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Updated on: 08/01/2023

Hello everyone (✿^‿^)

Today we are going to talk about the top 11 best slice of life webtoons recommendations to read immediately.

The best thing about the slice of life webtoons is that we can relate to the characters in them. They live their lives struggling with problems we often face in reality. These webtoons also guide us through these problems and give us hope. They also teach us to not take things for granted and to pay attention to small things which we usually ignore. No wonder they are so popular everywhere.

If you are looking for a slice-of-life webtoons with some romance, comedy, and drama, here are some webtoons to check out.

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Slice Of Life Webtoons

1. My Giant Nerd Boyfriend

slice of life webtoons

This is my most favorite slice of life webtoons. Because out of all relationship-based webtoon series, I found this one most realistic and relatable. This webtoon shows life and relationships are not all flowers and shit. It has ups and downs. That’s why I love this webtoon.

This webtoon is about a Fishball and her boyfriend. Her boyfriend is a foot taller than her. Plus he is a geek. That’s why this webtoon is named as “My giant nerd boyfriend.”

This webtoon shows perks as well as troubles of dating giant boys. It also unveils the film version and real-life version of different situations.

It also has some stripes about my tiny nerd girlfriend. Which are from the boyfriend’s point of view.

Art will get better as the webtoon proceeds. So no need to worry about that. But the way Fishball draws her boobs will never stop you from laughing.

If you haven’t already read this webtoon, then start reading right now. You will not regret it.

2. Little Trashmaid

slice of life webtoons

This is my other favorite slice of life webtoons. Its art and characters are so adorable that I couldn’t help but fall in love with them.

This webtoon is the most popular webtoon among all canvas webtoons. I don’t understand why the hell it’s not original yet.

This webtoon is about a mermaid in modern times. Our main character is a cute teenage mermaid girl who lives in Ocean. She is sooo cute. She is my one of the favorite cute characters in the webtoon. (I just want to cuddle her ヾ(≧▽≦*))

This webtoon shows how this little mermaid lives in the ocean which is filled with all kinds of trash naming from plastic bags to chips packets. Humans have a bad habit of throwing everything into the ocean. This makes the lives of all living beings in the ocean miserable.    

Even though all the bad things happening around her, She is still naive and optimistic. She uses plastic bags as clothes. Eats trash. She is also addicted to cigarette butts.

This webtoon is made to put a light on what humans have done to nature and how millions of fish and underwater creatures are suffering from our ignorant actions.

We need lots of webtoons like this to spread awareness about such things. Only then we will be able to save these innocent creatures and our planet.

You can read it here- Little Trashmaid

3. Spirit Fingers

slice of life webtoons

Here comes my other favorite slice of life webtoons. I really loved the story. It’s one of the webtoons I used to wait eagerly to get updated.

This story is about a girl named Amy Song. She is an average-looking girl who lacks self-confidence and is really anxious around people. Her parents are so irresponsible and don’t care about her. That’s why she is facing lots of problems in her life.

One day she meets a group of weird yet cool people on the road who were doing Croquis. One handsome boy from the group asks her to be a model. She gets charmed by his looks and accepts his proposal. In the end, they ask her to join their club named spirit fingers. Hence our story begins.

“Spirit fingers” is an art club. All members gather together every weekend to draw croquis. All members are given particular color. And by the same color name nicknames are given. Their color also represents their personalities.

This story is about finding your true color. That means finding yourself and then accepting yourself and finally loving yourself however you are while improving your flaws.

What I like most about this story is that I could relate to the main character at so many levels. If you are looking for a relatable and heartwarming story then no need to search anymore. Go for spirit fingers.

Right now this series is daily pass series in the webtoon app as it was ended last year. I really hated when it ended. ಥ_ಥ

4. Yumi’s cells

slice of life webtoons

This webtoon is about a girl named Yumi and her love life. The unique thing about this webtoon is its theme. In this webtoon, each cell has given an avatar and their personality. For example love cell, Rational cell, emotional cell, hunger cell, naughty cell, etc. As the names suggest they have personalities accordingly. In Yumi, her hunger cell is the biggest one and hence it is the most dominant one. Because she likes food.

Then there is Naughty cell who is the funniest of all. All these cells work together and help Yumi to get through her daily life and also her love life.

What I liked most about this webtoon is that it attacks on all stereotypes created by other webtoons and media about love life. Yumi has shown going through lots of relationships. Whereas in most webtoons and other media love life is focused on a single person only. They don’t include things like serious fights, cheating, breaking up, heartbreaks, or things like falling out of love. When in reality love life is not all happy and easy. And also in real life people don’t get back and forgive each other that easily.

Due to illusions created by media, people believe in first love is true love and things like that. And then get their hearts broken. We need more slice-of-life webtoons and anime like this which focuses on reality and doesn’t show love from rosy glasses only.

I love this webtoon. I still remember when I first read this webtoon, I was so impressed by the whole theme that I recommended it to lots of people. I really enjoyed this webtoon and if you want to read something unique you should give it a try.

5. Snailogy

slice of life webtoons

This is another great slice of life webtoons you will definitely enjoy. I love this webtoon. It really has very good art style. In my entire webtoon life to date, I have searched about only two writers on google. One is the writer of Lookism. And the second one is Snailord author of Snailogy. I was really impressed by their stories that I couldn’t help. (。♡‿♡。) (Do not stalk guys. It’s creepy)

Snailogy is a slice of life webtoons about author Snailord. In this webtoon, he talks about gender dysphoria, anxiety, low self-esteem, depression, and lots of more problems we usually face. No wonder it was too relatable. He also shares how he usually deals with these problems. You can try those tips if you want.

