Sasuke Uchiha New Kekkei Genkai

Sasuke Uchiha New Kekkei Genkai Ability – Sasuke’s New Light Novel 2018 Released


Date: 10/06/2018

In this Sasuke Uchiha New Kekkei Genkai post, I will be talking about the new ability that Sasuke Uchiha has gained as revealed in the latest novel. We all have been waiting to see more of Sasuke and his new powers and maybe fans are finally going to see something new. There is no doubt that Sasuke is getting stronger and stronger as we can see some of the glimpses in the Boruto series as well. Although fans were very disappointed as Sasuke and Naruto are not appearing that much in the series. However, two new novels have been released of Naruto and one of them is based on Sasuke’s story.

There is so much in the Sasuke’s novel that is yet to come out. Organic Dinosaur on Twitter revealed some of the interesting points of the novel and one of them was that Sasuke’s new ability. Sasuke is experimenting different things and he has found a new technique as mentioned in the new novel based on the story of Sasuke Uchiha. So, what is that ability exactly? With Sasuke improving day by day, he is trying to solve the mysteries that Kaguya left behind and in the quest of solving those mysteries, he is getting stronger.

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Sasuke Uchiha New Kekkei Genkai
Sasuke Uchiha New Kekkei Genkai

Sasuke Uchiha new power is going to be an amazing one.

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Sasuke’s New Ability Is Closer To The Ice Release

The new ability of Sasuke is to use Ice Release. Yes, you heard it right as in the novel; Sasuke has mentioned that now he can use Fuuton and Suiton together to create ice. When Sasuke combined Fuuton and Suiton. The resulting water vapor tranforms to ice/freezes over. Although, there are so many weaknesses in his techniques and it is an imitation of the technique.

Well, if you see Sasuke was only managing to pull off the ice release up to some extent. Furthermore, there is still so much to explore and much to see. The ability he has attained is not 100 percent yet. Hence, he will have to keep working on it. The properties of Sasuke’s new technique are pretty much the same as the Ice Release but it is much weaker as compared to the Ice Release.

Only time will tell how and when will Sasuke perfect this technique but he is definitely going to master it. We all want to see more of Adult Sasuke and his abilities and there are so many new things that he can do and we haven’t seen yet. No doubt, he is on a whole new level now and it will be a treat to watch him display his amazing new powers.

So, what do you think of Sasuke Uchiha’s new technique? Tell us in the in the comment section now.

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