louie is a mage, he neither looks the part nor acts like one. Always getting in trouble and trying to solve its first. Nonetheless, they take on a journey to explore together, find treasures and make new friends; all the while trying to uncover a sinister plot concerning their kingdom in their free time.

If you are looking for an anime similar to Golden Kamuy with action and adventure but less grim and deep then Golden Kamuy, you will enjoy this one. It’s similar to Golden Kamuy with beautiful characters and a good and comedy-centered story plot revolving around treasure hunting. A light-hearted comedy that will make you fall in love with it instantly.

18. 7 Seeds

Can you imagine waking up in a world that is completely different from what it once was? From what you are accustomed to? Adapting is a trait of human nature but it still takes time. And learning and adapting is what Akari and her group have to do now to survive on the changed earth. Similar to Golden Kamuy, 7 Seeds also revolves around survival in the wilderness.

After predicting that a meteorite will destroy humankind, governments develop the 7 Seeds project. Each country selects a small group of healthy young individuals and preserves them through cryogenics to send them in the future, to continue the existence of mankind. Natsu, a shy young girl belongs to one such group, who wakes up in the middle of a storm stranded with 5 strangers on a sinking ship. In a new world with a hostile environment, the group now has to depend on each other to reach ‘Seven Fuji’ to survive.

If wilderness survival anime is a theme that you enjoy watching and are enamored with after watching Golden Kamuy, you must give this series a try. Similar to Golden Kamuy it has a survive-in-the-wild theme, but it’s more pronounced as it is what the whole anime is based on.

19. Hitsugi no Chaika

Sometimes you see something that is absolutely hilarious but at the same time kinda creepy and doesn’t make any sense. One of those things would be if you witnessed a cute girl carrying a full-size coffin on her back instead of a backpack. Like why? But this is what Chaika Trabant, a white-haired wizard does. The series is set in a historical fantasy world depicting the aftermath of war, similar to Golden Kamuy.

Toru Acura, a saboteur from the war that took five years ago defeating the tyrannical king of the Gaz Empire, is not unable to find a job in the present peaceful world. Unable to use his fighting skills, he feels lost and without any meaning in life. Toru gets an opportunity to use his fighting skills again when he encounters a teenage sorcerer named Chaika who is traveling with a coffin on her back to find her father. The two start traveling together accompanied by Toru’s adopted sister Akari.

An action-adventure comedy, similar to Golden Kamuy, but that is a lot less gruesome but deep and captivating nonetheless. If you are looking for an action-adventure series similar to Golden Kamuy, you must give this one a try.

20. Nanana’s Buried Treasure

Do you like treasure hunting? What if you moved to an island that actually contains various hidden treasures? Sounds cool! A magical treasure left past by a ghost that is now attached to your side. Sounds less cool. But it’s all fine she the ghost is of a nice girl who wants nothing except to find the cause of her death. It is another anime, similar to Golden Kamuy based on a treasure hunt.

Juugo Yama moves to a high school on an island and starts his new life living in a low-rent apartment. Which, much to her surprise is haunted by a girl, Nanana who died 10-years-ago. Nanana tells him about mysterious items with magical powers that she hid all across the island before her death. Now with Tansai and Daruku, Juugo takes on an adventure to find the hidden cues for Nanana’s dead in her treasure.

If a plot consisting of hunting treasure and survival-in-the-wild, similar to Golden Kamuy intrigues you, you must give Nanana’s Buried Treasure a chance. Even though it is not based on a historical setting it still has its charm and attractions that will keep you going for the next episode.

So, here are some anime series based on the same themes such as historical, action, adventure, treasure hunt, and survival-in-the-wild, similar to Golden Kamuy. Most are historical action classics with unique and gripping plotlines and amazing characters. Is there any anime that you have watched from this list of 20 anime similar to Golden Kamuy before? And what is your favorite historical and adventure anime? Do share with us by commenting below.

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