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Updated on: 08/08/2023

Monsoon season, fuzzy blankets, and a cup of coffee make up for the perfect romantic date. Tune into our favorite romantic K-Dramas and experience the true beauty of love and joy. From Boys Over Flowers to Hotel De Luna, this perfectly curated list leaves no stone unturned to bring home a magical and romantic experience for you. Here is a list of the top 15 romantic K-Dramas that are too good to miss. 

1. Boys Over Flowers

Falling for a bad boy is the oldest trick in the book. Enemies to lovers is a tried and tested formula to rope in the viewers and make them root for love. When the wealthiest boy in the school meets a poor and intelligent girl, he begins to detest her. But somehow, love wins and they soon find themselves falling for the other. 

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Jan Di is an average school girl who ends up in the most elite private school due to luck. She meets F4, a group of brats who develop the unlikeliest friendship with her and she ends up falling for one of them. With several accolades in its lap, this show is at the top of our list of romantic K- Dramas. 

2. My Love From The Star

Romantic K-Dramas

The next show in our list of romantic K- Dramas gained tremendous popularity quite rapidly.  It’s a love story between an unlikely duo. An actress famous for her notoriety and an alien stuck on earth for 400 years makeup quite an odd pair. This show in our list of romantic K-dramas will make you chuckle and force you to think if love has no bounds.

Do Min Joon is an alien who landed on Earth 400 years ago during the Joseon Dynasty period. He has supernatural abilities with heightened senses. He is ready to leave the earth now but as fate would have it, he meets Cheon Song Yi, a Hallyu star. As he tries to save her from strange situations, he finds himself falling for her charm. This story was written in the stars.

3. Crash Landing On You

Boy meets girl. They both fall in love. Happy ending. We wish love stories came that easy. This show in our list of romantic K-dramas is set in a conflicting backdrop. Alas, our protagonist needs to keep their love story a top secret!

Yoon Se Ri is a chaebol heiress. She is competent and wealthy. One day, as she was paragliding, she met with an accident and has to make an emergency landing in North Korea. There she meets a handsome North Korean soldier, Ri Jeong Hyeok who has to protect her. Eventually, they end up falling for each other.

4. Weight Lifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Inspired by the life of Olympic gold medallist Jang Mi Ran, this coming-of-age show is a must on our romantic K-dramas list. This drama instills a sense of ambition and desire to achieve our dreams and work towards them.

Kim Bok Joo is a student on an athlete college campus. She is interested in weightlifting and puts her heart and soul into it. When she meets the enticing Jung Jae-Yi, she falls head over heels in love with him. He is the older brother of Joon Hyung who also ends up falling for her. He helps her and teases her but his love for her only grows stronger with each passing day. This show is a must-watch in our list of romantic k-dramas.

5. It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

We are eternally thankful to this show in our list of romantic K-dramas for opening up a dialogue between mental health and the struggles associated with it. It throws light on difficult topics that many run away from. With millions of viewership and several wins, it also received a nomination at the 49th International Emmy Awards.

Moon Gang Tae’s older brother has autism. They move to a different town where Gang Tae takes up a job in the psychiatric ward. There she meets a famous children’s book writer, Ko Moon Young who is rumored to have Antisocial Personality Disorder. The two end up falling for each other. They decide to heal their wounds and share their lives.

6. Start-Up

In today’s ever-changing and fast world, it is difficult to slow down and form meaningful relationships. One must stay ahead to build a life for themselves even if it means sacrificing our social life. This is a chart-topper in our list of romantic K-dramas as it is relatable and realistic.

The K-drama is set in South Korea’s fictional Silicon Valley called Sandbox which is full of ambitious men and women alike. Seo Dal Mi is a driven and enterprising woman who wants to establish herself and build something on her own. She does not have fancy credentials to hold but possesses a daring heart and striking confidence to take on the world. She finds Nam Do San, a genius savant, whom she mistakenly misremembers as her first love. He ends up falling for her and tries to turn that mistake into reality.

7. Descendants Of The Sun

Unarguably, ‘Descendants Of The Sun is the most famous romantic K-Drama in today’s time. It weaves the story of two ambitious and motivated individuals whose work is their priority. They worship their jobs and would do anything for it.

Yoo Shi Jin is a captain of a Korean special forces unit.  In a rare turn of events, he ends up meeting hospital trauma surgeon, Kang Mo Yeon who initially perceives him as a thief. After clearing the misunderstanding, they begin a romantic relationship. However, this affair is short-lived. They soon find each other at crossroads when their views on human life start to disrupt their lives. As a doctor, Yoo Jin is determined to save lives and protests Kang Yeon’s work which is taking lives. Sometime later, they find each other in the war-torn country of Uruk where they reunite once again.

8. The Heirs

Life is easy when your parents are rich, right? However, the reality is far from this. Whether you agree or not, this wealthy life comes with its struggles and turmoils that our protagonist goes through in this romantic K-Drama.

