Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 257 manga review


Date: 08/03/2018

Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 257 – Seven Deadly Sins Latest Chapter is Out Now

So, the latest chapter of the amazing anime series the Seven Deadly Sins has finally come out. Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 257 is going to be phenomenal. At the end of chapter 256, fans were very worried and didn’t know what would happen with Arthur in the next chapter? There was concern regarding his survival but according to the current situation, Arthur will probably live.

Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 257 – The March To Attack

So, the name of the chapter is “The March to Attack”. And the biggest heartbreaking point in the chapter was seeing Arthur being hopeless. As he was asking for forgiveness for not being able to fail the expectations. The chapter is mainly about Arthur.

Arthur - Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 257

Arthur – Seven Deadly Sins

Arthur Plot in The Chapter

So, how the story goes on in chapter 257? Well, Merlin is asking for help from her sister and asks her to heal his wounds. But for that, they will have to take out the sword first. They were trying really hard to save him but after so many efforts Arthur closes his eyes.

Chandler and Cusack Becoming Very Powerful

Well, the next exciting fact is the story revolving around Chandler and Cusack. After taking a look at the leaks of chapter 257. It seems that Chandler and Cusack have become insanely powerful. They have become so strong that they can destroy a huge army of the allied force with their mighty new power.

As far as Escanor case is concerned for him to reach the full extent of his power. The darkness over the sky will have to vanish. One more moment that the fans must be waiting for is Escanor reaction on hearing about the conversation between Merlin and Elizabeth.


Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 257 is not amazing but it has a lot to offer as well. Fans are going to see a lot of new stories and dramas unfold in the series. This chapter of the Seven Deadly Sins is making a lot of hype already and every fan of this franchise has given a positive response to that chapter. There is so much that has been shown in the chapter that fans are eagerly waiting to see on a bigger when the anime series related to that chapter comes out.

So, will the Seven Deadly Sins and their allies be able to overpower the Demons? Let us know in the comment section below.


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