Steins Gate 0 TV release date and new character designs announced


Date: 06/02/2018

After 7 years of waiting, Steins Gate 0 TV is finally coming to our screens. The story revolves around an alternative ending which will cover Okabe’s new attempt at saving Kurisu. Steins Gate zero is one part of a big project called Steins Gate World Line, a 2017-2018 anime project discussed at the recent Anime Expo of 2017.  Rumors of an anime adaptation have started ever since the 5pb first announced the game. The anime will premiere in April 2018 with its new teaser released.


 Steins Gate 0 TV Characters & designs 

First, we will take a look at the original characters from Steins Gate

Rintaro Okabe voiced by Mamoru Miyano

Okabe also was known as Okarin is a self-proclaimed mad scientist. Okabe often refers to himself and introduces himself as Kyouma Hououin.  He is very intelligent however very childish and easy to deceive, you could say he is living in a fantasy world.   When he is Kyouma he poses as a certain agent working against an “organization”  which he believes is constantly after him. While trying to stay mysterious and cool Okabe tends to portray a rather delusional and paranoid person. Often talking to himself on the phone or laughing like a maniac.  This is his design for Steins Gate 0 TV. If you like collectibles you may love this Okabe Rintaro figurine, el psy congroo!

Okabe Rintaro

Mayuri Shiina voiced by Kana Hanazawa

Also known to as Mayushi. Mayuri is Okabe’s childhood friend.  She works part-time at a maid cafe called May Quee Nyan-Nyan. A cafe where employers have to wear custom-made maid cosplay outfits. A very popular thing in Japan. Mayuri is the one that financially supports Okabe when he is hungry, she takes good care of him as a friend and Okabe holds her very dear. She is very childish and naive for her age being one of the less intelligent members of Okabe’s team and the one to often misunderstand what’s going on. This is her design for Steins Gate 0 TV. reviews Mayuri is also very cute in her figurine form.

mayuri shiina  Itaru Hashida voiced by Tomokazu Seki

Hashida also called as Daru throughout the series is an experienced hacker in both software and hardware. He is also very knowledgeable regarding the otaku culture and simply adores the maid cafes. He is lab member 003 and has joined before the start of Steins Gate. In the series, Daru is a top-notch hacker that can break through all top-government security areas and solve highly complicated mathematical equations. However, his naming skills are bad and he has a bad habit of being a pervert. This is his character design for the upcoming Steins Gate 0 TV. While you are at it you might be interested in checking out our 5 Korean and Chinese anime worth checking out list


Kurisu Makise voiced by Asami Imai

Makise is a genius that graduated at top of her university when she was only 17. She is a sensible and mature young woman. Usually calm and collected even when someone is acting tense in front of her.  However, she has been known to show her timid sides from time to time. Described as Tsundere by Okabe, Kurisu hates it when someone calls her that. And often replies back to Okabe with sarcasm. This is her design for the Steins Gate 0 TV. Check out the Kurisu Makise figurine. kurisu makise

Moeka Kiryu voiced by Saori Goto

Moeka is a part-time editor which Okabe randomly meets in Akiba. She is a phone addict and very socially awkward. Even when she meets people she texts them and avoids contact.   Moeka is a quiet, reserved and hard to talk to, she often seems dead inside and expressionless unless certain things get mentioned like the IBN 5100.  She is quite clumsy and does not know how to take care of herself.  Though perceived through emails she seems very lively and charismatic often reaching points of childishness. This is her design for the Steins Gate 0 TV which we are all hyped for.

Luka Urushibara voiced by Yu Kobayashi

Luka is close friends of Mayuri and Okabe. While seeming feminine in his appearance, Luka takes top places on all trap lists. To be honest, when I first watched the anime I also believed it was a woman. Even Daru was at one point attracted to Luka before realizing it was male. He is very sensitive and emotional, small things can make him cry or tremble in fear. He truly embodies a fragile trap. This is his design for Steins Gate 0 TV adaptation.

