Saint Seiya – The Lost Canvas Manga Review (Contains Spoilers)


Date: 24/07/2018

Note: I will be using images from both the anime and the manga to show some variety here, also, do notice that you can watch the anime of Saint Seiya – The Lost Canvas first and when finished you can start from chapter 94-95. I have watched both the anime and then read the manga, works both ways. Although, this time I’ve read only the manga instead, so you are free to follow what route is the best for you.

First, there should be something that there must be noticed here, this is my first time reviewing a manga fully. Second off, this review will contain spoilers, due to the simplistic of reasons, I can not hold my inner fire for such an epic and amazing manga like this. Lastly, if you don’t like reading long reviews, then I advise you to stop reading because this will contain gigantic walls of text, mostly with the tendency to admire the aesthetic masterpiece that is, Saint Seiya – The Lost Canvas.

I was surprised you know, after holding back so much towards this manga, and even after finishing the anime, I just couldn’t gather the motivation to pick this up because I thought it would corrupt my taste, just like Saint Seiya Omega did, alas, Omega is an anime and the greatness of Lost Canvas lies within the manga, and not the anime itself. I’m not saying the anime isn’t great, it is, it’s worth checking out for sure, however, not only was it a wrong move to stop adapting it but reading the manga is an ulterior and superior move due to how epic and flawless it is.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Pegasus Tenma – Anime version

Another mention that should be taken into consideration is, you don’t have to read/watch any other Saint Seiya before this, plus, I don’t really recommend reading the other Saint Seiya’s.  I believe that Lost Canvas reigns supreme over any other Saint Seiya out there. No offense to Masami Kurumada, but, Shiori Teshirogi, has just a vast fort when it comes to every department in a manga, unlike, Kurumada, but still, the purpose of this article isn’t to make a comparison between them, only to expose the truly unfathomable and peerless masterpiece that is, Lost Canvas, so, let’s hastily move forward to the main elements of this series, before going into too much depth.

Saint Seiya – The Lost Canvas:

Volumes: 25

Chapters: 223

Status: Finished

Published:  September 21, 2006, to April 7, 2011

Genres: Action, Adventure, Shounen

Authors: Kurumada Masami (Story), Teshirogi Shiori (Story & Art)

Serialization: Shounen Championship

For more concrete information about this, go here.

A few things to get out of my chest firstly, are, I know I said that Kurumada and Shiori were different in a sense due to their works, but they did this together, however, if you have read any Saint Seiya from Kurumada you will know for a fact that it’s nothing compared to Lost Canvas. Teshirogi Shiori, not only single-handedly put up a brilliant story, but she created such decodes on her artwork that every time I gaze at it, I feel like I’m gazing at the horizon of Chile, so beautiful yet majestic, unlike Kurumada’s artwork of course.

I like to believe that Kurumada had no influence on this, due to his stagnating artwork, which is nothing compared to Teshirogi’s.  Another thing that should be taken as a note is, this story is passed on the 18th century, thus being the actual first Saint Seiya, chronologically, since the other Saint Seiya’s are passed in the 19th century. Nonetheless, this was just a simple dated clarifier that one doesn’t have to read any Saint Seiya’s before that due to this reason.

Plus, it’s actually revealed in the story, way further up, in the latest chapters when Mephisto acts, or Kairos, whatever you want to pronounce him, he showed that, just as Tenma was this generation Pegasus’s the destiny script was actually so boring and simple that he wanted to change that, in fact, Kairos didn’t want Seiya to ever be a thing, so he avoided making unnecessary steps towards the script, which was Destiny.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Pegasus Tenma & Sagittarius Sisyphus – Anime Version

It was just to show that Seiya’s birth had already been foreshadowed from the last century, which is The Lost Canvas time, even more, to prove that, the very fact that Tenma won against Hades, proves that even more, because if Mephisto would have been victorious from his battle and had used Hades as he pleased, then Seiya would have never been born, but not only did Mephisto lost to Gemini Aspros, but Hades also lost to all the people in the sanctuary combined, well, it’s deeper than that, but alas, each thing at its time.

This was just a simple explanation as to why Lost Canvas came first chronologically and how Seiya, which is the main protagonist of the original Saint Seiya series, was ever a possibility, to begin with, since his fate was in the hands of many masterminds, but Seiya doesn’t matter in this story, at all. Also, sorry for the spoilers, but if you have come this far, then you are either a masochist for spoilers, or you have read Lost Canvas and are following the same reasoning as mine, or, you have your own reasons, yeah, let’s go with that.  Now that all these side elements are explained, let’s get into the review without any time left to lose.

Saint Seiya – The Lost Canvas Review


The plot itself follows a very simple premise at first. Tenma and Alone (Yes, his name is actually “Alone”) are childhood friends that enjoy their everyday life’s until the various strings of fate alter their everyday lives, Alone becomes Hades and Tenma becomes Pegasus. Now, I know what you are thinking, it is cliche. I won’t deny that it’s cliche, the idea and the way it’s presented is cliche, however, that’s a feeble-minded reasoning and one should retrain him/herself occasionally to think otherwise, in this case, it’s a definite yes.

The story sounds incredibly simple at first, but that’s only to make the fans shatter themselves over how stupid they were for coming up with such speculations. Shiori is an actual genius for making such a deep plot from a cliched premise, you almost never get to witness that nowadays, besides this is quite old by now, so preach.  There are no plot holes whatsoever through the course of the plot, and trust me, every time you think there is, you are just proven wrong because it’s used as a material to foreshadow an upcoming event.

Ineffective Premise, Effective Advancements

Perhaps you are thinking that using that as a foreshadowing technique is overused, and you are completely right, except for the fact that the course of each event is utterly unpredictable, each plot twist has your mind blown, you won’t ever be able to predict in what scenario the characters will be fighting, not to mention the plot delves into something much more darker, it contains countless deaths, plus, from my viewpoint, the plot went from a fated battle to something more and more amazing, it is just for show that to achieve something you have to pay the price, and Lost Canvas shows that in the most utter peak.

So many philosophical questions are exposed to you, yet you will never be able to encode the true magic of it, due the adjust of the plot settings, this is where Lost Canvas mostly excels, at setting events and making them unpredictable while it moves the plot at a rapid pace. You will never be left without any questions behind, because they are all explained, hence the saying that there were no plot holes, to begin with.

The perks of variety

As for the formula, let me tell you something, it has lots of them, but it uses this one quite often, which is, the usage of backstories, and was it good? No, it wasn’t good, it was magnificent. Beyond words, every fight has their past on the line, however, their past stories, are again, unpredictable due to their unique substance that lies within each character’s past.

The formula also involves them overcoming their past mistakes for them to move on, which is already mind-challenging, and trust me, if you are a person who is looking forward to philosophical challenges, then seek no further, this plot presents a plethora of them, in a good way, because the diversity between them is ridiculous, furthermore, it’s consistent, it always connects itself  to the present and past and how they are going to use them to overcome the present and create a brighter future. Also, there is almost to none, I want to say none, but I can’t remember if there was a time where there was one, but, there are no cliches whatsoever in this series.

Even Tragedy can shine

You think characters here don’t die? Haha, it’s Akame Ga Kill level. You think that the protagonist is a dense head that always wins his battles through the protagonist logic? No, Tenma is most of the times on the back seat because he is simply too weak at first and was beaten quite a few times, not to mention that he has experienced tragedy all over the place, but I’ll leave that to the character’s department. I really have no more to say about the plot itself, all you need to know is that it starts off with a generic concept yet ends up being one of the most complexes ones due to their twists and lack of predictability which obviously leads into a big favor on the element of surprise.


Fair warning, this section might be a bit long, because simple words are not enough to describe how epic some characters are, so here we go. Let’s start off with the 12 Gold Saints from this Generation first.

Before that, here is the index of the Gold Saints:

• Aries Shion

• Taurus Aldebaran

• Gemini Defteros/Aspros

• Cancer Manigoldo

• Leo Regulus

• Virgo Asmita

• Libra Dohko

• Scorpio Kardia

• Sagittarius Sisyphus

• Capricorn El Cid

• Aquarius Degel

• Pisces Albafica

I will just leave this here because it will be necessary when explaining something later on.

Air Signs:

• Gemini

• Libra


Earth Signs:

• Capricorn

• Taurus

• Virgo

Fire Signs:

• Aries

• Leo

• Sagittarius

Water Signs:

• Pisces

• Cancer

• Scorpio

If you haven’t already guessed, most Saint Seiya’s tend to revolve around the Zodiac, mainly the 88 constellations of it, but the 12 Gold Saints which are, the most valuable pawns of Athena, except for the Pope himself, apart of the above constellations, so let’s get on with the first one, Shion.

