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Updated on: 21/05/2024

How hard would a choice be for you if you had to choose between going to heaven or getting transferred into a fantasy world? Apparently not much for Kazuma Satou, as he leaped at the change to the new life even if it meant fighting the demon king. Kazuma’s day was going well until it wasn’t anymore. While returning after buying a video game, he gets into a traffic accident and dies; and the next thing he knows he is opening his eyes to a beautiful woman, a goddess no less.

Aqua, the goddess offers him a choice between going to heaven or a real fantasy world. It doesn’t take him much time or thought to make his choice. And when asked to choose one thing to bring into this new world, he decides to bring the goddess herself (much to her surprise). But soon he realizes maybe he made a mistake, as not only is Aqua completely useless but also ruining his dream of living a peaceful by dragging him on demon hunts. The series is filled with amazing characters and their shenanigans that are going to fall in love with.

Thanks to fans’ heartwarming support for the anime adaptation of the light novel, of the same name by Natsume Akatsuki, the series is getting a new season soon. But there’s still sometime before it gets premiered and waiting can be hard. So, here are some anime similar to KonoSuba, that will keep you entertained for the time being until the new season can be enjoyed.

So, Here are 10 Anime Similar to KonoSuba.

Enjoy Watching!

1. Cautious Hero: The Hero is Over Powered But overly Cautious

Similar to KonoSuba

Cautious hero, the title couldn’t have been more accurate. More like obsessed with preventive measures, actually. The whole characterization of Seiya Ryuguin is based on ” you could never be too prepared”. The series, similar to KonoSuba is an isekai comedy with endearing characters and a light-hearted story plot. Another element in Cautious Hero, similar to KonoSuba, is the goddess who brings the protagonist into a fantasy world and decides to help but ends up being completely useless and borderline troublesome even.

Ristarte is a novice Goddess, tasked to find a hero who can defeat the demon lord and save the world of Gaeabrande. While going through the profile of all the suitable candidates, she comes across Seiya Ryuuguuin, who has the highest stats. But on meeting him, she realizes how cautious Seiya is. But not being able to go back, she now has to guide the hero, to save Gaeabrande, who even, with the strongest of abilities and powerful skills, doesn’t want to even go to the safest part of the world. But maybe Seiya’s over-cautious will help save this unknown world.

If you enjoyed Konosuba making a parody of the isekai genre, then, Cautious Hero is a series you absolutely must try. Similar to KonoSuba, this series also has an amazing character that will make you fall in love with them and their shenanigans in no time.

2. Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni

In another world with my smartphone is another isekai anime similar to KonoSuba. The story of both series even starts the same way. Similar to KunoSuba, this story also revolves around a boy who dies an unexpected death and gets a second chance at life in an RPG-like fantasy world.

Touya Mochizuki is a high schooler who dies from a lightning strike caused by God’s mistake. To compensate, he is given a chance to live in a parallel fantasy universe and brings one object with him there. With his smartphone in hand, he starts a life in his new world filled with magic. Going on adventures and quests, he makes new friends and finds out he has an affinity for magic arising out of a legacy of an ancient civilization. So, now on a journey with five female companions, Touya is ready to use his newfound ability to help others on his journey.

If you enjoyed following the new life of Kazuma in a new world, then you are sure to enjoy Touya’s adventures with his newfound companions. Similar to KonoSuba, it’s also an isekai anime filled with adventure, magic, guild, awesome characters, shenanigans, and comedy that will have rolling.

3. Princess Connect! Re: Dive

The phrase fell from the sky is usually used as a metaphor, but Yuuki here literally fell from the sky above. Of course, he has no memory of where he came from; or fell from. It’s another anime similar to KonoSuba based in a fantasy world focusing more on characters and their relationship than the plot itself.

