Shokugeki no Souma season 4 episode 2 review

I’m a bit late with Shokugeki no Souma season 4 episode 2, but I have finally seen it. Both 2nd and episode 3. Which I’m gonna review in a few days. Anyhow, on the last episode, we were left with a cliffhanger of Nakiri Erina trying to say something to the dorm students. The second episode finally kicks off the main story of this season. Which is focusing on the Totsuki train arc. Where all the students will have to go to Hokkaido and take some brutal tests of cooking to pass.

On their path through Hokkaido, they will face some fearsome yet exciting challenges. And battle some hard opponents. Episode 2 had a really nice pace. And I say this because of some anime like One Piece if compared to manga often prolongs the episodes. It somehow feels prolonged. However, for Shokugeki the pace went pretty good if I would compare it.


Shokugeki no Souma season 4 episode 2

Shokugeki no Souma season 4 episode 2 review

The exam starts at the prefecture’s southern tip, and then they continue moving north. Slowly clearing many challenges on different locations. And it would seem that after every challenge they goto some different place. The whole exam seems very fancy and expensive. Hower, elite schools should be like that, right?. There are also different routes you can take on the trip. This somehow gives me the feeling that at one point they will all be separated. The final stage of the exam will be held at the final island (obviously). In this season the island at the very north is probably not getting included i. As this season will focus on the Totsuki train arc, and not the final stage.

Shokugeki no Souma season 4 episode 2 - Angry erina
Erina being strict – Shokugeki no Souma season 4 episode 2
The lectures begin

As the episode kicks off, we see Nakiri Erina. In her teacher outfit, also described as erotic by one of the other students (excuse me for not remembering all the names). The lesson begins about Hokkaido, and now this is one of the things I like about this anime. But I also believe some people might hate it. I think that the education part that they input in the episodes is very good, But could also be annoying for those who simply do not wish to learn anything in their life. Apparently, the potato is one of the main ingredients that they will be learning about. As Hokkaido produces 80 percent of potato for Japan. Who said you can’t learn anything from anime?

Erina is pretty brutal as a teacher. She makes all of them memorize a bunch of stuff about potatoes only. And they have not even dug into the rest of the ingredients. Erina truly seems like a Sadist in disguise. They learn all verities of food like seafood, beef, vegetables and wild animals. And they have to do all of this in just one week. If it was me I would probably be packing my bags to go home already. Yukihira seems to relax while the rest of them are working pretty hard.

Hokkaido full of snow – Shokugeki no Souma season 4 episode 2
 Welcome to Hokkaido!

They finally arrive in Hokkaido, however, I also have to mention the scene before it. As I do think that it’s one of the elements of Erina’s character development. At the end of lectures and before the trip to Hokkaido, we can see Erina looking at Yukihira with a blushed face. And also seeing the resemblance of his father in him. Basically, I think she will slowly form a love interest for Yukihira. Although it’s a bit stupid that his father is one of the key reasons as to why.  Once they’ve arrived at the first stage, they were grouped up and put to test. Of course, everyone that is opposing the central method has been branded as traitors. And has been given a tougher challenge than the rest.

Erina was also split up from the rebels. It would seem that her father still wants her to follow Centrals method. However, I do not think that she will be doing as he pleases for much longer. The first topic is making a Salmon dish. However, Yukihiras group is given a very poor quality Salmon. But, it’s a shounen anime, and you couldn’t really expect them to fail at the first stage. So they found the fish in the end and passed the first challenge. The examiner was left in shock from the surprise of the dish made.  And we also learned something new about freezing fish.

Mean Lady Examiner
The brine freezing method

The element that helped Yukihiras team win in the end was the brine freezing method.  Apparently, it is some sort of a fast freezing method that uses the brining fluid. This fluid does not freeze at 0 degrees. Due to this it drastically reduces the time it takes to freeze the ingredient on the below-freezing temperatures. With this method, everything remains intact. And the Salmon stays fresh and quality as if it was just caught.  As said by Alice: “It’s a freezing method that freezes the time”.


Episode 2 had some informative scenes, but besides those there was nothing worth highlighting in my opinion. But I do think that this episode is very important, firstly, it finally starts the Totsuki train arc. It sets the tone and pace for the rest of the season, and it also shows a new side of Erina. Oh, and before you go, if you have liked this anime then I would suggest checking out Hinamatsuri.




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