Aries Shion

” We don’t fight to die… This is what we have to do. We live to protect love and justice in the land. We fight to fulfill our duty, and definitely not die. Even if death or anything else might await us… We’ll keep fighting, until the end of our lives”

-Aries Shion

To me, at first, I saw Shion in the wrong light, I thought that he was just a boring justice lover and a cliched character for the most part, and that’s what you are able to see from him, however, his character truly deepens when his backstory was revealed, as I mentioned, this is probably the most important feature about Lost Canvas, the backstory and how they are executed. In the past, he had always this talent to collect the cloths of the fallen Saints, and in those clothes, he could see their entire lives and he gained a sin, which was vice.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Athena’s Exclamation


The thing to take a note here is, how Shion went from someone who had a vice on seeing through the fallen Saints lives, to someone who can hold the most righteous principles. Although, Shion only truly gets epic later on in the manga, when the Lost Canvas erupts and the nine Temples of Hades are created, his character is perfect for his role, which was the Pope.  That’s what’s fine with it since his character is full of justice, he was the chosen one for the Pope role. Honorable mentions for his actions were in the beginning when Minos and Albafica clashed, using the crystal wall, which is overpowered in general because it completely nullifies everything that goes around it and absorbs the power and transforms it into cosmo, which basically gives him more power in general.

A true Leader

During the time where the Lost Canvas entrance was closed and the only way to gain the entrance was to crush it, but the entrance could only be destroyed by something which equals a Big Bang, however, Shion was clever enough to think of a solution, that might, using Athena’s Exclamation, which requires 3 signs from the same element, and at that time, there was only Aries Shion, Leo Regulus and Sagittarius Sisyphus with the rest of the party and no other saint. You can look above to confirm this, that’s why I made that in the first place.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Shion vs Lune


His battle against Lune, his former friend, gave him immense development, in fact, if it wasn’t for that battle then I would call Shion the worst Saint in terms of development hands down because most of the Saints get massive development, it’s actually ridiculous, but not those who die early. Even so, Shion, with just one battle managed to show us just how amazing he can get, he rose quickly on my book, not gonna lie. Especially during the end when he called forth the 12 Gold Saints through their Gold cloth’s to stand up against Hades.

The Chosen One

At first, I originally thought that it was a movement similar to “Zodiac Clamation” and I assumed it was, because it used the cosmo of all the 12 Gold Saints against Hades, however it was meaningless. Still, this just proves that Shion is a true born leader and that the Pope role is truly the best for him. In the end, he was a great character due to all development, however, there are better characters.

Taurus Aldebaran

“Now, it’s my turn” – Taurus Aldebaran

Unlike Aries Shion, Taurus Aldebaran is those characters that actually dies, but early on, to be more precise all Gold Saints die except for Aries Shion and Libra Dohko, can’t say I didn’t warn you on the spoilers.  His character is the epidemic of discipline, he had a personal training squad consisted of 3 people, and one of them, in the end, became a huge foreshadowing to the next Saint Seiya’s, which I’ve forgotten the name of him.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Aldebaran against Kagaho for the first time in the manga

He is known for his massive body and how he doesn’t move and lets the opponent foolishly commit strikes on him only to obliterate them with his Grand Horn, or in the worst case, his Titan’s Nova. However, as I mentioned, he died too early, it was around the 50th or less chapter, I think, he didn’t die in vain though, he thought valuable moral lessons to Tenma through his death, because his death was partially Tenma’s blame, and so, he got angry and felt immense guilt for it, but that was only the beginning of Tenma’s witnessing a true tragedy.

The Master of Discipline

Nonetheless, his actions were unfortunately stopped, because he got poisoned which essentially weakened his body status and couldn’t even let him uphold his strongest move, according to Seiyapedia, Titan’s Break. It was unfortunate, but he thought us a valuable lesson, that it doesn’t matter if one dies weak or strong, as long as that something in which you care for remains protected and has a greater chance in the future than a simple death is worth it.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Aldebaran rising

Even though, his character is a bit underdeveloped, if you take a look at any other Gold Saint that managed to get far up in the game, like Leo Regulus, Libra Dohko or even Gemini Aspros, you will notice that characters like Aldebaran suffer from this succumbing mistake, which is, they die way too early on, however, I don’t see that as a mistake, it’s just a way to portray reality as it is. I know, this is a fantasy, so the reality concept is a bit abrupt here, but it does mix well and goes along great with the setting of Lost Canvas.

Even the Mightiest one can fall

Also, even in his battle against Bennu Kagaho, I don’t think it would have made much of a difference, because, well, Kagaho is literally overpowered and the very fact that Aldebaran wasn’t even the main target of Kagoho just proves it, also the latest chapters of Saint Seiya – The Lost Canvas, just shows more evidential facts about it as well. For a conclusion, in my opinion, Taurus Aldebaran was a respectful character due to his ideas, however, as a character in general, he fails due to dying too early, thus leading him to be undeveloped.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Kagaho and Aldebaran furiously gazing at each other – Anime Version

Gemini Defteros

“Know what? I like those who want to become stronger. And if you are indispensable for the march of destiny, you won’t die! Power belongs to those kinds of people!” – Gemini Defteros

Where to begin with him… Defteros didn’t join the holy war until the big shots decided to enter the game, namely his older brother Aspros, although he did serve a greater purpose, as he trained Tenma in Kanon Island. Funny fact, the name “Kanon” would be one of the next generation Gold Saints that belongs to the constellation of Gemini. With his rigid training, he made Tenma bath himself in lava just so he could learn how to use cosmo properly.

If there is one feature about his character then it’s most likely his intelligence, you will rarely, in fact, I don’t think he ever does, but, committing mistakes from his part really doesn’t happen for the most part. Defteros is cold and ruthless, he doesn’t care if a Saint dies or not, he has an immense pride over himself. He truly believes that he himself is God due to him being so overpowered in general, however, when the time comes for him and Aspros have a showdown of death, Defteros loses, but here is another interesting fact, he didn’t quite lose in general, just as he lost, his soul drifted inside Aspros.


Which means that Defteros became one with Aspros, even though he lost the death battle against him, but it worked out in the end because Aspros at that time was corrupted by evil and so, dying and drifting to Aspros soul was the correct move since it enabled him to make Aspros sane again. Not to mention that by fusing with Aspros, they finally became one which means that they just became stronger in general.

To see it from the other side of the bubble, the original Gemini Saint was no other than Aspros himself, as he strived to become the next Pope, he was powerful yet kind for his brother that was bullied all the time due to being born on the evil side of the Gemini constellation, but as time passed, he saw that Defteros was aiming to become a greater being that Aspros, although, there was a secondary interference here that being Mephisto, or Kairos, again, whichever you want to pronounce him.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Tenma training on Kanon Island with Defteros

Kairos has the power to control time and the make string of destinies, and so, he made Aspros corrupt and by making him that way, Aspros became thirsty and eager for power, to the point where he trained so hard, gained so much knowledge he would become unparalleled in general, or so he would think. Future told a different tale on the other hand, just as he plotted to use the Demon Emperor Fist on Defteros as a way to assassinate the Pope.

Twilight Contrast

Thus him being blamed for that, if that happens, which would mean that Aspros would become the next Pope, however, the Pope and Virgo Asmita saw through him, as they battled, the battle was extremely unbalanced Virgo Asmita was never serious about, needless is to say that neither was the Pope either. Aspros ended up being executed, only later to be revived by Hades, which explains as to how Hades got to know about Athena’s Divine Cloth.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Defteros versus Aspros

Since Aspros knew all things about the Sanctuary, he knew about Athena’s legendary Gold cloth, as so, he made a contract with Hades to bring himself to life once again, but as a specter this time. Which resumes to the battle between both, in which, the victor ended up being Aspros, but after Defteros lost, he became one with Aspros, thus leading him into a saner being, not to mention raising his power bar quite a lot.

A King of his own game

A tragedy was bound to meet him in the latest chapters as he faced off against Kairos, or also known as Mephisto, but the same went for Kairos, the funniest part about this is that Kairos would constantly tell Aspros how “shitty” his performances was in face of his presence, meanwhile, Kairos just brags about how godly he is and that a mere mortal like Aspros could never rise above him, which in the end, he did, which elevates the question, did Aspros became a God in a sense? That methodology isn’t wrong to use in the Lost Canvas universe, not to mention that the ideology seems perfectly fit in certain scenarios.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Defteros with his mask and Aspros aside him on their spacial rift

Either way, this was just a whole description on how Defteros which died by Aspros’s hands became one with Aspros, which resulted in them becoming one. In the end, you are left with Gemini Aspros, but since he died, not much you can do about it. He was an epic character, his special moves where some of the coolest I’ve ever witnessed in manga, namely his “Galaxian Explosion” and “Black Eruption”, furthermore, he has the ability to bend time and space, so it’s only natural that he is able to create spacial rifts and use them as his battleground.


