Shokugeki no Souma Season 4 Episode 4 Review, It’s Time For The Test


Date: 02/05/2018

Shokugeki no Souma season 4 episode 4 was recently released. The last episode was left with a nice cliffhanger.  The episode starts right off with introducing Yukihiras opponent. Akira Hayama is Soumas opponent. We have not seen him for a long time, and now he finally comes back. Hayama is presented as the 9th seat on the Elite Ten. However, his seat is probationary. I assume his task is to defeat Yukihira and prove himself. If he does that he will be granted the 9th seat. Hayama is calm and confident in his skills, he has a very sharp nose. With his sniffing skills, he can maximize the potential of aroma and smell in dishes. You could say that his nose is something similar to Nakiri Alice god tongue. Although it is portrayed as being less powerful.

Hayama was an orphan that has no memories of his parents. He had lived in the slums of some unknown country for many years.  One day, Hayama was going through the market and saw a girl named Jun. Jun was there to buy some spices. However, Hayama prevented her from buying it. The blend that the merchant was about to give Jun was weak, and Hayama noticed that. Jun immediately recognized Hayama’s potential. He spent the rest of his childhood studying about spices with Jun. And he also enrolled into Totsuki middle school, where he learned the basics of cooking. It was obvious from the start that Hayama was a prodigy in cooking. He had also created a strong bond with Jun. She is probably to him like a mother or at least family.

Shokugeki no Souma season 4 episode 4 - Nose God

Hayama Akira – Shokugeki no Souma season 4 episode 4

Shokugeki no Souma Season 4 Episode 4 Review

There is no need for autonomus groups outside of central.

-Hayama Akira (Shokugeki no Souma season 4 episode 4)

Director Azami changed a lot of things, and as such he disbanded research facilities that were not in centrals program. One of those groups involves the Shiomi research group. Shiomi Jun was the leader of the facilities, she is the one that took Hayama in.  Yukihira keeps asking Hayama about Jun and their research group. However, Hayama quickly changes the topic to how they were competing in reaching the top of the elite ten. He talks about Yukihira protecting the dorm and resisting Direcor Azami as fruitless. While Yukihira wasted his time on mundane matters, Hayama had risen to the top. And he still plans to keep on rising.  Although, Yukihira does not seem to happy about how Hayama went along with central. Dojima-senpai will serve as their judge for the dishes.

Hayama and Yukihira are tasked with creating a bear meat dish. Their challenge is to create a dish that will best showcase the bear meat. Totsuki is the one that will provide them with bear meat. However, chefs must prepare and source all other spices. They have 3 days to prepare and test dishes. And, we all know that Hayama is pretty skilled with spices. How will this battle turn out? It’s a pretty interesting thing to see. Dojima warns Yukihira that this challenge will be difficult.  Preparing bear meat can be very tricky. Although, I do believe that Yukihira can overcome this challenge somehow. Just as he overcame all the previous challenges so far. Shokugeki no Souma season 4 episode 4 was pretty exciting, probably the first hyped one this season.

Shokugeki no Souma season 4 episode 4

Yukihira and Bear – Shokugeki no Souma season 4 episode 4

Struggles of Bear Meat

Depending on the bear and the season, their meat can become pretty stinky. It is a much more complicated process than other wild animals. Even though Yukihira knows this, he goes into testing out the meat. Yukihira adds some salt on the meat and then simply cooks it. However, the result wasn’t so good. Although Yukihira is in a tough spot he keeps pressing forward and trying out different methods. But, bear meat is not to be taken lightly. And, it gives Yukihira quite a lot of trouble. Even though Hayama is probably taking it easy, as spices are his territory and this test fits him perfectly. It would seem Central had given Yukihira a big disadvantage in this challenge.  Dojima also said that Hayama is much stronger than he was in the Autumn tournament.

Kuga-senpai comes in to rescue Yukihira. He brings him a lot of spices and a bit of advice. However, Kuga has come with a shady plan. He wants Yukihira to beat Hayama in a Shokugeki. So that Yukihira can join the elite ten. Just to be beaten later by Kuga and get his place taken away. In the end, Yukihira decides to go to the mountains. He wants to experience bears way of life. And by doing so, deciding how to cook his meal. In the mountains, Yukihira and the hunter fail to find a bear.

However, Yukihira does find some interesting berries that he wants to try in his new recipe. Although Yukihira succeded into creating a very good dish. Hayama had interrupted them with their testing and brought his own dish. Just by the smell of it, everyone was amazed and realized the difference in their dishes without even trying it.

Shokugeki no Souma season 4 episode 4 - Hayama vs Yukihira battle

Hayama vs Yukihira – Shokugeki no Souma season 4 episode 4


Shokugeki no Souma season 4 episode 4 finished with a cliffhanger. We have not seen the Yukihira vs Hayama battle yet. However, the episode was very good. There was a lot of buildup for the battle that is coming in episode 5. I will be waiting eagerly for it. I think that the follow-up episode will be even better than this one was. If you liked reading this, you might like our review of Megalo Box episode 4.  Before you go, tell me who is your favourite character in the comments. And if you are a fan of Erina, then you will love this Erina figurine


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