Sword Art Online Gun Gale new character designs revealed


Date: 11/02/2018

After season 2 SAO there was a bit of silence. But now in 2018 sword art online is making a huge commotion again. We got sword art online fatal bullet coming out soon. There are rumors of season 3 coming out but there is no set date yet so it actually might be a case of delay. And then we also have Sword Art Online Gun Gale. It’s a spin-off from the original anime with new story and characters. And luckily for us, Sword Art Online Gun Gale new character designs are revealed after a lot of waiting.

Sword Art Online Gun Gale new character designs

Designs revealed feature the main character Llen with Fukaziroh, M, and Pitohui. The names are a bit weird and hard to remember.  For those unfamiliar with SAO. Gun gale was first shown in the second season of the original story. The spin-off focuses on gun gale and the main character under the alias of Llen. Karen Kohiruimaki is her real name, she is a tall college student which enters Gun Gale. There she meets Pithoui which convinces her to enter a tournament Squad Jam.


Sword Art Online Gun Gale Visual

Sword Art Online Gun Gale new character designs - visual

Sword Art Online Gun Gale new character designs – Visual

I am not a big fan of the series itself but I don’t hate it like many do. There is a lot of controversial topics behind SAO and I don’t really wanna get into them. However, about this spin-off, there is a high chance I might not end up watching it. And it’s not because of SAO. It is because I do not like watching spin-offs. But then again, when I look at the preview of it, it looks like it could be good. So I am actually considering giving the first few episodes ago.

Many people consider SAO disappointing, and from one aspect so do I. I was actually furious at what they did. But then I saw that there is more to it than what was shown in first 2 seasons. And I thought, why not give it a shot until the end. I decided to give the series a try to see it towards the end. Maybe my opinion will change, maybe not. Though I still believe it deserves a watching chance. That is if you don’t have anything else to watch.

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  3. meh girl MC, I’ll give it a try just in case but animes with girl MCs tend to be worse usually

  4. It really should be noted that the person who wrote the story for this version of Sword Art Online is Keiichi Sigsawa author of Kino’s Journey. A amazing series.
    Keiichi Sigsawa is a amazing novel writer and storyteller. He far surpass the author/writer of the main series of SAO.
    The fact that Keiichi Sigsawa is writing this is alone a fact that this will probably be much better than the main series story wise.
    Since the main author of SAO is a horrible writer

  5. 5

  6. 2.5

  7. Incoming rule 34.

  8. Where is KIRITO!?
    Our Lord and savior, kirito-chan should always come to save the day, kyaaaaah desu >.<)b
    Good read though, I'll probably watch it, nothing better to do, probably just for the lolz though~