Unlike Shion or Aldebaran, he didn’t have an undying loyalty towards Athena, but he still helped to make countless feats in this battle, mainly by defeating a semi-God like Kairos. His characteristics often lied amidst a cold person and a striving to be the independent type of person, he wanted to be free of his shackles just so he could become someone greater, which he pronounces as “I”. I remember when Kairos was surprised by his malevolous tenacity, as he rose above him, but he didn’t care, he simply wanted to be himself at all costs, along with his brother Defteros.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Aspros unleashes his rage upon Kairos

I also see Aspros, as someone who is capable of a lot of things, and he is definitely one of the strongest Gold Saints, I mean he has the ability to bend time and space, it’s only normal he is one of the strongest. Don’t let this weak description of him fool you, he is truly one of the most badass Gold Saints out there without a single shred of doubt, if you truly doubt me, just read the manga, you will know for sure how epic the Gemini Saint truly is when it comes down to it.

Cancer Manigoldo

“Even if our lives look like trash – like garbage – to a God, we want to sparkle at least once, you know. Screw you, God. Don’t take us humans so lightly.”  – Cancer Manigoldo

I’ll just be honest over here, if you want to truly experience how epic he can be, then watch the anime for his character, he doesn’t get any further development after his fight with Thanatos, and let me tell you something, while that fight is excellent in the manga, it’s excellent in the anime as well, like the way TMS Entertainment did it, is just beyond any words.

Either way, Cancer Manigoldo is those characters that actually bring comedy to the table, I guess that’s the main feature when it comes to Cancer’s their comical ability, which is nice in a sense. Even though his character dies early, his fight was some of the most epics I’ve ever seen in both anime or manga, Manigoldo and the Cancer sage versus Thanatos was utterly epic, the epidemic of prowess in one act.

The Death Fighter

Just like Shion, Manigoldo was saved by a Pope, the early Pope in this case and then he was trained and learned the true meaning of life, so it was somewhat ironic when he was fighting someone like Thanatos because Thanatos is the Greek God of Death.  He wasn’t a true let down, even though he died early in the series, he did an unpayable tribute, which was to help and seal Thanatos soul on the Pope’s body.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Manigoldo crushing the chess plate while challenging Thanatos – Anime Version

Here is how it worked, just as Manigoldo and the Pope Sage were facing off against Thanatos it would be obvious that they could not harm someone like Thanatos, because Thanatos possesses an astral body, which means it grants him physical immunity. Talk about overpowered, right? But that doesn’t cut it, because the Pope Sage with the help of Manigoldo managed to extract Thanatos’s soul and imprison it on Athena’s scroll, which was inserted on the Pope’s body, thus leading into Thanatos being locked away for a couple of centuries.

Even the best heroes die early

Not even Hades could do anything about it. Manigoldo has the power to see souls, not to mention that he is one player if one recalls it, there was a time where Manigoldo had to fight a girl specter that was under Thanatos’s command, but he said that beautiful people could only bring people. In a sense, perhaps Cancer’s are really afraid of loving someone because they fear a heartbreak?

Maybe, I mean, the following event was a bit accurate to that statement, Manigoldo got pissed off so hard at Thanatos that he decided to swat the whole room and attempt to punch him in the face, only to be blocked by a chess piece, man that was perfect. After that, there wasn’t any more of him, because he died during that battle against Thanatos.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Manigoldo lands a punch on Thanatos in the manga

He is to be remembered as someone that was cool in general, he held more loyalty to the Pope Sage rather than Athena, honestly, but that’s an interesting feature of the Gold Saints, not every single one of them has an unperishable loyalty for Athena, some have more loyalty to their own principles, while someone completely love Athena. Again, as the last word, watch the anime if you want to enjoy Manigolod’s moments, not saying you can’t enjoy them in the manga, but the joy scale goes higher in the anime.

Leo Regulus

“I guess you truly are above humanity. Then I have no choice but to go beyond that!”

The youngest Gold Saint of the sanctuary with 15 years old, also known as Regulus. He, much like Gemini Defteros appears way later in the series when the flying ship that would take the Sanctuary to the Lost Canvas is settled. From what it’s shown, he is very likely the strongest Gold Saint of all.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Leo Regulus versus Behemoth Violate

Now, mark what I said, from what is shown, this is not saying that considering multiple facts that are constantly present through in and out of the series can’t change that, however, that doesn’t happen. Let me explain as to why his character is basically so epic.  First off, he was born with a huge amount of cosmo, making him incredibly talented, his rapid pacing allows him to adapt, because he has the eyes of a Lion, in other words, a Lion can adapt and record everything that he so sees and use that to his advantage, which explains as to how Regulus can always excel.

Adaptation is the key to motivation

He can capture and understand everything that goes around him which enables him to overcome anything in his path. If you take a look at all of his battles he is constantly on a rapid evolution, which is scary yet amazing to gaze your eyes upon, for example, take the fight against Behemoth, he learned several mistakes that he made could be fatal, but he always learned how to overcome them in a quick spawn due to his adaptive capabilities.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Regulus summoning all the twelve Zodiac Signs

His main battle was against Rhadamanthys, the man who killed his father, and oh boy, let me just explains how overpowered he can get. Like, being talented and having an overwhelming knowledge, not to mention the immense capability to adapt at such a young age wasn’t enough, but on top of that, he can also perform top monstrosity moves like Athena’s Exclamation and Zodiac Clamation as well, but first, let me enlighten you on how that actually happened.

Talent versus Tenacity

As I mentioned already, during the time where Shion had to summon the ultimate move that even Athena would forbid, because Athena’s Exclamation equals the power of a Big Bang, thus being too dangerous to ever use, and so Shion, Regulus, and Sisyphus performed Athena’s Exclamation due to being 3 Fire Signs, but here is what one fails to notice the obvious. We know that Regulus has the ability to adapt anything that he sees and learn it quickly, and so, this explains as to how in the battle against Rhadamanthys he was able to perform Athena’s Exclamation.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Regulus goes beyond in battle yet again


Now, there should be a notable reference here. Even though it’s never explained and this is just a mere speculation, one should not have the ability or the need to hold 3 signs from the same element to perform Athena’s Exclamation, otherwise, it wouldn’t explain as to how Regulus was able to perform one alone.

Regulus, the Mightiest

The only logical explanation is that Regulus’s cosmo at that time equaled the same as both Shion’s and Sisyphus’s at that time, which would mean that he could then perform Athena’s Exclamation, now that already is extremely overpowered, since Athena’s Exclamation equals the power of a Big Bang. But wait, it doesn’t end there, up next, because apparently, pulling out a Big Bang in front of Rhadamanthys wasn’t enough, comes the ultimate technique, also known as Zodiac Clamation.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Regulus performs the Zodiac Clamation against Rhadamanthys

This technique revolves around calling forth the twelve Zodiac constellations and thus, using all of their cosmos to deliver the ultimate technique upon the foe. Although surprise, surprise, even Rhadamanthys was able to stop that, it’s pretty obvious that you need such a huge cosmo to even perform the Zodiac Exclamation, needless is to say alone.

The strongest of all Zodiac’s

Regulus to me was a character that went from an over talented brat to someone who became very much like his father, a majestic and wise figure. If there is something that I can truly say I enjoyed about him to the utter maximum, then it’s hands down, his self-evolution. I beg of you, just read this manga just for him, like stop, the manga that you are reading is trash and automatically inferior to Saint Seiya – The Lost Canvas, know why?

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Regulus’s ultimate form

Because Saint Seiya – The Lost Canvas exists, and so anything that is known as a manga is automatically inferior to Lost Canvas. I say this, because such an awesome character as Regulus is there, among many other characters as you will see from this character’s section. They are all different and enjoyable due to their unique characteristics, but Regulus takes the spot, I can’t decide whether or not to give him the number 1 spot on my Gold Saints favorite list. Also, you should really read this for his backstory, it’s quite tragic and dark, so really, this character just brings so much to the table that it’s amazing how such a figure can exist in the manga realm in its unfathomable excellent prime.

