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I’m glad I could keep running TV anime premiers on October 8

I’m glad I could keep running original TV anime will premiere on October 8.  SIGNAL.MD announced on Saturday that they are working on producing a 4 episode long original TV anime series. Not much detail is known about the anime so far, except that the episodes will be 15 minutes long. And based on the posters

Grand Blue 2nd Promo Video Revealed the Release Date for the Anime

Last Friday, Grand Blue 2nd promo video was finally released. The official website for the Grand Blue anime adaptation has released the 2nd promo video for Grand Blue. And I gotta say the visuals were quite appealing.  If you don’t know what Grand Blue is, well basically it’s a comedy sports manga made by Kenji Inoue and

TV Anime ‘Yama no Susume’ Season 3 To Premiere In July 2018

The official website for the anime Yama no Susume/Encouragement of Climb announced the release of Key visuals and promo video. The anime is an adaptation of  Siro’s mountaineering-themed manga by the same name. Also, it was announced that the anime will premiere in July 2018, first on Tokyo MX. Encouragement of Climb is a slice-of-life manga series which

TV Anime Adaptation of Comedy Manga Series Hitori Bocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu (The loner’s “__” Life) Announced

The final episode of the Mitsuboshi Colors TV anime included the announcement of the TV anime project based on Katsuwo’s comedy manga series Hitori Bocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu (The loner’s “__” Life). The anime is the story of Bocchi Hitori, a first-grade junior high school student, who is an extremely shy person. Kai Yawara is her only friend since her elementary

Anime ‘Hinamatsuri’ Releases Second PV, Updates Details Of OP & ED Theme Songs

Upcoming TV anime “Hinamatsuri,” original manga by Otake Masao will start broadcasting from April 6th, 2018.  Television stations TOKYO MX, AT-X and others will air the anime. “Hinamatsuri” is a psychic comedy about a young girl, Hina and a yakuza, Nitta.  Along with the release of the second Promotional video, the official website has also updated the information

Amanchu! 2nd season – ‘Amanchu! Advance’ Releases New Promotional Video & Key Visuals

TV Anime Amanchu! is going to have its second season – Amanchu! Advance this year. Earlier today, the official website shared the 2nd Promotional video and key visuals. Kozue Amano is the author of the original scuba diving-themed manga. The 90-second promotional video contains the new season’s OP theme song – ‘Crosswalk’ by singer/voice actress Minori Suzuki. The anime is set to

Azuma Kiyohiko’s Manga ‘Yotsuba to!’ 14th Volume To Release on April 28

Azuma Kiyohiko’s Official Twitter account earlier today announced some exciting news. The 14th volume of the manga Yotsuba to!  is set to release on April 28. The new volume is releasing after more than two years and five months since the last release in November 2015. Yotsuba to! is a slice of life, comedy manga based on Yoshiba Koiwai, a