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THEBIEM Anime and Manga News Roundup 15/10/2018 Edition

A new week which obviously means it’s time for another week’s anime and manga news roundup 15/10/2018 edition. And since we follow the normal weekly roundup routine. Before we get started with the main article. Lets first see what articles came out on the website this week. The first article was the announcement that A Certain Scientific Railgun. Will

THEBIEM Anime and Manga News Roundup 12/08/2018

Welcome to the Anime and Manga news roundup 12/08/2018 edition. We have been quite busy to bring out stand-alone news articles this week. So, ya this news roundup is going to be longer than usual. News that are available as stand-alone articles on the website include: Adultery themed Holiday Love: Fuufukan Renai manga getting a web anime

THEBIEM Weekly Anime and Manga News Roundup 29/07/2018

Before we begin with the weekly Anime and Manga news roundup 29/07/2018 let me summarise the top news posts already made on the website. To start with, much to the excitement of many, the first Poster/Visual for the upcoming final season of Fairy Tail anime is out and the anime will be airing in October