Snailord aka Aidyn is a teenage boy who identifies himself as male and female both. He believes that he is 50% male and 50% female. Just like a Snail. Snails are hermaphrodites. It means they have both male and female within one individual.

But because of this, life has been so difficult for Snailord and he experienced lots of anxiety and depression. He shares his life experiences through these stripes. Some chapters will make you laugh your eyes out. And some chapters will directly hit you in your heart and will make you cry.

This webtoon is completed but it is not daily pass series. So you can binge-read it. Although I really wish if this webtoon hadn’t ended. But I guess Snailord is busy in his other webtoons. (T_T)

6. Small World

slice of life webtoons

This webtoon is about a couple named Julian and Robin. Julian is a hot and muscular guy who likes to do things like keeping pet names and other corny things. Whereas Robin is a cute guy who is overprotective yandere and doesn’t like to do corny things but still he ends up doing it for his boyfriends’ sake.

This webtoon shows how real relationships are different than the relationships we see in fantasy webtoons, anime, or kdramas. Life is not always sunny and rainbows.

It also shows cheesy and corny things couples do. Things that make other people cringe. This webtoon has lots of LGBTQ representation. If you don’t like it then stay away from it. And if you are into it then go dive into it.

7. Boo! It’s Sex

slice of life webtoons

As the name suggests, this webtoon is about four girls and their sex life. But hold on. It’s not a hentai comic or something. This webtoon is made to give sex education which most people lack.

Four freshman year girls start living together in one house. There they find one bottle. One of them opens it and from it, a ghost comes out. This ghost is not freaky or anything. On the contrary, it’s friendly and helps these girls with lots of things.

In this webtoon, you are going to take a sex ed class with a ghost named  Tara. She is the one who explains things about anatomy and sexual life to girls.  Tara is a beautiful and sexy ghost who has lots of experience in a sexual relationship. She shares her knowledge and experience with the girls which are still naive in this field. Like most people. This webtoon doesn’t just teach you about sex but also how to be in a good relationship.

This webtoon is really informative. And Tara skillfully explains things so anyone can understand them. I bet you can’t get a better teacher than her anywhere. This webtoon also has LGBTQ representation in it. So all of you can read it.

If you want knowledge about sexual life and don’t want to face things like STD, HIV, unwanted pregnancies, etc., then you should read this webtoon. And don’t worry it’s not boring at all. Instead, it has a really good comedy angle which makes it really entertaining. It makes this one of the best slice of life webtoons.

8. Murrz

slice of life webtoons

This is another popular slice of life webtoons. Murrz is the name of the author. She lives with her boyfriend and two cute cats.

She draws her daily life in these strips in funny ways. She draws about her relationship, cats, and other things.

This webtoon has 500+ chapters. If you have lots of time in your hand, then you can binge-read this series.

Personally speaking, I liked it at first but later it got a bit boring and unrealistic. I don’t know why. But I will prefer my giant nerd boyfriend over Murrz.

But still, this webtoon is so popular and has lots of followers. So you can check it. You might like it unlike me. (ʘᴗʘ✿)

9. Adventure of Gods

slice of life webtoons

This webtoon is about God, Jesus, and Satan. In short heaven and hell. It is a slice of life about mortal and god. If you can’t take a joke about religion, I will advise you to not read it.

But besides that, it’s a pretty hilarious comic. You will get to see the relationship between gods and mortals. Another major character is Gabe a scientist who helps gods and Ebag a mad scientist who helps Satan.

This webtoon gives a witty peek at god having drinking problems and causing all sorts of problems like nuking dinosaurs, Blaming Satan for the things he didn’t do, Causing catastrophe, etc. Also, god trying to set up Satan with boys. (yes, God supports homosexuality.)

Chapters are shorts. And art is average at first but it will get better after some chapters. It’s one of those webtoons where once you get into it, you can not get out of it. No matter how much you try.

10. A Budgie’s Life

slice of life webtoons

This is another great slice of life webtoon. Like other slice of life webtoons, this one doesn’t focus on humans. Budgie’s life is focused on birds.

One day The author brings a pet bird to her home. This cute little bird has bluish-white color. She names him Tony as she is a fan of iron man. ( I have named my dog Tony because I am a fan of iron man too. Lol)

So in this webtoon author shows her journey with Toney. If you love birds or want to know more about birds, you should read this webtoon. You will get to know lots of unique and different things about birds from this webtoon. And if you have pet birds then this webtoon will give you good insight on how to take care of them.

But still, remember that author is not an expert. She only shares her experiences and struggles of having a pet bird through this webtoon. So consult to vet for serious problems or more information.

11. Lunarbaboon

slice of life webtoons

This webtoon is about a dad. It shows what it is like to have kids. How much parents struggle and how much they sacrifice to take care of their kids. And how happy their kids make them when they do something silly.

Like other slice of life webtoons, this webtoon also puts light on other problems like anxiety, depression, finding love, etc.

 This webtoon is really honest and funny at the same time. I know comic about parent sounds boring. But it has a really good comedy. Plus, it is completed. So you can binge-read it.


So this was our list of the top 11 best slice of life webtoons. This list is based on my personal opinion. I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know which is your favorite slice of life webtoons? And You can also recommend other slice of life webtoons that are not added to the list in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading.ヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ

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