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Updated on: 15/02/2024

The Devil is a Part-Timer!

The Devil is a part-timer! also known as “Hataraku Maou-Sama!” is an interesting anime series, to say the least. The series is an anime adaptation of a Japanese light novel with the same name, written by Satoshi Wagahara. It aired in Japan in the summer of 2013 after being produced by White Fox and directed by Natao Honda and was later adopted by Netflix, rapidly acquiring a solid international fanbase.

The plot of The Devil is a Part-Timer! follows the descent of the demon king of Ente Isla from his realm to the human world. The series depicts an interesting, adventurous, and comedic tale of his struggle of transition from searching and making strategies to unite the demon kingdom to figuring out the intricacies of working as a part-timer at a fast-food restaurant.

And do you know, the second season of The Devil is a Part-Timer! is going to be premiered in July 2022? Yes!! After such a long wait of what, 8 years? We are getting a second season of our beloved Sadao Maou’s crazy antics and demonic shenanigans. It is being produced by 3Hz and directed by Daisuke Tsukushi.

The Devil is a Part-Timer!

The Devil is a Part-Timer! is an anime filled with outrageous scenarios, fantasy worlds, demons, unconventional couples, and outwardly humor that will keep you amused and rolling on the floor with laughter. But the series consist of mere 13 episodes, leaving you wanting for more. This is why here is a list of anime series with similar genres to The Devil is a Part-Timer! to keep you going until the second season with our beloved demon lord is premiered.

The Devil is a Part-Timer!

Here are top 10 anime like The Devil is a Part-Timer!

1. Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha, akin to The Devil is a Part-Timer! is a story of rivalry and war between the human and the demon kingdom. The hero, Yuusha wants to defeat the demon king and bring peace to the world. But to his utter surprise, the demon king, Maou is not a demon king but a queen actually and absolutely not what people describe her to be.

Frustrated with his companion’s slow invasion into the demon kingdom, Yuusha decides to take the matter into his own hands and head up to the demon castle to defeat the demon king. But instead of killing Maou who actually is the demon queen, ends up teaming up with her. After finding that Maou has the common intention to end the war and bring peace among the humans and demons, Yuusha decides to work with her to fulfill their common goal.

This is a fabulous tale of an unlikely alliance between a demon and a human to bring peace to the world while trying to save the world economy in the process. How considerate! A simple, easy, and fun series with deeper meaning, to make your evening worthwhile and enjoyable.

2. I couldn’t become a hero, so I reluctantly decided to get a job

Just like The Devil is a Part-timer! this series also depicts the humorous tale of the daily struggle of the protagonist with the sudden change in his priorities and career plans. Raul always wanted to be a hero and exterminate evil from the world. To fulfill his dreams, he joined the Hero Training Program; a program specially organized to defeat the demon king. But soon after the demon king is defeated and the world is finally at peace, consequently, the Hero Training program is suspended for an indefinite period.

Unfortunately for Raul, now not only can’t fulfill his dream of becoming a hero but also has to find a job, to pay his bills. He starts working as a retail person with small electronics at Magic Leon shop, a mundane minimal wages job that doesn’t even suit his personality. But his troubles don’t stop here, as the daughter of the demon king starts working in the same shop.

And this is just the start of the crazy story of a Hero whose life suddenly turned upside down. If you loved watching The Devil Is a Part-Timer! then you would probably enjoy watching it too.

3. Beelzebub

What would your thoughts be if the demon king trying to take over the world is just a baby? That is exactly what Beel, the next heir of the great demon lord who has ascended to the human realm is; A Baby. Just like The Devil is a Part-Timer!, Beelzebub also tells the tale of the daily life of a demon lord on Earth.

Though Beel is powerful enough to destroy a whole school, is still in many ways just an innocent adorable baby who needs care and protection. Here comes Tatsumi Oga, the most talented and strongest fighter – read delinquent, of The Isayama High School. One day he comes across a strange baby, and in an unfortunate turn of events, ends up raising him. This baby is no one other than the son of the demon lord, Beel. It is hilarious to watch Oga trying to frighten other delinquents with a baby literally sitting on his shoulder.

If you enjoyed watching Sadao Maou in The Devil is a Part-Timer! trying and failing at taking over the world, again and again, you will probably like Beel trying to do the same with his tiny chubby hands even more. These demon lords will break all your stereotypes of a demon and leave a soft spot for them in your heart.

4. Ao no exorcist

Like the many other anime on the list of The Devil is a Part-Timer!, Ao no Exorcist will make you question your beliefs if being of a particular species truly decides what you are. If blood bonds are really as strong as they are said to be? The series orbits around the life of the son of Satan, who wants to do nothing but destroy Satan himself after his adoptive father is killed by him.

Rin Okumura is a mischievous young man who believes in going with the flow of life. His life is turned upside down when his father is killed by Satan. If that wasn’t enough, he comes to find at the same time that he is the son of Satan, sent on earth with the sole purpose of making him a vessel so that his real father can possess him one day and rule the Earth.

To avenge his father’s death and defend his world, he decides to train as an exorcist alongside his brother Yukio. Even after the ordeal, the two brothers will do anything to protect each other. Their bitter-sweet relationship will remind you of your own siblings.

Ao no exorcist with its curious mix of fantasy, action, brotherhood, humor, and friendship is a must-watch. Who knows you might come to like it even more than The Devil is a Part-timer!.

5. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

A good deed always pays, doesn’t it? Even if it is done in a drunken stupor. Tohru is a Dragon from another realm, who suddenly appears at the doorstep of Kabayashi and pledges to work as her maidservant, to repay the kindness for freeing her from a spiritual sword stuck at her back; which Kabayashi doesn’t even remember. When Kabayashi comes to know that Tohru doesn’t have any place to stay, she offers her a place at her own house.