Faris Nyan-Nyan voiced by Halko Momoi

In the series her real name is Rumiho Akiha, also spelled Feyris. She is a part-time employee of the maid cafe and its owner.  The series presents her as a very popular idol however she is also very popular among real-life otakus. And is also one of the cutest collectibles from Steins Gate. If you want to you can check out Faris Nyannyan figurine that we recommend. faris nyan nyan

Suzuha Amane voiced by Yukari Tamura

Suzuha is a part-time employee for Yuugo Tennouji, Okabe’s landlord. She came to Akihabara in search for her father, she enjoys bike riding and seems to have a bad relationship with Kurisu.  She is very friendly and athletic, often comes as overly familiar with everyone. However, in reality, she keeps her distance from everyone and carefully observes them. When something captures her interest her personality changes drastically and she becomes aggressive and relentless. If you like Suzuha you can get a figurine of Suzuha riding a bike here. This is her design for the upcoming Steins Gate 0 TV.


Newly presented characters in the Stains Gate 0 TV

There are three new characters and not much is known about them, here are there visuals and designs for the upcoming anime.

Maho Hiyajō  voiced by Sayuri Yahagi

From the aspects of design, I would assume she is uptight tsundere. However I am often wrong so let’s wait for the series and see how she ends up unless it ends up being a he like Luka.

Shina Kagari voiced by Megumi Han

She looks a bit like Kurisu in my opinion. Wonder if it is her daughter or just a random coincidence

Yuki Amane voiced by Yukari Tamura.

Her design gives me that crazy Yandere vibe, I hope I’m wrong as I don’t really like those kinds of characters.  Besides yandere, could we consider her fashionable? Looking at the beret and all she either follows some fashion or is a soldier of the organization. El psy congroo.


Other steins gate 0 adaptations involve a manga by Taka Himeno launched on August 4th and a novel adaptation that will launch under Kadokawa’s Sneaker Bunko imprint. The original Steins Gate anime has returned to Japan in a form of rebroadcast this October, it seems the studios wish to bump up the memory of the fans. However, I believe that impatient fans as I need no reminders of what a great show it was.

Steins Gate 0 TV  summary

I must warn you, this might contain spoilers. The story of Steins Gate 0 TV takes place in a different world than Steins Gate. Those of you familiar with Stein Gate are most probably aware of the world lines. It starts in 2010 after Okabe gives up on saving Kurisu from the endless paradoxes. Traumatized by her death Okabe leaves his act as a Mad Scientist behind him and wanders the world remembering his days of Kurisu from the Alpha world.

All of that change, when Kurisu’s old professor Alexis Leskinen decides to contact Okabe. He wants him to test a newly developed system called Amadeus which is supposedly an AI. The system is capable of storing memories and recreating them in form of human emulations. Driven by his love for Kurisu, Okabe tests Amadeus and creates a stimulation of her. The simulations bring forth feelings of anguish and along with it some new tragedies when SERN gets involved again.  The story follows the beta attractors field future that later contributes in making the end of the original story possible. If you liked reading this you might enjoy reading our review on Kuzu no Honkai 

Steins Gate 0 TV - Visual Poster

Steins Gate 0 TV – Visual Poster



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  1. I’m super excited about this! Just seen it by the end of last year and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

  2. What a great article! I’m loving your personal thoughts!

    • Glad to hear that some people told me they did not like my personal opinion and rather wanted official information only.

      • If they wanted just news, they could’ve just went straight to MAL, ANN, or something else that’s more anime-news-related. When I first heard this news, that’s what I did. Then, I got tired of articles that only reveal the news which felt too objective for me. More than that, I wanted to see what people think about it so finding your blog nailed it for me. Keep it up.

        • Thanks thats encouraging

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    • Nope its not new e.e

  5. Now, Like Code geass’s annoucment this scares me shitless rather then makes me happy. Because studios tend to think “if it exists already we can do whatever we wan’t in a remake” but that isn’t true, I can only hope it somehow stands as it’s own show instead of a cheap shipwreck for a quick coin.
    If not some heads gonna roll, And by that I’ll be pissed about it on a review somewhere.

  6. Steins Gate is, and will always be one of my favorite anime.
    I don’t have any bad things to point out really,
    The last movie was kinda lame, but this looks pretty decent

  7. Oh man, can’t wait, might as well watch the series for the third time and play the Vn again, cause why not.

  8. Never seen it, guess I may

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  10. Hmm, I’ll look into watching it then ~

  11. I’m not really a fan a steins gate (don’t kill me) but I am playing the visual novel since a certain someone has been forcing me to play it. I might watch it when i finish the original.