Temple Manga Launched by Grand Blue Dreaming Artist Kimitake Yoshioka

Manga artist  Kimitake Yoshioka launched a new manga titled Temple. The temple manga first two chapters are available to readers for free on Comic Days. Comic Days is a new app and web service launched by Kodansha. Kimitake Yoshioka is the manga author behind Grand Blue Dreaming, so we are expecting some good new reading material from him.  If you have not heard of Grand Blue before, let me tell you about it in short. Grand Blue is a slice of life comedy manga with unique facial expressions that highlight the comedy part. The story revolves around Iori Kitahara, a freshman at Izu University. He is forced to enroll into a scuba diving club and drinking parties. The anime is quite relaxing and has a nice relaxing comedy. You can follow the daily college life of Kitahara and his friends.

Credits to artist fxEVo (this is not from the manga)

About Temple manga

The temple manga story focuses around Akemitsu Akagami.  Akemitsu believes that he has a rotten and dirty mind, he is sick of the world and wants to move on. He has lewd and perverted thoughts about women and that makes his life complicated. Therefore, he only sees women as objects of sexuality and wants to have sex with them. To change his lifestyle Akemitsu decided to move to a temple to become a Buddhist monk.  Akemitsu thought that this life as a monk would make him change and move away from women. However, he was very wrong. When he arrived at the temple he was greeted by a beautiful girl.  The manga will focus around the comedy part of Akemitsu trying to change his perverted thoughts. And his relationship with the new girl that he met. How will Akemitsu end up? And will he change? We will have to find that out by reading the Temple manga.

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