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Updated on: 08/01/2023

Have you ever searched on google for hours on end for that perfect comic that will help you relieve your stress for the day but only found ones that are either not pretty to the eyes or the story is boring or the user interface is so crappy that is crashes all the time giving you more stress? If this is you, then wait no more because we have one of the best comic recommendations on one of the best applications, Bilibilicomics!

Bilibilicomics is a reader approved and one of the best applications to read comics free online. Not only the comic collection is phenomenal, but all the comics have beautiful art that will definitely keep you hooked. Even the user interface on the online website is as smooth as butter which will never hinder your reading experience! And so, today we recommend you 10 best comics on Bilibilicomics that you must, absolutely read right now! Let’s get started!

10.Tonight’s Menu: Magical Beasts!


Genre: Comedy, Adventure, Cooking, Fantasy

Why do we cultivate? Some say to become immortals, breaking free from the sufferings of humanity. Some say it’s to maintain justice and do what is right. But for him, cultivation was so that one could eat all the delicacies of the world!

Chapter 1, Tonight’s Menu: Magical Beasts!

Nothing can be better than food, right? And a world with good food, a dash of magical creatures and a sprinkle of good comedy makes all the difference! Tonight’s Menu: Magical Beasts! revolves around Mo Bai, a gourmet genius on a journey to find the best food of the world only in vain. All food he has had, from popular street food to royal palace’s cuisine has all been but quite mundane to him.

Frustrated when he is just about to give up, a delicious, mouth-dropping fragrance calls upon him and he ends up in a place full of non-humans! And he might just have found the magical food he was looking for! What will happen to Mo Bai and his new companion? Join Mo Bai and his friend on a food adventure in a world of magic and beasts in Tonight’s Menu: Magical Beasts! on Bilibilicomics

9.My Friend’s on Death Row!

Genre: Action, Drama

But why does it have to be this guy? He doesn’t seem to be a junkie. I don’t think he’s been fighting. Man, he sure does look weak.

Min Jae a.k.a Tae Su, My Friend’s on Death Row!

What if your friend suddenly turns into a psychopathic killer? My Friend’s on Death Row! Revolves around the lives of two friends, Ju Hwan and Min Jae who are well, let’s say not very interesting. Only until, Min Jae gets into a car accident and is possessed by a spirit of a psychopathic killer! Now, it’s up to Ju Hwan to keep Min Jae’s psychopathic tendencies at bay. But would he be able to control his “new” friend or will Min Jae end up on his killing spree once again? Find out in My Friend’s on Death Row! on Bilibilicomics!

8.Coffin of Horrors

Genre: Supernatural, psychological, horror, thriller

As the coffin lid was opened, more and more unexplainable events started happening around me.

Xing Yun, Coffin of Horrors

Coffin of Horrors revolve around Xing Yun, a corpse retriever working on the Yangtze River. He had a peaceful life up until he finds a coffin floating on the river and opens it to find jewels and rare items. Only all good things come at a price, and the price which Yun had to pay was his daughter. As a consequence, Yun gets dragged into the world of supernatural, horrifying creatures. The creatures who possessed his daughter and killed everybody around him. Moral of the story? Don’t open a coffin sealed by a Taoist priest! And even more so if it has supernatural runes on it! What happens to Yun, does he die? What happens to the creature unleashed from the coffin? What is the creature that brings hell to Yun’s life? Find out in Coffin of Horrors on Bilibilicomics!

7.Post-Apocalyptic Dispatch Company

Genre: Action, drama, fantasy, science fiction, apocalyptic

How much of a f**king loser am I to even fail at dying?

Cao Xiao, Post-Apocalyptic Dispatch Company

Post-Apocalyptic Dispatch Company revolves around our poor guy, Cao Xiao whose company gets stolen by his bestfriend, girlfriend leaves him and even when he is about to fall of a building and death, he lands on a garbage pile only to find – zombies! And just when he is about to be devoured by zombies, a game kind of a system initiates. What is the system? Why is it letting him hire employees and giving rewards? Is there a price? Where did all this come from and what is exactly Post-Apocalyptic Dispatch Company? Find out in Post-Apocalyptic Dispatch Company on Bilibilicomics!

6.Please, Don’t Livestream It!

Genre: Comedy, romance

Wait, please don’t livestream it!

Zhao Shi, Please, Don’t Livestream It!

Looks deceive. Don’t trust your seniors. These are the morals that Please, Don’t Livestream It! Teach you. It follows the story of a young freshman in college, Zhao Shi, who meets his cruel senior, Luo Lili. And as much as looks deceive, Zhao Shi becomes Lili’s target. Meanwhile Lili is having fun livestreaming her day to day life and lowkey torturing Zhao Shi. Can Zhao Shi survive Lili’s strategies and tactics? Find out in Please, Don’t Livestream It!