Virgo Asmita

“The land that my other senses can capture is filled with doubts and sufferings. This has reflected a lot on what the meaning of living in a world like this is…” – Virgo Asmita

I have a massive problem with this character, I’m also unsure if it’s just one, it might be more than that. Virgo Asmita is a supposed God in all senses, yeah, there is a God among the Gold Saints, and even though someone like Regulus is probably way stronger than Asmita, maybe even Sagittarius Sisyphus, just means one thing, he is that strong, but here is the thing. The only time you see him in action is against Aspros, and even then, he wasn’t even serious, even before that you never see him utilize his powers except for that one time where he was testing Tenma’s ability and intentions.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Asmit tests Tenma

Just like Taurus Aldebaran, Virgo Asmita dies extremely early, mainly because he had to give his cosmo to achieve the 8th sense, which is the essence of cosmo. Oh right, let me explain to you the actual order of the cosmo. So the first sense is Sight. The second sense is Hearing. The third sense is Taste. The fourth sense is Smell. The fifth sense is Touch. Right, you knew all of these, right? But in the Saint Seiya Universe, the sense goes all up to the 9th. The 6th sense is Intuition, which is the key core principle of any Saint. The seventh sense is Miraculosity. The Eighth sense is Arayashiki, also known as the essence of cosmos, the ability to control your own cosmo as you so please, whether you want to make it small or big it’s your own choice.

Beyond Cosmos

Just like Regulus made his cosmos huge which enabled him to perform a Zodiac Clamation alone, that is so possible once you achieve the Eighth sense in general. Lastly, comes the ninth sense, which is divinity. If you take apart that he never reached the ninth stage on his own, he was pretty powerful, however, he was never able to show that power, which brings me to the conclusion that his character has essentially almost to no development whatsoever in comparison to the other Gold Saints.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Asmita aids the Pope against Defteros and Aspros

Although, he did an action that essentially gave the Sanctuary a huge victory. He transformed all of his cosmos to a single object which he conjured the power to stop the immortality curse that Hades was inflicting upon his own pawns or specters. It was actually good for Hades, because, believe it or not, his pawns used to be immortal and if it was not for Asmita then the war would most likely be lost by now, but thanks to his actions it wasn’t lost.


There isn’t much to say about him, other than the fact that he has a huge ego, I mean, “Asmita” literally means “The Ego” in Hindi, so it makes sense, but he lacks so many things that a character like Regulus has for example. A bit disappointed, because in my eyes, he was perhaps the most undeveloped Gold Saint.

Libra Dohko

“A wind this frail… Doesn’t even faze me!” – Libra Dohko

It all began with Dohko, if you think about it, the moment that Tenma had to protect his village because a rampant barrage was scourging through the city was needed to be stopped, and just as Dohko was adventuring himself by erasing some Specters, he witnesses a boy that had the Cosmo of a whole universe within him, that was when he asked Tenma: “Do you also want to help and protect those that are in need?”.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Dohko versus Minotaur

And with that, Dohko took Tenma to the sanctuary where he could train and eventually be chosen as the Pegasus Saint, so without Dohko this whole story would not be possible whatsoever. He made countless remarks, also, he is on par with Sisyphus when it comes to contributions. Not to mention that he trained Tenma, also known as this generation Pegasus’s. Needless is to say he was by Athena’s side all the time.

A Saint’s duty

No matter what circumstance, he would always be present no matter what battle. Lastly, he saved Tenma from death during the time where Tenma had won against Orneiros, thus bringing Hades to the party, luckily, Dohko sacrificed himself just so Tenma could survive. However, his feats didn’t stop there, just as he died, Gemini Defteros revived him through Athena’s vial, and gave him the mission to protect Athena’s legendary Divine Cloth,  and by taking that mission he had to face 4 Specters at once, I’m not even joking he legit went into a battle 1 versus 4.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Dohko is crucified by Kagaho on Athena’s statue

What Dohko hadn’t revealed in the early chapters is that he has a hidden arsenal of weapons that can only be used whenever Athena deems it so, if there is one conclusion that I reached is that when Dohko was facing Hades he could have used the weapons yet he couldn’t. Here is the deal, Athena’s approval, by the looks of it, is her blood, which explains as to why he could activate the weapons during those fights after Hades, because he had Athena’s blood in him, in other words, the so-called “approval”.

Dohko’s permanent God Mode

I know, it sounds weird, but it’s the only logical approach here, by the looks of it. But I have to say, Dohko became so, but so, overpowered that it was ridiculous, he became the Rhadamanthys of the Gold Saints, just like Rhadamanthys got revived through Hades’s blood, same with Dohko, except it was Athena’s blood instead. Low-key disappointed that Rhadamanthys versus Libra Dohko never happened, they share the same iconic feature, being revived for the sake of redemption while being constantly loyal to their masters, in this case, Hades for Rhadamanthys and Athena for Libra Dohko.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Dohko’s master

But, he had a stronger opponent, which was Bennu Kagaho, Kagaho is essentially a dark raging phoenix for the most part, no matter how many times he goes down he comes back stronger and stronger, to the point where Dohko had to take him to the sun and burn him just so he could die, however, it’s more than that, well, you will truly understand once you read this masterpiece.  About his character, I really enjoyed his character, his character is the cool and badass stereotype, but not the overused and cliche version, the most accurate version there is.

Knowledge reigns supreme in combat

Dohko is knowledgeable, so he is nothing like Regulus who has to constantly adapt in battles in order to outgrow his opponent, no, Dohko is already beyond that, even though he lost against Hades, there was nothing he could do, he is the type of person that can easily destroy his opponent, but Hades is basically, you know, Hades, an unparalleled existence that takes basically all the Zodiac along with Athena plus Pegasus to defeat him, even then, it still isn’t enough sometimes.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Dohko’s aesthetic looks after meditating for years

I see Dohko as Tenma’s older brother and during the time where Sasha and Tenma left, the goodbye between Tenma and Dohko was sad, I really couldn’t hold back but to feel emotional honestly. Dohko, along with Shion is now responsible to build a new generation, while Dohko defeats the remaining specters, Shion constructs a new Sanctuary where hopes and dreams can be fulfilled. Dohko is just super cool in general, you will grow to love him, in my opinion.

Scorpio Kardia

“Life will someday extinguish, why don’t you start burning it now?” – Scorpio Kardia

Just like Aldebaran and Manigoldo, this guy had a short lifespan, but it’s actually funny because his life spawn is limited due to him having his heart on fire. Yeah, you read that right, his heart is on fire, and that’s why he decided to live his life as someone who doesn’t have regret, in this case, he loves hunting down Specters, but it’s not for the sake of the Sanctuary, but because he loves to torture and analyze his preys.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Kardia not being able to contain his excitement

I loved Kardia to be honest, all the Gold Saints previous him gave the loyal vibe too much and honestly it was getting boring, however, the author did realize that and brought up a Saint who has absolutely no loyalty to Athena whatsoever. Kardia had always an effective approach towards the Specters, his burning scarlet needle basically makes the enemy’s heart ignite a fire, essentially killing them and driving them mad.

Living life like an igniting flame

But, there is one main reason as to why I love Kardia in general. Through all his breakthroughs he realized that his life was soon gonna end but unlike most of the Saints who would gladly give their lives for Athena, he instead lived on by his principles. That’s right, he held no mere independence, not to mention that his code doesn’t consist of basic fundamentals such as attached loyalty towards Athena.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Kardia’s choice

Now, just because he doesn’t have loyalty doesn’t mean that he is evil, rather he is placed on a position where he realized that he should ignite his life with joy and excitement and not regret, that’s why he decided that he would live his last moments being who he is. The main battle that he had was against Rhadamanthys, and that was when Rhadamanthys died along with Kardia, because Kardia erupted Rhadamanthys’s heart on fire, burning his life out.

Immortal Ambition

However as soon as Rhadamanthys was revived, the side effect of the Scarlet needle was very suitable for him, even though it drove Rhadamanthys mad it made him immortal for as long as he had that heart, which made him extremely overpowered, needless is to say that with Hades’s blood, it goes to a certain beyond. If you like a badass and independent character, well, not to mention, hot, for the girls out there, then Kardia is your man, but you just have to enjoy Kardia in general, the way the proportions is in every battle that Kardia is, it just makes them amazing, even though he had a short time, he is definitely one of my favorites out there.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Kardia making Athena smile even when she’s sad

He had a great bond with Aquarius Degel, mainly because he sees Degel as a person who is extremely wise and cautious about his surroundings, thus making him the ideal pray, but Degel isn’t that naive, in fact, he is the most intelligent saint of the Sanctuary, while Kardia is the most rebel, sub-par with Defteros on that, honestly.

Sagittarius Sisyphus

“A great power used only for yourself is nothing.” – Sagittarius Sisyphus

I gave it some thought, I really did, whether or not Regulus or Sisyphus was my favorite Saint, I really did, but, my instincts did not betray me, as my answer remains the same, Sisyphus is the best character out of Saint Seiya – The Lost Canvas. But before that, let me present you his greatness and how he became one my favorites, oops, wrong here, I meant, my favorite.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Sisyphus motivation elevating according to his comrades’ bonds

As the ninth Zodiac House guardian of the constellation of Sagittarius, Sisyphus had the duty to go around the world and find clues about the whereabouts of the Twin Gods: Hypnos and Thanatos, the God of Sleep and the God of Death. Earlier on in the series, Sisyphus was the one who brought Sasha to the temple, and made her into Athena, but the truth was, Sisyphus could not bear the immense guilt that he felt that day, taking away Sasha from Tenma and Alone just made him more self-negative and deep down, he ended up blaming himself for that accident saying that he was the one who caused the Holy war, because he brought Sasha to the Sanctuary.