And this is how the story of a nerdy programmer and her dragon maid starts. Although Tohru is efficient in the household, she brings all kinds of troubles, making Kabayashi’s life a hilarious collage of outrageous scenarios filled with outwardly people. Tohru’s presence attracts all kinds of mystical beings in the house, to which Kabayashi finds herself being an inadequate host.

It is fun to watch Tohru trying to blend in with the human society with her unorthodox methods and Kabayashi dealing with her crazy other-worldly guests. The series is both hilarious and heartwarming. If you loved watching The Devil is a Part-Timer! then this one might be just for you.

6. Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan

It is hard to be a high scholar, but it is harder to be a high scholar while hiding your identity as the to-be leader of a demon clan, from your friends. This is the daily life of Nura Rikuo, the next leader of the Nura Clan if his grandfather has his way. Similar to The Devil is a Part-Timer!, Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan also revolves around the daily life of a demon lord.

Rikuo is a quarter youkai and thanks to the youkai blood in his veins, he is capable of donning two forms. One, his regular human form, and the other, his youkai form; which he initially could only summon at night. Disappointing everyone in his clan Rikuo intends to live as normal a life as possible, but that is hard when the other clans are trying to harm the ones you hold dear.

 Rikuo’s attempt at hiding his identity and the shenanigans of other demons are amusing and heartwarming, to say the least; it’ll keep you laughing till your stomach hurts. The anime is a good mix of supernatural, action, fantasy, humor, and slice of life. If you enjoyed watching The Devil is a Part-Timer!, then this one will keep you stuck to your laptop screen.

7. Noragami

If you liked watching the demon lord fumble with the mundane aspects of human life, then you would probably enjoy watching a deity do menial labor to earn his place in the world. Although there is no demon lord and world domination in Noragami, similarly to The Devil is a Part-Timer! it deals with a supernatural being’s struggle in the human realm, a completely different world from where they come from.

Yato is a God who is not well known to humans, actually, he’s so less known that he doesn’t even have a shrine dedicated to him. He decides that he is going to build himself a shrine, and get the fame and popularity that he so deserves, and for that, he has to do odd jobs to earn enough money. In his mission to become a popular deity, he finds a friend in a human girl, Hiyori, and a demon, Yukine.

Their friendship breaks the simple boundary of realm, species, and established worldview. The anime is a lot deeper than it might seem at the first glance but enjoyable and light-hearted at the same time. Give it a try, you might come to like it as much as you like The Devil is a Part-Timer!

8. Black butler

 The anime Black Butler revolves around the relationship of Ciel Phantomhive, the only heir of one of the top aristocrat families working for the queen, and his butler Sebastian who’s a demon in his part-time. A story spun around revenge and found family, with a demon turned butler in the mix. Although the series deals with a much deeper and darker plot than The Devil is a Part-Timer!, there is still no want of comedy and tomfoolery.

The series circles around a teenager who makes a deal with the devil, at the moment of his death to exact revenge on the murderer of his family. A child, who lost his family to the cruelty of this world, makes a new one after coming back to life with a demon in tow. A family of misfits, but a family nonetheless.

It’s amusing to watch a top-rank demon learning to cook and take care of the house as the new butler of the Phantomhive mansion. The hilarious shenanigans of the demons and Ciel’s makeshift family will either leave you smiling or with a second-hand embarrassment, or probably both. If you enjoy watching demons and their shenanigans like in The Devil is a Part-Timer!, then you’ll probably love this series.

9. Inuyasha

A time-travel action fantasy, interwoven with adventure, humor, and romance, is a sure try especially if there are adorable demons in the mix. Although the story doesn’t revolve around a demon king and his world domination strategies, as in The Devil is a Part-Timer!, it does orbit around a half-demon and a priestess that traveled back in time.

The story starts when Kagome Higurashi, falls down a well and gets transported back in time to the feudal era Japan where demons roam around the world and cause havoc. She finds out that she is born with a powerful jewel inside her body that every demon is after. After the jewel shatters, Kagome must join hands with a half-demon Inuyasha to gather all the shards of the jewel before it falls in the wrong hand.

In her journey of acquiring the shards, she meets many strange demon and humans alike, who ends up becoming a part of her make-shift family and joining her on her quest. If you loved the variety of demons and their antics in The Devil is a Part-Timer!, you will enjoy watching Inuyasha making a fool of himself every other episode with his companions while trying to save the world.

10. Kyou kara Maou

How would you react if you were to suddenly wake up in a world completely different from yours, and above that, people start addressing you as the next demon lord? Cause this is what happens with Shibuya Yuri. One moment he is being bullied in his high school washroom and the next, he is in a world with demons roaming around the streets and skeletons flying in the sky. If that isn’t shocking enough, he is to be the next demon king to rule over the kingdom of Mozaku because of his black hair and eyes.

Now Yuri, the unwilling unfortunate soul with no way out of ruling a turbulent kingdom of demons, not only has to learn to be a good monarch while trying to resolve the tension between the human and the demon kingdom, but also adapt to the weird culture and traditions of Mozoku. Yuri’s struggles with the new world and its customs will remind you of Sadao Maou from The Devil is a Part-Timer!. A story of demons, friendship, and loyalty, woven with the thread of humor and fantasy, good enough to keep you on your seat for hours.


These are a few anime series revolving around the same genre as The Devil is a Part-timer!. Try giving them a chance, you will find that these demons break almost all the stereotypes you might have for demons. They will not only make you laugh but also make you question if demons truly are nothing but evil. Comment and share if you have watched any of these anime similar to The Devil is a Part-Timer! and which one you liked the most.

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