5.The Last Hero

Genre: Action, fantasy, apocalyptic

Those who treat me with kindness, I’ll repay in kind. Those who insult me, I’ll send straight to hell. With the system on my side, I shall determine the rules of this world.

Yang Hao, The Last Hero

The Last Hero begins with a zombie apocalypse. The world is on fire and zombies are the king. Our main lead, Yang Hao, is a former dorm supervisor who gets caught up in the apocalypse. With no food and water and only zombies to watch out for, life is certainly as cruel as it can be. Just when he is about to die, he discovers that the world has turned into a game! With successful kills, Yang Hao obtains stat points which help him move up the ladder in the apocalypse. But is it that easy? What will happen to him? Can he survive this apocalypse just like a game? But what if you die? Find out in The Last Hero!

4.Demonic Heretics

Genre: Action, fantasy, historical, supernatural, shounen

The Jianghu call us Demonic Heretics. But we seldom cause trouble when we set foot outside. We’re busy pretty much all the time. We have scriptures to study day after day. We have to train our martial arts skills. We have to meditate, cast spells with talisman and…subdue demons and seal spirits.

Mo Lianjian, Demonic Heretics

Demonic Heretics follows the story of Mo Lianjian, a member and student of the Yuhun Sect. In a world ravaged by demons and spirits, the Yuhun sects are known as heretics for their use of tools to tame spirits. And little Mo doesn’t have it easy at school too, especially when his spirits are consistently stolen by his talented classmate, Lian Beibei. All of this changes when he comes across a legendary and powerful sword. What will happen to Mo Lianjian? Will he be able to become a great hero or will he die capturing demons? Find out in Demonic Heretics Family on Bilibilicomics!

3. Lout of Count’s Family

Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Isekai

Let’s avoid getting beaten up.

Kim Rok Su aka Cale, Lout of Count’s Family

Kim Rok Su also known as Cale; the lout of the count might just get beaten up. Lout of Count’s Family follows the tale of Kim Rok Su who mysteriously gets transported into the world of the novel he was reading, The Birth of a Hero, into the handsome body of a minor villain named Cale. Cale apparently gets into a tussle with the main character and gets badly beaten up. But Rok Su has different plans. He wants to live “a long, healthy, happy and uneventful life”. In order to achieve his goal, he decides to alter the original story. Will he be successful? Or will he end up living Cale’s predictable future? Find out in Lout of Count’s Family on Bilibilicomics!

2. My Polaris

Genre: Fantasy, romance, comedy

That’s right. I’m an unlucky, cursed girl. But I don’t want to keep living like this.

Chapter 1, My Polaris

Have you ever wished upon a shooting star? Well, the next time you do that beware of a naked angel landing up on your doorstep! My Polaris follows our beautiful leading lady Tan Yue, a girl who is known to be cursed and the downfall of her family. Just when she wishes to the heavens to lift this curse off of her, a shooting star appears and lands right beside her house. The result? A naked angel who steals her first kiss right after waking up! That happened too fast, ahem.

Turns out this mysterious “angel” fed her something called “Gaia’s Dream” and we see some unidentified people after him to take it back. What could that be? Who are these people and what will happen to our Tan Yue? Find out in My Polaris on Bilibilicomics!

1. FFF-Class Trashero

Genre: Action, adventure, fantasy, comedy, drama, shounen

A fantasy world ruled by power. A utopia for savages.

Chapter 1, FFF-Class Trashhero

FFF-Class Trashero begins right in the middle of action. Hero meets the demon king. Quite literally. Right at the beginning of the comic, we meet our Hero, also known as Kang Han Soo, who gets sucked into a fantasy world with a quest to defeat the demon king. Once he is successful, he can finally return to Earth to enjoy a life of peace. And of course, our hero after 10 years of gruelling training emerges victorious by actually killing the demon king! Isn’t that absolutely amazing?

Well, not so easy. After achieving this amazing feat, the god of the fantasy world approaches him – with his report card! A report card where he has an F in his character and remarks “Why did you kill your perfectly sane comrades?”. If you didn’t laugh at that, are you even human?

So, the real deal is that Han Soo was supposed to go back to Earth after passing this test, but oh well, he clearly failed. This hero apparently killed his comrades in an ambush because they were a burden to him. And so, as a result, he fails the test, gets the term “Trash Hero” from his teachers and gets sent back to day one of the test! All those 10 years for nothing. What will happen to Han Soo, also known as, now, our Trash Hero? Will he survive this journey again?

If you love a comic with amazing art, good plot and insane comedy, FFF-Class Trashero is for you! Check it out on Bilibilicomics!

That is it for our comic recommendations. Check out Bilibilicomics to read thousands of good quality, popular comics with impeccable art!

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