The fall of a hero

His guilt went more profound and incoherent within his outer state, the moment he gained the courage to fire an arrow towards Hades ended up being his fatal mistake, as Sisyphus shot the arrow, Hades reflected it and went right back at Sisyphus piercing his own heart, not to mention putting his soul to sleep on Orneiros’s realm of dreams. To pull him out from there, Capricorn El Cid had to face the 4 pawns of Hypnos, and even then, Athena was the one who had freed him from that nightmare.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Sisyphus demonstrating a superior judgment

Sooner or later Sisyphus realized that he had something that would go beyond loyalty towards Athena. And what is that you might wonder? Yeah, that’s right, it’s called love, his acts towards Athena had always been one of the noblest ones ever. He took nobility to a whole new level, he essentially destroyed any type of methodologies that revolved around that concept and took it even further.

The nobility of a guardian

First off, he helped El Cid with his Golden Arrow, leading him into a victory. But most importantly was when the Ship of Hope rose to life, those moments are what truly made him my favorite character. To protect the ship of hope he had to face off against the third judge of the Underworld, Aiacos Garuda, the battle was heavily against Sisyphus favor, because he had to constantly be helping out Tenma, Yato and the rest, yet it didn’t matter, no matter what he did, he remained supreme on the independence department, which was amazing overall. But you think that’s something?

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Sisyphus versus Aiacos

No, let’s go even further, just as the Ship of Hope was about to be destroyed, to ascend even further he blinded and mutilated himself in his own eyes, just so he could achieve the eight sense. I think this proves that you have to give up a sense to achieve another, in this case, he gave up on his vision to achieve that, just like Regulus gave his life to achieve the eight sense and pronounce the Zodiac Clamation on Rhadamanthys.

Sacrifices are the essence of advancements

With that he was able to defeat Garuda, but he got blinded himself, due to the fact that Garuda’s special ability was basically implanting fear on his own heart, although he realized that he had the duty to not give up, he hated Aiacos for being someone who uses his comrades for the sake of his own drive, meanwhile all Sisyphus cared for was protecting what was close to him, he did not care about himself, because he sees himself as only capable of doing something whenever he has the strength of his comrades backing him up, yet he does all the things by himself.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Sisyphus assaults Aiacos with Chiron’s Light Impulse

He is a majestic wise hero that the world needs, but not what the world deserves, that’s what I got from Sisyphus that there are characters like him who are simply far too great and simple admiration and self-realization towards how amazing they are is not enough. But wait, you thought his noble acts ended there?

Beyond Loyalty

No, No, Sisyphus goes even beyond that and mutilates his body even further for the sake of Athena. Upon the entrance of the Lost Canvas, there was a substitute judge which I mentioned his name at least once or twice, or even more, who knows, his name was Sphinx and he used an object called “Ma’at’s balance” the truth about the whole Ma’at’s balance is that your heart is put on the balance and if it’s heavy you die, if it’s not then you pass.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Sisyphus declares victory against Aiacos

Just as every saint was being put to test, Sphinx with his malice with a reload of evil intentions, says who is the next to step up. The test was to make the Saints up to a test, which was to test their loyalty towards Athena, however, Sisyphus decides to rip his own heart apart and gives it to the Ma’at balance, and it stays completely balanced, although, the truth about it was, Sphinx was using his cosmo to alter the balance between the two scales, thus you would die no matter what, yet Sisyphus heart was the purest of all, he holds no malice and only loyalty towards Athena, because it’s not about loyalty anymore, in fact, it never was.

Limits are the shackles to the infinity and beyond

During those moments, Sisyphus says out loud: “My loyalty goes beyond anything for Athena-sama!”, in other words, he declared himself, because he was in love with Athena all the time, which was sad because Athena never ended up noticing him. Oh, you thought that was it? That he couldn’t do more?

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Sisyphus declaring his true feelings for Athena

Haha, here is the thing, as he offers up his heart, he manages to reach the ultimate sense, that’s right, the 9th sense, Divinity, and by achieving that he can do the last move with his life. Just as Sphinx would ling on with his life, he made sure the entrance of The Lost Canvas was only to be broken if it was by an attack that would equal something of a Big Bang. Shion had an idea, to break that he would execute Athena’s Exclamation, even though it was forbidden for use, he still hoped to use it.

Intuition is a remarkable privilege

There were Shion and Regulus present, however, just the two Fire Signs alone wasn’t enough to perform Athena’s Exclamation, even less, execute it. That’s when Mister Hero Sisyphus decides to enter the battlefield for the last time, even though being dead, but it’s possible to be dead and perform actions for one last time with the 9th sense, and so, he helps them out to perform Athena’s Exclamation. It was epic, a moment beyond words, something as emotion was but silent due to how amazing that was.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Sisyphus achieves the ninth sense and helps Shion & Regulus perform the Athena Exclamation

Forgive me for not being able to describe how epic he is, if you doubt me, then please read the manga, one should read this just because of Sisyphus. You see, Sisyphus is the incarnation of supremeness and a majestic figure that shall be remembered for all eternity. All of your sacrifices, doing actions that one would not dare, even go as far as giving up your life to protect the whole army, even through all the sorrow, you linked on.

The hero we need but not the one we deserve

You are the true hero that the people need yet not the one we deserve it. If you want a character that you can proudly call it epic and embrace the feeling, not to mention, being able to empathize with that feeling, then read Saint Seiya – The Lost Canvas, because the best character of all time, is present there, his name is Sagittarius Sisyphus.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Sisyphus life expires as he gives his last breath for a greater march

Capricorn El Cid

“Protecting the innocent and creating miracles… Now that is turning us into traitors. But one should take pleasure in doing those things” – Capricorn El Cid

If it wasn’t for El Cid, then all of Sisyphus acts and a major advance on the Holy war could never have been achieved. El Cid is a cold man at distance but a true gentleman once set up close. He cares about everything around him, and yet people view him as an emotionless person, while that’s not true at all.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

El Cid against four Specters

El Cid simply doesn’t let his emotions get the best out of him because he sees emotions as a weakness, much like every Capricorn does for the most part. He is a hard worker in general, just the mention of training his skills for his Excalibur just proves it. Even after his arm is cut off on the right side, he still managed to create an Excalibur through his cosmos.

Ultimate Excalibur Master

He wasn’t an outstanding saint, in my opinion, if you have read the manga you will know this perfectly, however just the fact that he freed Sisyphus one of the most powerful Saints of the Zodiac houses, alone does a lot, and I’m truly thankful for that. Much like Manigoldo, he dies fighting a god, and just like Manigoldo as well, if you want to enjoy his moments then I suggest the anime for you, it’s the same case as Manigoldo.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

El Cid and Tenma vow to protect the door to the Dream Realm

There really isn’t much else to say, he falls under the same category as Asmita, Aldebaran, and Manigoldo, they get some development but it isn’t as huge as Regulus, Dohko, Sisyphus, Shion, etc.

Aquarius Degel

“I can see it… The swan above the frozen fields… Uniting the world with a bridge of hope…” – Aquarius Degel

Aquarius Degel, also known as the wisest among all Saints, his knowledge is so vast that his room is basically all encyclopedias, literally. Either way, his character presents a relaxed person who knows how to be serious but also has soft moments, so is witnessed when he and his childhood friend Unity met up on Asgard.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Aquarius Degel – Anime Version

If you are wondering, he did go with Kardia during that time to Asgard as well because the Ship of Hope needed a key started, to begin with, which was the Orichalcum, however, their way was obviously stopped with Specters, mainly Pandora, Rhadamanthys and Unity himself. But, most of them weren’t a problem, except for Rhadamanthys of course, Kardia had to die to stop him, even though that was bit useless because he would come back later either way, yet it was not.