Yuuki one day wakes up in an unfamiliar world called Astraea, without any memories of his life before or where he came from, or who he is. He is saved by the tragedy of roaming in an unfamiliar world by an elf named Kokkoro, who tells him that she is his guide in this new world. After finding out how Astraea works, he sets to find a nearby guild to accept a small quest and earn money. Soon he meets two other girls: Pecorino, skilled in battle but always hungry, and Karyl, a cat girl talented in magic.

The four decide to on quests together, and after some time develops a bond of friendship and decides to form their own guild. Similar to KonoSuba, Princess Connect is also a comedy-based adventure series with adorable characters, a beautiful art style, and a light-hearted plotline to relax your mind and simply enjoy without much thought

4. Outbreak Company

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Shinichi Kanou is a hardcore otaku who becomes a shut-in after a hard rejection and decides to change his boring life by applying for a job position. But somehow he ends up being kidnapped and transported to another world called Eldant Empire. It is a fantasy world filled with magical creatures like elves, dragons, knights, and dwarfs. And if it wasn’t enough, he has to work as an ‘Otaku Missionary’ of the Japanese government, to maintain peace and promote relations between the two realms.

At least he is not alone in this mission of his, Half-elf Maid Myucel and Princess Petralka are there to assist him in his every step. If you enjoyed watching the amusing interactions and adventures of Kazuma and company in KonoSuba, then it’s a series you must give a try. Similar to KonoSuba, it’s a hilarious series that will make you wonder what the hell is going on.

5. Zero no Tsukaima

Another isekai anime, similar to KonoSuba with its focus theme being comedy and adventure. Similar to KonoSuba, this series is also set in a fantasy world, revolving around a teenager who one way or another ends up transported into a parallel world with a pretty useless and abusive person as his companion.

Saito Hiiraga, an ordinary student would have never thought his life could change so drastically. One day he is summoned to another world where magic is a norm, filled with powerful magicians. But somehow the person who summoned him happens to be the one nicknamed Louise the Zero. Louise is a first-year student in Tristain Academy, a prestigious school for mages, who happens to be incapable of casting any spells properly; but somehow ends up summoning Saito from his world. Instead of helping Louise with rituals and magical practices, he somehow ended up cleaning her clothes and washing dishes.

Now, the question arises how is Saito going to adapt to his new life and role? And, what is this mark on his hand? If you enjoyed watching Aqua dragging Kazuma in all her troublesome plans and slaving him to her wimps, then you are just going to love Louise and her familiar’s relationship. An easy-going anime that will have your mouth hanging open with all its stupidity and shenanigans.

6. Full Dive

anime similar to KonoSuba

Full Dive is another parody anime similar to KonoSuba. Both series have similar humor and a bundle of eccentric characters. Full Dive orbits around a boy and his adventures in a too-realistic RPG game.

Hiroshi Yuuki, wanting to take a reprise from his dull life, decides to play a VR game with Reona, a game store clerk. Upon entering, he realizes why all the other players were praying its realism. And even sooner than that, he realizes why no one plays it anymore. The game is simply too real for its own good. If you are hurt in the game, you would feel pain, in the real life too. Although Yuuki finds his misfortune working even harder in the game than the real life, he still decides to clear all the levels of the game with his newfound friends.

Full dive is a fun and enjoyable anime similar to KonoSuba, that you can enjoy after a busy day to relax. The series, although not isekai, is set in an RPG world similar to KonoSuba, with a team of misfit adventures as its focus. The situations they face are so hilarious that would be wondering every other minute how did they even get there.

7. Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon Boonies Moved to a Starter Town

It is undoubtedly hard to see your own strength but surprisingly easy to see others’. To find the faults and weaknesses in yourself is easy, without realizing what you might consider as weak might be a sign of strength for others. Similar is the case with Lloyd Belladonna. This series similar to KonoSuba is an action-adventure fantasy with a lot of comedy and interesting characters.

