Shokugeki no Souma season 4 episode 9 – The Pioneer of Wastelands


Date: 09/06/2018

Shokugeki no Souma season 4 episode 9 was a great episode to fill in our missing information regarding what has been going on in the series. Previously we have seen Nakiri Azami come into Totsuki Academy and take over. Establishing Central he made students obey him, and the rebels had to go. The end of the year exam took place in Hokkaido, most of the rebels were already beaten except 4 remaining ones. Nakiri Erina, Megumi Tadokoro, Takumi Aldini and Yukihira Souma remained to fight back. That is when Soumas father Saiba came with Dojima-senpai and Sanzaemon-dono to save the day. With their assistance, they got a chance to beat the central, and take back Totsuki Academy. This episode served as a great background story to link what has been going on with Nakiri Azami and Saiba Jouichirou.

Shokugeki no Souma season 4 episode 9 Shokugeki no Souma season 4 episode 9 review

This episode is titled Pioneer of Wastelands, however, I am not really certain to who it was referring, I will explain more about this in the conclusion. Shokuegki no Souma season 4 episode 9 talked about how Saiba was during his school days. When Saiba first joined the Totsuki Academy he met Dojima Gin during the autumn elections. Saiba was truly a prodigious chef, unlike Yukihira who is a great chef because of his efforts, and unwavering will to go forward. Saiba was truly a genius in the world of cooking. There was no one that could beat him, and Dojima Gin and Nakiri Azami were with him. They were following Saibas back.

However, that was when something happened. As Saiba has to cook greater and greater dishes every time burden began to start piling up. As a genius, he is expected to deliver and uncover new and exciting flavors. It was a hard task, but Saiba kept on pursuing to the point where Dojima and Azami could not follow any more. Saiba beat 50 people single-handedly in a team shokugeki. After that, no one wanted to compete with Saiba as he was considered to be the top dog at the school. And he even got the nickname of a demon.  Saiba got into a competition called BLUE

Shokugeki no Souma season 4 episode 9


Being a step away from entering the world of fame, and embracing a title of a world-renowned cook. Saiba could not hold it in anymore. All of the pressure that pilled up broke him, and he could not enter Blue. It was Senzaemon-dono who proposed to Saiba to leave Japan for a while. That was the last time Dojima saw Saiba as a student. Saiba later came back and already had a kid named Souma.

Now about that title, pioneer of wastelands. Through Shokugeki no Souma season 4 episode 9 we saw a lot of metaphoric representations of Saiba struggling through a wasteland.  A pioneer is someone who is the first one to explore and unexplored area. However, even though Souma has not reached his level yet, his father still thought that if Souma was in his place that he would not waver and push forward. Could this mean that Souma will become an even bigger monster in cooking than his father is?


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