Noble Sacrifice

Because of Rhadamanthys being out of the action, Degel was able to obtain the Orichalcum. That would be all too good, right? It would be, indeed, but it wasn’t, to stop Poseidon from running on a rampage, Degel utilized his ultimate technique, which goes by the name of “Frozen Coffin” it froze Degel himself and the rest of Asgard, thus bringing an end to that problem, while Unity delivered the Orichalcum to Athena which enabled her to give the Ship of Hope life.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Degel and Kardia

So, even though all the Gold Saints, except Libra Dohko and Aries Shion, died, they did serve multiple purposes that gave the Holy War a favor to Athena slowly but surely and Degel was also a part of that, even though he was the wisest, not all people can avoid death, they might try to carry on, but in the end, death escapes none. Degel was a true victim of that. I liked his backstory with Unity, it was quite simple yet a bit dramatic.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Degel uses the Frozen Coffin to freeze himself along with Lady Seraphina

I think the combination between him and Kardia is a bit ironic yet explicit, because they are the exact opposite, Kardia is a lawless rebel, while Degel is a master of discipline and manners, so putting them together on a mission like this was just to show that even the reverse types can work well together, even if death awaits them.

Pisces Albafica

“My heart is always hurt at the sound of the word “beautiful” just like you use it… What the hell do you gain by judging  that way?” – Pisces Albafica

Alright, this is the end of the Gold Saints description, honestly, I could just end it here, because Albafica just happens to be the most undeveloped Gold Saint of all. I kid you not, he is the first to die and has such a rushed development that it’s laughable.  Did Shiori have something against Pisces’s in general?

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Albafica against a Specter

It wouldn’t be surprising if her ex was a Pisces cause damn, Albafica legit dies way too early, I swear. His main battle is against Griffon Minos, someone that basically enjoys tearing apart villages, but Albafica has to stop him, but here is the thing, it really wouldn’t make a difference if he did or not, the ones that he was up against were so weak that Regulus could just unleash a Lighting Plasma on them and turn them into pure dust.

Purpose upholds mystery

So, I really can’t see the purpose of Albafica in this story, it’s really confusing to me how some Saints die way too early, meanwhile, some get an immense dose of development and get turned into epic characters. I mean, why not apply that formula to all the Gold Saints? Wouldn’t that just be better in general? Or did you get lazy Shiori-sensei? I guess that might have been the case.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Albafica passing away for a greater cause

Either way, a shame to admit it, but Albafica was one of those cases, he is the first Gold Saint to ever fight, but in my opinion, he is by far the weakest. I’m really glad I’m not a Pisces while reading this manga or else I would be on Suicide Watch as soon as possible.

The Gold Saints roundup

Okay, that might have been a bit long, but as I explained above, I have a deep igniting passion for this manga, I feel like it’s my duty to describe each character and how they portray themselves to the story in an accurate way, yet I feel like I failed at places, this is just for show how some characters are quite complex to understand.

To wrap this up on the Gold Saints department, I did this whole description just to show you how different they all are, they have different purposes, believe in different things yet when the moments come they stay united to protect Athena, just as they vowed to cherish love and justice. If there is one thing that I regret out of this Gold Saints’s thing, is that the formula varied way too often, but not in a bad way, yet in a good way.

Consequences of the formula

You see when the formula where a Gold Saint goes under massive development and becomes extremely enjoyable as character, however that isn’t the case for all characters, mainly the Gold Saints, I can see that you have a skirmishing talent to make different backgrounds and different yet unraveling mysteries around the characters that motivate a reader to just read more for the sake of finding out more, but you only applied this formula to a few Gold Saints, mainly, Gemini Aspros, Leo Regulus, Sagittarius Sisyphus, etc.

Yet for Gold Saints like Albafica, Aldebaran, El Cid, Manigoldo, you never did, like, why? One could have just made this manga longer and went forward with more development, this was a bit messy by Shiori-sensei I feel like.  Either way that’s my only complaint, I really wish that all the Gold Saints could have gotten their chances to shine like the ones I mentioned did, and that was purely a shame, I think. That’s it for the Gold Saints, now, onto the big 3, but first, here are some honorable mentions.

Underworld Supremacies

Three Judges from the Underworld:

• Griffon Minos

• Aiacos Garuda

• Wyvern Rhadamanthys

• Bennu Kagaho

Now, I know what you are thinking, I did say “Three Judges from the Underworld” yet there are 4 of them there, well you see, I will explain this as we move on, but first, let’s go by chronological order.

Griffon Minos

“The strong have the special privilege to prey on the helpless weak” – Griffon Minos

I have to say, even though he died early on, I liked the way he did things, his ability was actually pretty nasty. He had the ability to control people’s bodies like a marionette, which is kinda overpowered, and just like that, Minos took care of the Pisces Gold Saint just like that, however he decided to harm the village that Albafica cared for the most, and I sincerely think that he would win that battle, if it wasn’t for Shion’s interference, in fact, that would have been a better choice.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Griffon Minos – Anime Version

Alas, just like Albafica he died too early, but his abilities were something amusing to see, especially his special attacks for the most part. But, just like Albafica, he wasn’t that much, to begin with, and suffered by the same formula as him, so that brings an end to him, besides, there are a lot of better judges, this is without a doubt the worst when it comes down to it.

Garuda Aiacos

“In the end… You were unable to protect neither your comrades nor that ship! How humiliating, Sagittarius! It is a shame to die so cruelly, do you not think so?” – Garuda Aiacos

This guy is probably one of the most powerful Specters honestly, and don’t think that just because the other two that are up ahead of him are more overpowered doesn’t mean that Aiacos is weak, no, Aiacos was so, but so strong, that he forced Sisyphus to mutilate his own body.  He only has one battle in all of this and was one of the most epic ones, the battle of the ship of hope versus the ship of darkness. If you think this lacks brutality, then, you are so, but so wrong here. And Aiacos just proves that on point.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Aiacos’s rage scourging after Sisyphus’s speech

Firstly, he is a cruel and vicious leader, he basically uses his comrades that died in battle, or in this case, through his hands as scapegoats to attack the enemy. Here is how he works, he firstly asked Yato, what he thought was the strongest bond. Yato gives the cliche shounen answer for the win, but matters not, Aiacos reveals that the most powerful bond is slavery. He sets fires on his army and revives them over and over and over just so he can use them to harm the enemies. Now, you would think that’s all he got, right?

True Evil

That’s where you are wrong, Aiacos Garuda has actually so many things up to his kit that it was absurd. Just like Sisyphus he can fly as well, because, he is a Garuda, not in the actual animal, but the ability to fly and Sisyphus has the Sagittarius cloth which has wings on its own. You see, Garuda Aiacos and Sagittarius Sisyphus are like a contrast, because Aiacos uses his comrades for his own sake of satisfaction, mainly as a course to destroy them and plant a seed of fear inside their brains just so they can be his slaves, meanwhile Sisyphus does all the work alone, protecting the Ship of Hope and guiding all of his comrades to victory through sheer motivation.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Aiacos burns his own army alive to infuriate Sisyphus

That’s what they are, the exact opposite, although Aiacos got the best of Sisyphus, Aiacos ultimate move is called Galactica Death Bring, and what it does is, it completely immobilizes  and burns the opponent’s central nervous system, and he used this technique on Sisyphus, so it was a pure struggle, this could have meant the end of it all. Aiacos was in a good path to victory, however, for his bad luck, his opponent just had to be Sisyphus.

Battle of reason

I really feel sorry for Aiacos here, because Sisyphus doesn’t care about himself, he only cares about protecting the Ship of Hope, giving the future generation a possibility and a security, and that’s why he has to win all the times. To make sure he won, he went as far as killing his own two eyes, thus getting rid of the first sense, vision, which enabled him to achieve the eight sense, by pushing the seventh sense, intuition to the limit, he achieved the essence of cosmos, even though he went blind after all.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Aiacos uses his ultimate technique on Sisyphus

It matters not though, at least for Aiacos who was still confident of his own victory, Sisyphus assaulted him with his Cheiron’s Light Impulse, thus securing the victory. I really enjoyed Aiacos though, unlike Minos, he had a more powerful malice and was willing to destroy his own comrades for the sake of destroying and humiliating his opponent.

The situation versus the actuality

Even though Rhadamanthys and Kagaho are more powerful he was still overpowered, and if his opponent wasn’t Sisyphus then maybe things could have turned out worse, however, I believe it was a good choice to go for this battle because their contrasts just added up so much spice it became epic.

Wyvern Rhadamanthys

“I see… You believe yourself to be strong after defeating trash after trash. But I am different from anything you faced before… I am already beyond humans!” – Wyvern Rhadamanthys

I really have no idea where, to begin with, Rhadamanthys, from irrelevant to super relevant is an accurate description of him. As you know, Rhadamanthys’s first battle was against Scorpio Kardia, or at least the one that had more impact for the first time to me, forgive me lack or recalling here if he did have another battle before this one.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Rhadamanthys creates a gigantic blast with his Wyvern Roar

After he supposedly dies to Kardia, he erupts himself again through Hades’s blood, and oh boy, this was a huge mistake, because just this action turned him into an unstoppable zenith. Hades’s blood made him go insane at first, and if you are wondering by some chance, achieving the blood of a God does give you the ninth sense, Divinity. Just like Dohko who had his heart basically race the entire time and it almost exploded due to that, Rhadamanthys had to fight against his new divine power and take control of it, and by the time that happened, true chaos was at sight, thus nothing could be done, however, nothing is impossible for Leo Regulus.

