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Tezuka Osam’s Supernatural Historical Manga ‘Dororo’ Gets A New Anime Adaptation


Date: 02/04/2018

The official website of Dororo just announced a second anime adaptation of the ‘Dororo’ manga series written by Tezuka Osamu. Furthermore, studios MAPPA and Tezuka Productions will be collaborating on this project. Twin Engine will be producing this supernatural and historical themed anime. Also, Amazon bought the exclusive rights to stream the anime in Japan and overseas. A 26-episode black-and-white anime series was the first adaptation of this manga in 1969 from Tezuka Productions.

Dororo Manga – Synopsis

Hyakkimaru is a young man born with 48 missing body parts. Demons took them away as a payment from his father, Kagemitsu Daigo as he wished to take over the country. Consequently, he is abandoned and thrown into a river. Yet, he survives due to the help of a medicine man who equips him with ‘artificial’ body parts. Hyakkimaru grows up and vowes to kill all the 48 demons made from his body parts. When he sets out on his journey to correct the wrong done to him, he soon comes across a boy thief, Dororo who wishes to be his friend.

Dororo – #1 Promo Video

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Twitter Announcement

What We Can Expect

Wow, that PV was amazing. The music and the animation style is simply unique. In all probability, this is a masterpiece in the making. As the protagonist has to hunt down 48 demons one after the another, we can certain to find a lot of action in this anime series. Although the action and background music is expected to be great, I am worried about the character designs. I hope for the new character designs to be more geared towards the present age audiences. The plot twists and the fast pace of the anime will make it an enjoyable watch and I would recommend views to give this a try. Finally, the boy thief, Dororo will be an interesting character to look out for in this anime.

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