Activities To Improve Concentration : How To Improve Concentration

Activities to improve concentration how to improve concentration

What my day usually goes like is 30 minutes of attempting to focus and 5 minutes of studying. Pathetic behavior on my part, but its pretty natural to be unable to concentrate. Maybe, there are some reasons that you are unable to concentrate properly. If so, one must get rid of these factors and try to improve or develop their concentration. As such, there are many activities to improve concentration, so I’ll be showing you some of these which are effective. Perhaps these will answer your question of how to improve concentration. 😄

Activities To Improve Concentration : Why Is It Important To Improve Your Concentration?


As the world has become competitive, the number of written examinations and competition has increased considerably. As a result, an individual needs to concentrate or focus on his work better to come far in life. The more developed your concentration, the better your efficiency will be. Efficient work is a perk of life. We all know that one will absorb information from their surroundings better when they are more focused. This comes a long way in life and is a beneficial habit. Thus, it is important to improve your concentration and which is why such activities to aid it exist.

Concentration is your ability to focus on your objective properly, with less to no distractions coming your way. It is the ability to divert your attention according to your will.

To give you an example, you are the sun, your goals or desirable achievements in life represent fire and the magnifying glass is your focus. In order to achieve a burning flame, one should be able to focus their energy properly on the log to actually burn it. Without that, how would you create a fire?

These activities will help improve your focus, your self control and more so, will be helpful to your body in general. When it comes to concentration, one must first gain control over their muscles ( the brain is a muscle too ) and improve its functioning. After all, a healthy mind, a healthy body!

Concentration Development Activities : How To Improve Concentration

Concentration activities vary in their types, but the base objective remains the same. These activities will help you to fairly improve your concentration to some extent. As most of these activities are similar, I will listen down five main activities which really help me or my friends concentrate.

The Candle Flame Exercise

Activities to imptove concentration flame exercise

The objective is to focus on the flame.

I have explained this exercise briefly in my article about time management. First of all, get a burning candle or a matchstick and place it a few feet away from you. Now, sit on a chair and focus all your concentration on the flame of the candle. Your eyes must remain focused on the flame only and must move accordingly. See how long you can go without averting your gaze from the flame. Do so everyday for a good 10-15 minutes. Keep in mind to stay focused on the flame and additionally maintain a good posture while doing so. It is something that I learned from my parents and friends.

Sitting Still Exercise

Activities to improve concentration sitting still exercise

Sitting relaxed yet in a focused manner is the objective here.

Often, we require to sit in one place for hours at an end. When your examinations last for a good 3 hours, it becomes necessary for you to be able to remain seated and focus. Get a chair, and sit on it in a relaxed position for 5 minutes. Slowly, straighten your posture and attempt to stay perfectly still for 10 minutes. Make note to not make any involuntary movements. This exercise helps to handle your posture as well as your concentration. A good posture is always a welcome benefit. This exercise dates back to old times, when people used to perform this activity to improve their concentration. You will notice that in this exercise, how difficult it is to stay still. Although you have to stay still, do not strain yourself. You should be relaxed yet focused. Thats why it is hard, but you will do it! 😉

Solving Puzzles Or Memory Games

Activities to improve concentration puzzles

Puzzles are easily available and highly useful game to improve concentration.

Games are great and fun ways to help imptove your concentration. For example, puzzles or memory cards are games that require a lot of concentration. You must know which piece goes where, or the exact position of each card. Even crosswords or Sudoku puzzles are great ways to develop your concentration! Start off with simple yet moderately tough puzzles and work on them everday for a while. Another good alternative is a Soma Puzzle which additionally tests your IQ. The faster you solve it, the great your IQ. Or another good option is a good old Rubik’s cube. You can start with A 3×3 cube and carry on towards difficult ones as you deem fit. Even chess is a great option, if you like.

Brain Training App

Activities To Improve Concentration

Brain Training App is a sweet and fun alternative to the other activities.

Mobile phone apps are a more portable alternative for puzzles or board games. Wherever you are, perhaps while waiting im line for something, you can just open one up and spend some time testing your concentration or memory. Besides, apps provide a more creative platform for these activities, with pleasing visual enhancements.

This activity has more of a fun approach rather than a professional one, but it does test your focus and memory like many others. The questions are fairly challenging at times, and it makes a fun alternative to the usual puzzles, cubes or exercises as such. Moreover, you can just try it out whenever you want, since it is safe and sound in your mobile phone. As a casual activity, do give it a try. It includes levels like popping bubbles with numbers in reverse order, memory games and spotting the difference. Moreover, all of these have a time limit which contributes to the difficulty.

Sports & Physical Games

Activities to improve concentration

Archery is one hell of a great sport to try out.

Did you know that sports are the best form of activity that improve concentration? This is because certain sports require a good balance of your body and your mind. In games like archery, the archer has to concentrate on the target properly. A runner has to overcome each huddle with prediction which requires just as much concentration as an archer. So another good activity you can always try is Sports. The perk? You can try it out with absolutely little to no equipment even! Go for Archery, Shooting, Bowling or simpler games like Dodgeball. Not only do they make you active and fit, but also develop your focus. And as I remember well, a healthy person is the one who is physically and mentally fit.


How to improve concentration

One should always remember, and as I say in every article so far, what you require the most to succeed is dedication. Trying out these exercises for a short period of time do not help. They are an addition to life, something that helps to improve your abilities. And more so, concentration is one ability that everyone has, but it depends on individual effort regarding how you develop it. It is an important key to a variety of benefits, so I suggest sticking to these, or perhaps finding more to help yourself. In the end, it is you who benefits. 😄


1. Do you find it hard or easy to concentrate?

2. What is your take on concentration and its benefits? Is it really beneficial to improve it?

3. Lastly, do you have any suggestions regarding more activities? Do comment below!

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