Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Heroes Arcade Card Game Receives An Anime Adaption.

It was recently announced the popular Japanese arcade card game Dragon Ball Heroes. Will be receiving its own anime later this year. The first Pre-screening episode of the series is set to Air July 1, 2018. A Poster for the upcoming series displaying the game and anime was also released. But other then that, It’s the only information for the

20th Dragon Ball Feature Film “Dragon Ball Super Movie” Is Scheduled For December 14, 2018

Akira Toriyama is the director of the 20th Dragon Ball feature film. ‘Dragon Ball Super’ is only the tentatively title of the new movie. Furthermore, 14th December 2018 is the date for the theatrical release. In addition, the official website announced the poster for the Dragon Ball Super Movie. Toei Animation is producing the movie. Dragon Ball Super anime