Kim Tan is an uber-rich heir to the Korean conglomerate called Jeguk group. He was sadly exiled by his brother to America who wanted the company all to himself. In America, he meets the poor and bubbly Cha Eun Sang who is in the U.S. looking for her sister. Soon, Kim Tan finds himself falling for the stubborn and charming Sang despite being engaged to a fellow heir. Trouble ensues when his frenemy also falls in love with Sang. This show ruled the chart of romantic K-Dramas for a long time and has not lost its charm still.

9. Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

Do you believe some couples are made for each other? This romantic K-Drama will take you on a beautiful journey of two kind souls bringing out the best in each other. With its scenic beauty, enchanting valleys, and complex souls, we promise you this drama is worth a watch.

Yoon Hye Jin is a big city dentist down on her luck. She recently lost her job and develops a pessimistic worldview. She moves to the serene seaside village of Gongjin. In the village, her paths cross with Hong Du Sik, a jack-of-all-trades. He is a sweetheart who is eager to help anyone and everyone. He helps the residents and takes care of the elderly. Du Sik and Hye Jin come across each other several times and end up falling for each other. This series is a must on your romantic K-Dramas list.

10. My Secret Romance

We promise you that this series has everything. Humour, romance, tragedy, drama, and misunderstandings. We wonder if our actors would have reunited quicker only if they were better at communication. “My Secret Romance” should not be missed in our list of romantic K-Dramas.

Yoo Mi and Jin Wook meet each other at a wedding. Right from the beginning, they are caught up in a whirlwind of accidents and misunderstandings. Jin Wook is quite a playboy and it does not take him long to woo Yoo Mi who is charmed by his confident and sly personality. They end up spending a night together but Jin Wook disappears right in the morning leaving Yoo Mi humiliated. After three years, they meet again but this time Jin Wook is a changed man. He is hardworking and responsible now. He immediately recognizes Yoo Mi as he never really forgot about the night spent with her.

They reunite and live happily ever after. Just kidding! This is where our story takes an unexpected turn. Will they end up together? Add this show to your list of romantic K-Dramas and find out yourself.

11. My ID Is Gangnam Beauty

The obsession with symmetrical faces, plastic surgery, and hourglass figures have found a home in our hearts. South Korea alone is a leading nation with the most number of plastic surgeries taken to look a certain way. It is a rampant money-making industry whose long-term effects are sickening.

Kang Mi Rae was unfortunately a victim of severe bullying because of her looks in middle school. She takes an extreme step and decides to completely change her face. She ends up getting full-blown plastic surgery which makes her unrecognizable. While everyone is gobsmacked at first, they soon begin to detest her for being fake. Her self-esteem takes a dive. This series in our list of romantic K-Dramas is a beautiful watch. It will help you love the looks you already have.

12. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

At one glance, it seems like a humorous corporate tale with a tinge of romance. However, we should warn you that it is more complex and deeper than it seems. We assure you that this series in our list of romantic K-Dramas is unlike any other show.

Lee Young Joon, a serious and ambitious man is the vice chairperson of a leading corporation. He is highly dependent on his trustworthy secretary Kim Mi So. Unfortunately, his world takes a turn for the worse when Kim decides to resign from her coveted position. Lee does everything in his power to keep her but fails miserably. Meanwhile, Kim is on a mission and refuses to come back. They end up falling for each other as they try to heal their wounds.

13. Something In The Rain

This romantic K-Drama awards us impeccable screenwriting, moving dialogues, and a stunning performance by the actors that will move you. It is an imperfectly perfect story that gives you a glimpse of how love feels and looks in this day and age.

Jin Ah and Joon Hee make up an adorable couple. They go from acquaintances to a romantic couple over some time. Together they navigate the ups and downs of life and their jobs. It sheds light on a contentious topic of the age gap. Other than that, it highlights the struggles female employees go through while they try to climb the corporate ladder.

14. Oh My Venus

‘Oh my Venus’ is comedy television gold. This series in our list of romantic K-Dramas will make you chuckle. The unhealthy attitude towards getting as skinny as you possibly could is certainly toxic for many. This show explores this sensitive topic to the best of its abilities.

Kim Young Ho is a personal fitness trainer for the stars. He lets his job consume him to avoid problems in his personal life. His parents are extremely wealthy but due to a physical injury in Kim’s childhood, his familial relations turn sour. Kang Joo Eun is an old lawyer. She used to be famous in her prime but now struggles with weight issues. So she decides to manipulate Kim for her gain and thus begins our unlikely love story.

15. Hotel del Luna

A romantic story with hues of supernatural surprise is a feast for the eyes. Saving the best for the last, this series in our list of romantic K-Dramas is a joyful ride from the beginning to the very end. Do you believe in ghosts? Whether your answer is yes or no, we assure you that this show will successfully keep you entertained throughout.

Hotel del Luna is a special hotel for the ghosts managed by the supernatural entities themselves. The hotel has stood for a millennium now managed by its strange and cursed owner. When Goo Chan Sang arrives, he decides to take the ruins into his hands and becomes the CEO of the hotel due to a deal made by his father. Previously an elite hotelier, it all comes down to Sang to manage the freaky establishment and its eerie owner.

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