Steins Gate 0 2nd promo video was revealed and it’s making us all hyped


Date: 26/03/2018

Steins Gate 0 2nd promo video has begun streaming on their official website. The opening theme song (Fatima) by Kanako Itou is featured in the video.  Steins gate 0 is going to be continuing after the 21st episode of Steins Gate, so if you’re interested as to how you need to follow the story. I’d recommend rewatching the 21st episode or rewatching up to the 21st episode. So you can refresh your memory and stay on the hype train for stains gate 0.  When I heard about 0, I was really surprised and happy. Stains Gate ending was good, and I liked the show, I wonder how this alternative world line will end up. I’m glad they are bringing it back with another exciting story.

Steins Gate 0 2nd promo video

In an order to save Makibe, Okabe would do all. And that is something that really excites me about this anime. We do not know what could happen. As much as we know is that Okabe is working for a company on a new artificial intelligence. With this he managed to recreate Makibe, however, she is still not alive. Probably one of the biggest questions in my head going is how will they save Makibe  Besides that, we know that Steins Gate 0 is set in 2010 beta attractors field. And it is actually important for the story, as it explains the original storyline ending in Stains Gate.  I wonder how much this will change my view on the anime overall, and if it will at all. The anime is set to air on April 11 with 23 announced episodes to premiere.

Steins gate 0 2nd promo video

Steins gate 0 2nd promo video


If you are a fan of Stains Gate, and I think you are since you are reading this. Then I definitely recommend watching this as it will help us understand the ending better. Plus, who does not like to see more of one of their favorite anime? If you have not seen Stains Gate, then I recommend you to quickly check it out before the new one airs, it is definitely worth watching it. The characters are pretty good, and the development of the story is wicked. I can’t say anything else except wicked because it can get weird at some points, but then it gets explained. The theories about time traveling and the setting of the Stains Gate world are all very interesting. ( Reviews)


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