Llyod is a resident of the Kunlun village situated at the brisk of the Last Dungeon, a place filled with monsters. Although even, he has been hunting there since childhood, he is considered the weakest in the Village. Lloyd decided to become a soldier, leaves the village, and enrolls in the Military Academy of the Kingdom of Azami. Apparently, the scale of strength is different here, and he might very well be one of the strongest in the capital.

Similar to KonoSuba, the Last dungeon also revolves around the theme of Adventure, friendship, demon king, and magic, all tied together with a strong thread of comedy. If you enjoyed KonoSuba, give it a try; who knows it might teach you something about recognizing your own strength, all the while making you laugh.

8. Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?!

Average is the norm. Both, being too good or too bad at something can cause you to be left out by your peers. If you were ever left alone because you stood out for one reason or another, then you would understand how Misato Kurohara feels. Although the plot of this isekai series doesn’t have a male protagonist, there are still a lot of elements similar to KonoSuba.

Misato, a genius with a wish to have friends and live a normal life, suddenly dies trying to save a child. Much to her surprise, she gets a second chance to be born in a fantasy world with a wish. Wanting to have a normal life she wishes to have average skills in the new world. But much to her disappointment, she is born as the daughter of a noble, with 6000 times the magical power of a normal human being. Deciding to change things this time around, she runs away leaving her magic school, and joins a hunter school under the alias of Mile.

Joining a team with 3 other girls in her class, Misato tries to live a normal life. However, it might not be as easy as she thought it to be. Similar to KonoSuba, this series also revolves around a team of four peculiar friends in a fantasy world going on adventures and having fun together. If you enjoyed KonoSuba, then this is a series you might enjoy as well.

9. Tsukimichi- Moonlit Fantasy

Tsukimichi is another fantasy comedy anime similar to KonoSuba. Similar to KonoSuba, the male protagonist in this series is the most sensible and probably the only character in his group of mystic misfits. The story is about an unfortunate boy who gets cursed by a Goddess but with his skills and personality, ends up converting it in his favor.

Makoto Misumi, because of some unknown contract between his parents and a Goddess, is sent to a new fantasy world to take his powers from the Goddess and become the Hero. Not liking his face, she instead of making him a Hero, grants him the ability to understand all the languages except humans and throws him to the farthest edge of the wilderness. While wandering the edges, he meets many mystical creatures who are captivated by his personality and decides to tag along and help him to build a community where both humans and non-humans can live together in peace.

Along with sharing elements similar to KonoSuba, such as characters, circumstances, and settings, Tsukimichi has its own unique charm and elements that will keep you entertained. Do give it a try; who knows you might just come to love this series too.

10. Re: Zero: Starting Life in Another World.

Re: Zero is another anime similar to KonoSuba. The series similar to Konosuba is placed in a video game RPG-like fantasy world with magical abilities, eccentric characters, and their antics. Along with being like KonoSuba, the series has its own unique elements that will get you hooked up to it in no time.

Subaru Natsuki while coming back home from a convenience store, gets transported to another world. But as soon as he arrives, he’s mugged and beaten, only to be saved by a mysterious woman named Satella, who is following the thief of her insignia. But unknown to the two, another force is watching them from the shadows. Subaru decides to help her in her quest, but the two are soon attacked and killed. He shouldn’t be able to, but when he does he is back in time when he was being mugged. Now he has a chance to change the future he just came back from.

If you are looking for an anime similar to KonoSuba but with a darker and more violent twist, it’s a series you must try. Similar to KonoSuba, it’s also a hilarious series with absolutely ridiculous situations, that will make you question so many things, starting from physics.

As tacky as the names of the series sound, you can tell from first glance that they are gonna be hilarious. So, here are 10 anime similar to KonoSuba, that you can watch after a tiring day, or anytime for that matter for an easy laugh to get your mood up. All the series in the above list of Top 10 anime similar to KonoSuba are light-hearted comedies placed in a fantasy world, revolving around a group of dysfunctional groups with weird characters going on adventures. The genre and themes of all the anime given in this list are similar to KonoSuba. Hope you have a fun time watching the series!

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