Psychology : Capgras Delusion

Yahallo fellow readers 🙂 Today, we see a wide plethora of psychological disorders in the medical field. Some of these are really interesting because of their complex nature. One such disorder called &...[Read More]

Alien Hand

Alien Hand Syndrome : Look What My Hands Can Do

It had been the worst day of my life today. Tired, I closed my apartment door, throwing the keys carelessly on the kitchen counter. I’ll get a drink, perhaps; thinking so, I walked over to the c...[Read More]

Please don't go by ryky, shows an emotional connection between patient and visitor.

OCD: Understanding Obsessive compulsive disorder

OCD / Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is often misrepresented or misinterpreted by a wide range of media influences. Many people often forget the compulsive side of the disorder and what it really is. B...[Read More]

Butterfly Effect

Butterfly Effect

Yahallo, fellow butterflies! Today, I will be taking a break from delusions and syndromes. After all, it does get a bit undeniably boring sometimes to read about mental disorders. Instead, I will be w...[Read More]

Staircase, wit

L’esprit De L’escalier: Staircase Of Wit

Yahallo! Today we are going to talk about the staircase of wit. Staircase Wit Does something you did like 1 million years ago keep you awake at night? You often regret doing it; you do not wish to thi...[Read More]

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