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Updated on: 03/05/2024

Welcome to the review about Romeo x Juliet

Hello, I hope you enjoy my Romeo x Juliet review, but before we hop into it, I would like to mention my previous review on The Dusk Maiden of Amnesia, you can check it out, Romeo x Juliet is a anime that came out in  april 2007. It’s made by studio Gonzo it contains 24 episodes and has the tags fantasy, romance, historical and drama.


Romeo x Juliet

Character: Romeo

We got two characters on whom lays the most focus and those two are obvious Romeo and Juliet. First of all i talk about Romeo. Romeo’s full name is Romeo Montague,  is the only son of the Montague family. He is the one the succes after his father passes away. Romeo is a good person he loves the people and wants to do everything right for the common folk. Romeo is also our male protagonist.

Character: Juliet

The second person i wanna talk about is Juliet, Juliet her full name is Juliet de Capulet only survivor of the house of Capulet. Rightful queen of the throne but now she is not a noble. Her family is dead and the throne is taken by the Montague family. Juliet the female protagonist is living for the most of her life secluded hidden from the public view. But Juliet does want to be outside. She goes in against her caretakers around as the red whirlwind as a vigilante doing justice to the wrongdoers. Later in the anime she becomes less vigilante and more Juliet who is trying to regain the throne. (

Minor Characters

We also got other characters which are less important to the story but fill their roles. The characters are Balthazar, Lancelot, Antonio, Conrad, Cordelia and William. William is a Reference to William Shakespeare.

The Begin

The story starts like a normal action filled story with the Red Whirlwind running from the guards trying to escape. For the plot i would give this anime an 8.5 while it’s loosely based on the original Romeo x Juliet. Romeo doesn’t know that she is Juliet the Capulet. but we as watchers will see that the Red Whirlwind is Juliet heiress of the house Capulet. Along the anime we will get know more and the plot becomes more clear.


In a lot of episodes we don’t get more information but we got a lot of progression. We see how Juliet and Romeo grow closer and closer till the point they kiss. We also get to know that Juliet has no memory that her parents are dead. The people who support her want that she takes up the sword to the house of Montague and take back the throne and revenge her parents. While Juliet actually has no real intention of doing that till the final episodes. The story itself  is slightly different from the real story of Romeo and Juliet are the same some things we see in the story are more fantasy inspired like they got pegasus and they’re living on a floating island.

The Ending

In the last couple of episodes you get to know more about Juliet because she plays a bigger role in the total of the story. It started when earthquakes became a thing or at least the island started shaking. Everyone didn’t know what caused but in the story we know it’s because of the tree. In the palace there is a tree that holds everything up. To satisfy is the tree it needs to get a seed, every so often by a seed that is in some of the descendants of the Capulet family.

Juliets and Romeo’s role

Juliet contains this seed and for that she has to die or in other words the tree needs to consume her.. While she doesn’t want to she has no choice and wants to give her life so the rest can live peaceful. So all in all the ending has a heavy emotional load but makes you appreciate the story more because it fit’s perfectly in with the theme of the anime. Romeo has no role in the end but he wants to stop Juliet from dying. He stakes his own life on saving her just to be with her.

The Rating

For the plot i would give this anime an 8.5 while it’s loosely based on the original Romeo x Juliet. The art style is what i expect from an anime that is from 2007. Every character is likeable and don’t feel out of place. So i’ll give it a 9 for the characters. The execution of the anime overall is well done and i rate it an 8. I could say a lot of good things and not so many bad things so my overall rating for this anime is a 8.5. My anime list gave it a 7.81 but i think it deserves higher. I would recommend this anime to everyone even if you have read the original story.

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