Rhadamanthys’s Blood Rage

He had quite a few battles, but first, there are a few things that should be known about him, he is ruthless and just like Kardia, he lives his life on the edge searching for opponents to satisfy himself. One day, he went to a village far up and ended up meeting Regulus’s father, Illias, the previous Leo. This whole event triggers the rivalry between Rhadamanthys and Regulus because Rhadamanthys killed Illias, the previous Leo.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

The Wyvern’s dominant stance

Regulus is a quiet observer, one might think he was just in fear the whole time, but reality speaks on the other side of the coin, he goes into such depth just for the sake of analyzing his opponent, that one shouçd never make enemies with him. Too bad that Rhadamanthys is blessed with immortality for as his heart remains there, due to Kardia’s curse, he is blessed with Immortality. Furthermore, Rhadamanthys was just so overpowered in general. He managed to repel back Regulus’s Athena Exclamation, not to mention a Zodiac Exclamation with cheery on top.

The price of power

But, it didn’t come for free,  Regulus with that had passed out, although he achieved the same state as his father, Illias, which gave him short divinity, it really is epic the moment where Regulus achieves that state, still, Rhadamanthys lived, even without his heart, because he is a God, apparently something beyond that. His last feat was against Hades, but a meaningless effort, because Hades took care of him, not easily though.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Rhadamanthys versus Hades

Just so one can capitalize on Rhadamanthys, he managed to repel Athena’s Exclamation, which equals the power of a Big Bang, needless is to say that the Zodiac Exclamation equals the power of twelve Big Bangs, I’m not sure if one understands how ridiculously overpowered Rhadamanthys was in the end. He is, without a doubt the most powerful Specter, well, actually, not the most powerful. On second thought, I’m really not sure over here, I think that Kairos or Mephisto, whichever you want to pronounce as in, could be the stronger here.

The expansion of a single Specter

A battle between Rhadamanthys and Kairos would be fun to read, just to know how overpowered they truly are. Rhadamanthys’s character was quite the compulsive one, he was angry most of the time, but his attitude changes once he is granted with Hades’s power, he becomes a calm and majestic figure, but so overpowered that it was so ridiculous. Oh man, this just makes me want to speculate so much about him, either way, that’s it for his character, he is quite something.

Bennu Kagaho

“I will rise from the ashes to protect that person once again…!” – Bennu Kagaho

I did say I would explain as to why there were 4 judges when the list says “Three Judges from the Underworld”, so here is the deal. The moment Aiacos lost and at almost the same time where Rhadamanthys also lost to Kardia, something happened. Aiacos somehow survived Sisyphus blast, but that triggered a moment between Aiacos and  Kagoho, mainly due to them being brothers.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Bennu Kagaho – Anime Version

Ever since a young age, Kagoho was always protecting his younger brother, that being Aiacos, so that’s how they knew each other. With Aiacos leaving the battlefield, Kagaho was promoted to judge in a fast pace. He had a few battles before, mainly versus Aldebaran, although Aldebaran died from poison, and not from Kagaho. However, the main attraction was always without a doubt Libra Dohko versus Bennu Kagaho.

Undying Phoenix

Kagaho represents the legendary creature in Greek mythology also known as Phoenix that is also known as reviving over and over no matter how many times it goes down, but Kagaho rarely goes down, in fact, it took a person like Dohko to drive him to the Sun just so he could know rest, although Kagaho ended up saving Dohko due to his emotions, he cared about Dohko as someone who made him human again.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Kagaho’s Phoenix Mode

Even Dohko said that he and he couldn’t be friends in this day of age, but maybe after death, they can. This was really emotional. Also, the artwork on Kagaho is absolutely insane, the phoenix lashes and all that, can’t wait until I get to the art department, really. Anyhow, he was a great character with greats amounts of development, it’s definitely worth to call him your favorite Specter, because well, I do believe he is my favorite of all specters, needless is to say, as a Judge from the Underworld.

Mephistopheles Yoma

“Time stop, allow me to admire the beauty. But, it’s time for this show to end” – Mephistopheles Yoma

Last honorable mention, goes to, Mephistopheles, also known as Kairos. I have to say, his appearance on the manga was just great, smooth looks, not to mention his presence in general, him being Tenma’s father was just a major plot twist on general. He is a legit player, going for housemaids like that all over Italy even though he is a semi-God? It’s frankly banal.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Mephistopheles Yoma and Aspros have their encounter

He appears way later on in the series when Gemini Aspros tries to battle with Hades, but then Mephisto uses his special technique which reduced Aspros to quantum for the most part. However, it didn’t matter at all, because time and space are part of a Gemini’s kit, thus having no effect on them whatsoever. Their battle was some of the most epics I’ve ever seen. But Mephisto’s cool and boss image soon went away when his true identity was revealed, that being he is Chronos little brother, Kairos.


Chronos is the ultimate God of time, but he decided to erase Kairos from the Greek mythology and trap in on a sand capsule for all eternity, yet here he is free, thus portraying a deep purpose into this story. He was the one who created Tenma, this generation’s Pegasus, and he even showed that the next generation Pegasus would be Seiya.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Kairos showing off his supreme eager attitude towards Aspros

He has more purpose than that though, he manipulated Aspros mind and corrupted his mind with evil, that’s how he made the brothers fight each other out. In the end, he lost the battle against Aspros because all of his attacks don’t affect him on the “Another Dimension” that Gemini possesses to his arsenal kit. I loved his character, in fact, I think you will too.

The main cast

That’s that for the characters, I won’t give a description on Yato or Yuzuriha because I think they are weak characters in general and nothing compared to the Gold Saints or some of the Judges, so let’s get on to the main cast, featuring:

• Alone

• Sasha

• Tenma


“Death is the ultimate salvation” – Alone

Now that we are finally in the last stage of the characters department, I would like to introduce to you, this era’s, Hades, also known as Alone. Alone was originally and supposedly to be the purest being on this planet. He was raised in a church just so he could become the purest being on this planet. The Hades curse would soon awaken him, into becoming the God of the Underworld Hades, yet the curse works this way.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Hades holding his sword – Anime Version

The purest being on Earth would be Hades, while the most malevolent being on the planet would be Pegasus, the God Slayer, in other words, Tenma, but Tenma isn’t really evil, he is just a demon child in general due to Mephisto being his father, that’s all really. His evolution as Hades is something interesting, he kills and kills over and over, making tragedy mangas look like a running laughing stock, essentially.

The form of malice

It’s not bad, he believes that he has to erase every human on the planet by painting their souls on the Lost Canvas, and when that is done, all life would cease to exist and they would know eternal peace. You would think that’s just wrong in general, right? But, wrong again, Alone is one of those villains who is actually right, by the time all the souls would be painted on the Lost Canvas they would die. Alone thought that would be the case and even Tenma realized that.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Hades’s serious & aesthetic looks

Putting that aside, I have to say, Alone or Hades, has a really huge flaw to his kit, more like every generation Hades’s has it. It’s that their vessel is never truly Hades, all this time it was Alone the one using Hades, so there wasn’t exactly evil by his side. Yes, you can obviously sense that there is a malicious intent on his actions, but the ulterior purpose was peace, so death, in this case, isn’t something that bad because at the end it would bring the ultimate peace.

Hades’s flaw

If Hades had total control over Alone’s vessel instead, now that would be interesting to see, an evil corrupt being totally dominating the planet, one would love to see that happen, however, that wasn’t exactly the case for the most part, since Alone had ulterior motives. It still didn’t stop  this whole plot for being curious and interesting in general due to the fact that seeing how everyone had to go through so much just so they could reach the Final Boss, Hades, was truly something worth reading, there were so many side events and main events that it just intrigues one to read more and more.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Alone erupts along with his Hades’s surplice

But all of those events were planned by Hades, or Alone, in this case, which essentially makes him a genius for doing that. His character falls under a good characteristic, it’s not fit to be Hades whatsoever, if you ask me, the Hades that appeared, later on, was way more fit, although, a smarter version would be nice, the classic Hades always falls under the same cliche, and it gets annoying, but Alone was different, he used Hades instead to try and conquer peace through death, so in a sense his character was fabulous and marvelous.

