To Be Hero Anime Sequel is announced, here is why you should see it


Date: 22/03/2018

This Thursday at Anime Japan the anime studio Emon Animation Company revealed  To Be Hero anime sequel. The series will also be having a slight change in its name to be To Be Heroing. So instead of going for a season 2 or any other type. They have selected Heroing, and I wonder what that is. If you have still not seen this show then I would recommend watching it.  To Be Hero is really a bizarre show, the art is really cool. It reminded me of Mob Psycho, but it was not similar to it. Truly it has its own setting. The story revolves around a handsome dad that becomes a fat superhero. While some villains attack and try to kill him and his daughter. The episodes are all short, I can’t really remember. And to be honest I ain’t sure if this is credible information.

However, I do believe that the episodes were around 4 minutes long. Featuring 12 episodes the first season was packed with the high paced bombardment of adventure and comedy. I won’t say that the comedy itself was all brilliant. However, the fast pace made up for it. The comedy was indeed forced. There were a lot of continuous different gags to make you laugh. And if some failed there would definitely be a few that would make you laugh. And considering the fact episodes were only 4 minutes (maybe) long. Then we could definitely say they did a good job with this one. I think it might deserve a 7/10, but you can’t take my word on that one. As I ain’t quite certain since there was some time since I’ve seen it. Need to rewatch it to remind myself if it was as good as I remember or better. Hype for To Be Hero anime sequel!

To be hero anime sequel

To be hero anime preview

To Be Hero Anime Sequel information

The series is premiering on Tokyo MX 1 and will be starting with seven episodes. Every episode will be 24 min long. Which made me think about the episode length of the previous season. And I went back to check, it seems it is 11 episodes long. Well, I guess alls well that ends well. So the new season will be featuring 24 min x 7 episodes. How do I feel about this? Well, that is a bit uncertain. As I liked the shorter episodes. I don’t know how the length of the episode will do, and how the anime overall will develop. It could become a masterpiece. And it could also end pretty badly. However, for anyone reading this, I would like you to join me on this hype train. And watch the anime when it premieres. We can get back to discussing it once it does. I will be very excited about that. We hold many anime discussions on the sit, so be sure to join us in the comments if you are a new reader.


It is without a doubt that this anime deserves a mention, and with that said. I will definitely be waiting for season 2. Heck, I will even rewatch the old season. I need to remind myself of the story a bit. Getting back into it will make it all the more worth it. If you are a fan of comedy, I say check it out. If you have not seen even season 1. You should definitely give it a try. With a 7/10 it could definitely satisfy many viewers of the comedy genre.  Before you go, tell me. What is your favorite comedy anime? Leave it in the comments, I am always in search of new interesting anime to watch. When talking about comedy, we have actually had a very interesting discussion in the comments for the Beelzebub anime recently.

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