The two sides of a coin

I’m truly proud to have read this and see Alone as an antagonist because it was well worth. Needless is to say that Hades is so overpowered that it took Shio to use the ultimate special technique on him, even then, it didn’t work, Alone, Sasha and Tenma had to go to the ninth Temple to finish him off. Speaking of temples, I have to say, if there is one thing I loved about Alone is when he decides to create events, like the Lost Canvas, it got me super excited when there were nine dark temples, kinda similar to the twelve Zodiac houses honestly.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

All the twelve Zodiac Gold Saints appear and face off against Hades

In general, Alone was an amazing character and didn’t fall under too many cliches, which was somewhat surprising considering all the circumstances. Well done on his characterization.


“I make damsels in the distress look bad” – Sasha

Before jumping the gun on me, this is obviously not an original quote from her, but you know, I just had to do this one, because man, damsels in the distress shall know my wrath mixed with piles of hatred if they are tainting my damn reading, in this case, we have Sasha, also known as Athena. Where to begin with this… Remember the time where Sisyphus confessed and Sasha was supposed to care?

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Athena/Sasha – Anime version

Me neither. Her character is absolutely horrible, it is the same as a shoujo main character, I’m not even lying here, the number of times Sasha was a damsel in the distress in this manga was beyond me, it almost made me go full Sisyphus mode on my eyes just so I couldn’t read anymore, alas, thankfully for the other badass Gold Saints, my sanity didn’t drop too low, but still, the nerve of her presence, makes my skin crawl every time, disgusting.

Ancient age Asuna

Would highlight Pandora instead of her, but she was just high-key a “Notice me Hades-senpai” all the time, while Hades is her brother, by the way, so she is into incest. Here is one funny part about Sasha, dozens of saints died for her but was there ever a time that she cried? Probably, but it was probably just once, and if my memory recalls, which it doesn’t then it means it was during an irrelevant moment.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Alone, Tenma and Sasha during their childhood days

I remember when Sisyphus soul drifted away to the Astral World and Athena’s expression remained the same. Woman, please, he confessed to you, he blinded himself for you, he gave his life for you, he ripped his own heart off his chest for you, not to mention he achieved the mightiest sense of all, and yet, you still show no emotion whatsoever? Sure, yeah, who cares about him, anyway, right, haha!

Genericism is a tough enemy

I did, I did, but you still showed no emotion, it really leaves me wondering this, how did you feel when Tenma and Alone had their bromantic moments, did it feel good? I bet it didn’t. Either way, this is a pointless rant, her character is beyond generic, in my opinion, however, if you haven’t read like 500 mangas, then you will maybe find her character interesting?

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Athena obtains her legendary cloth

Maybe, Maybe. And now, we move on to the final character, Tenma. Actually, not the “final” I just included all the characters that I think deserve a mention-worthy here in the characters department.

Pegasus Tenma

“Guilt…Regret…Sadness, Anxiety, Anger. My heart is full of them. I can’t sit by and watch anymore. I have to go.” – Pegasus Tenma

You save the best for last… Not. I’m really disappointed at Tenma in general, all of his reactions could have been so much better, yet they weren’t. Now, I’m not saying you won’t enjoy Tenma, I personally did, but I had a huge problem with his character. You see, Tenma witnesses many tragedies, like a lot of them, take Aldebaran for example, it caused him to recklessly wanting to fight Hades, but thankfully for Manigoldo, he didn’t.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Tenma shortly wears the Pegasus God Cloth through the door of dreams

The Manigoldo died, then El Cid died, oh, why am I forgetting Asmita over here? You get my point here, no matter how many characters die he is never traumatized and can even have laughs with characters like Alone and Sasha. I really wonder, do their deaths mean legit nothing to you? Because Tenma’s attitude never changed, a person is supposed to be traumatized in face of tragedy, but no, Tenma is never affected by such things no matter how many times it passes.

Unfazed tragedy

It’s a bit absurd, not to mention lackluster, it’s a wasted potential, his mood and attitude could have been used better in those scenarios and would have been great to give him hug development, yet development is always there, but it’s meaningless? No matter how many developments you give Tenma he is always the same, and it got a bit boring, however, it doesn’t erase the fact that he had his epic moments.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Tenma harvests the God Cloth

If there is one thing I’m glad is that he knows how to be smart about things sometimes, and isn’t a complete dense character, but still, that’s my biggest regret on his part. Although his strength evolution is ridiculous, he went from a simple saint to a bronze Saint, and then got his God Cloth and became God essentially.

Epic character, poor formula

Seeing Tenma on his God Cloth really gives me ecstasy, won’t lie. Fret not though, Tenma is a thousand times a better Pegasus than Seiya for example, so Tenma isn’t bad whatsoever, it’s just that the same formula is applied to his characteristics yet it never ever changes anything, which is just frustrating in general.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Pegasus Tenma’s ultimate strike

Alas, Tenma is sub-par in comparison to some Gold Saints, but still an enjoyable character. Now that we are done with the characters, let’s move forward, to the next stage.


Probably one of the strongest facts about this manga, the manga gains such life from this artwork, that simple arranges don’t stand a chance in face of this. Dismantling drawings, dynamics that weight more than your ideas, all of that isn’t present here, in fact, every time I gazed upon each page, my plebian eyes felt like turning dust just by not being worthy.

I love the prolonged shades on each panel, I feel like they gain a solid value that always pursues the depicts of exquisiteness at its finest marbles. I also can’t get what people mean by this artwork being bad and outdated, like do you even understand how to evaluate an artwork, to begin with?

True recognition is a pleasure only hard-workers get to achieve

This masterful craft that Teshirogi Shiroi vividly brought to life is some of the best I’ve ever laid my vision upon. If you think the artwork is bad, then, please, read another Saint Seiya and see for yourself what haphazard and incorporated artwork truly means, you will find yourself more suitable for those places.

However, if you want to seek true vigor in every single aspect of an artwork that has an unusual captivating rigor into it, then look no further, Saint Seiya – The Lost Canvas will give you just that. It’s so pleasing seeing the shading techniques, mainly on the God Clothes, such as Tenma’s, Athena’s and Hades’s for the most part.

A true march to a zenith

You will be fascinated by the methodology that is applied to those drawings, the methods that are used aren’t jagged at all. The shapes of every panel give an evident assortment that such artwork can only be intangible. My admiration for the endowed Greek figures is something that goes beyond any zenith.

It hastily becomes looming the fact that every panel and fight manages to give you a feeling of composition, mainly through sheer integration and sometimes pigments. The colors of the artwork are so fluid that it will absorb you in no time, any sort of elation will be immersed into epicness through this amazing artwork.

A good artwork is priceless

I can not praise this artwork enough, it’s just so unique and well portrayed, congrats Teshirogi Shiori! Your unparalleled rhythm in each panel with the color contrast is beyond any words, as it unifies an akin element that is necessary for every manga, and yet, you managed to grasp that.

Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

Alone when his hair went from blonde to dark

You have such an unfathomable talent for drawing that I really wish I could read all my mangas with your artwork, yet that isn’t possible, hence the reason as to why sadness is a problem at this day of age.


My enjoyment for this was sometimes meandering yet never intoxicatingly inept, even though it had its flaws, it had some major superior aspects overall. I enjoyed some of the Gold Saints quite much, I never succumbed to any negative thoughts when it came to seeing that they were epic in all forms and shapes.

My heart was always burning with desire to see the Gold Saints win every battle, yet most of their deaths left me with an excruciating feeling, how I missed them and such. This is just for show that the development in each character was never sporadic nor succinct, instead, it aspired one to read more and more, unlike transpiring characters that one can witness in every stereotypical archetype.

True joy is only real when requirements are acquired

No, Saint Seiya – The Lost Canvas had an unassuming pace that always left you wondering what would come next, and that for me was without any labeled doubt my most favorite aspect about Saint Seiya – The Lost Canvas, the element of surprise was so omnipresent amidst its astonishing prowess, it felt amazing to read each chapter.

I will never forget how epic you were Sisyphus, no matter how schizophrenic a situation would look you would never look back and would always seek victory no matter the plethora of troubles that might have lied ahead.

Legends remain unspoken

Even though I didn’t say many lecherous things about Saint Seiya – The Lost Canvas, that was the whole purpose of it, you can’t defeat a quality that already exists with lies, no, that is not just how it works, the implosion of it will backfire, which is why I wish more people would read this manga, it’s dreadfully underrated and visioned as something that it’s not, that’s also a big regret I have after finishing this.

The realization of this unspoken duality is something so polished that it could go along the lines of something that could be considered a “hidden gem”. In my opinion, it truly is one, despite all the digging I had to do to highlight how amazing this manga is into a single article, the whole purpose of this is to acknowledge the existence of this manga and to stop ignoring it.


And if I failed to do so, then I have no choice but to accept defeat, however, from all of this, do you really think this would come from someone who lacks the common sense to see what is good or not? Why not check it for yourself? Saint Seiya – The Lost Canvas might just be one of those once in a lifetime treasures that you rarely find out there.


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