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Updated on: 06/05/2024

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Today we are going to catch on to some stunning real-life true beauty characters.

True beauty was the webtoon that introduced me to the webtoon world. I watched a video about this webtoon on Youtube and the story intrigued me so I ended up downloading the webtoon app to read more. Though, Lookism is the one that really got me into webtoons.

True beauty is about an average-looking girl who gets bullied for her looks. So she uses makeup to change her look completely. After her makeover people start calling her goddess. But her drastic change is too much that no one recognizes her without makeup. That’s how different she looks without makeup.

This webtoon puts light on the obsession of people with looks. Where good looking people are treated nicely and ugly people are bullied. In the world, lookism happens at a low high level but when it comes to South Korea it’s really at an extreme level. In South Korea even while getting a job looks matters a lot more than your education and other qualifications.

This webtoon is hyped so much that it even got its own Kdrama. Though, its reviews are kinda bad. So I will recommend you to read the webtoon.

In this post, I am not adding the Kdrama cast as a real life true beauty characters. But instead, I am adding people who really are real life true beauty characters in my opinion as Kdrama got lots of hate for their casting especially for the cast of Suho Lee. (website)

How ironic is it that we miss the main point of the story and still judge people based on their looks. ┌( ಠ_ಠ)┘

So are you ready to go crazy for these real life true beauty characters? Let’s go.

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Real Life True Beauty Characters

1. Author Yaongyi as a Jugyeong Lim

real life true beauty characters- Jugyeong

Yes. She is the author of this webtoon. And she uses herself as a model to sketch the main character of the story Jugyeong. So of course I had to add her to this list of real life true beauty characters.

You can definitely see their resemblance in the above picture. The Internet went crazy when her face was revealed. Yaongyi also works as a model. Her real name is Kim Na-young. She always loved drawing from a young age. She has a huge interest in makeup and fashion trends which eventually reflects in her webtoon. I totally loved all outfits used in the webtoon and I even take screen shots whenever I like any outfit.

For those who don’t know, Jugyeong Lim is the main character of the story. After getting bullied for her looks she starts using makeup and transforms herself into a beautiful girl. It sure increases her confidence. But still, she is insecure about her bare face so much that she doesn’t show it to anyone. So only her family knows about her secret.

2. Lee Taeyong (NCT) as a Suho Lee

real life true beauty characters - Suho

Next one in our real life true beauty characters list is Suho Lee. I think Lee Taehong’s look match with Suho Lee best. Look at that jawline. He is a South Korean rapper, song writer, singer, and dancer. He is the leader of the boy group named NCT. As a leader, he carries lots of responsibility on his shoulders. But he is always kind and caring of his teammates. He is also a member of SuperM which was created by SM entertainment.

Suho Lee is a major character of true beauty. He is also part of a love triangle involving Jugyeong. He is the first person outside of her family who knows her bare face. Suho Lee is a kind and rich guy. Even after knowing Jugyeong’s secret, he never makes fun of her. But he instead always tries to understand her and supports her. He is the first person who accepts her as she is and always calls her bare face pretty. He is Jugyeong’s first love interest. Though at first he is shown as a grumpy and cold hearted person. But after some time he softens up as he comes out of trauma caused by some past incidents.

3. Kwon Hyun-bin (JBJ) as a Seojun Han

real life true beauty characters - Seojun

Kwon Hyun-bin is a South Korean singer, songwriter, model, and actor. His stage name is Viini. He is a member of a boy group JBJ. After disbanding his group he has been working as an actor in various shows. His profile perfectly matches with Seojun Han’s face. Also, I selected him because I felt the same vibes from him as Seojun Han. Lots of people were hoping to see him as a Seojun Han’s cast in Kdrama. But their dreams couldn’t come true. But ou can’t deny that he is one of the real life true beauty characters.

Seojun Han is another major character in the story. He is the second guy in this love triangle. At his first appearance in the story, it was shown that Suho Lee and Seojun Han know each other. But due to some circumstances, they both hate each other. When their stories were unfolding, Seojun Han falls in love with Jugyeong. Even though at first he appeared as he rude guy but he is a caring and protective type who takes care of his friends and family.

4. Irene (Red Velvet) as Selena Lee

real life true beauty characters- Selena
real life true beauty characters

Irene is a South Korean singer, rapper, and actress. She is the leader and visual of the South Korean girl group Red Velvet. Her real name is Bae Joo-hyun. Currently, she works as an actress in movies and dramas. Her beautiful long hair and gorgeous face can be compared to Selena Lee’s face. She deserves her place in this real life true beauty characters list.

Selena Lee is an older sister of Suho Lee. She is a famous makeup artist which lots of people look up to including Jugyeong. Selena Lee loves her younger brother and takes care of him after her mother passed away. She is a strong and confident character who takes her career seriously. After seeing Jugyeong’s determination and passion for makeup she suggested her to work together. After that, both of them worked on some projects together. She also secretly tries to ship Suho and Jugyeong together multiple times.

5. Heejin (LOONA) as a Sujin Kang

real life true beauty characters- Sujin

HeeJin is a member of the South Korean girl group LOONA. She is a singer, dancer, rapper, and visual of the group. She also works as an actress in movies.

You can see in the above picture that how similar their features are. She is a real life true beauty characters named Sujin. Her pretty face and long hair match with Sujin Kang from true beauty. Heejin was also voted as the most beautiful female Mixnine contestant by Korean netizens.

Sujin Kang is a student who goes to the same high school as that of Jugyeong. She is known for her beautiful face and hourglass body. She has a crush on Suho. When she sees Suho getting close to Jugyeong she gets jealous and causes trouble for Jugyeong multiple times. Later it was revealed that she was a constant victim of abuse and bullying from her alcoholic mother. Because of which she undergoes depression at one point and starts stress eating which eventually turns her into fat. At this point, everyone in school starts to make fun of her which forces her to drop out.

6. Wheein (mamamoo) as a Heegyeong Lim

real life true beauty characters- Heegyeong
real life true beauty characters

Jung Wheein is a South Korean singer, dancer, and songwriter of a girl group known as a Mamamoo. She is viewed as a Heegyeong Lim’s real-life true beauty characters look alike. Her short hair and features match that of Heegyeong.

Heegyeong Lim is the older sister of Jugyeong Lim. She works for ST Entertainment. Unlike Jugyeong, Heegyeong is considered a beautiful lady. This often helps her to get more favors from her mother. This causes lots of fights between Jugyeong and her mother. But Heegyeong always takes her sister’s side and tries to defend her. She is a nice and considerate sister who looks out for her younger siblings.

7. Yoo Jeong-Yeon (Twice) as Sua Kang

real life true beauty characters- Sua

Yoo Jeong-Yeon also known as Jeongyeon, is a South Korean singer and dancer. She is a member of a South Korean girl group named TWICE formed by JYP entertainment. She is a lead vocalist in her group. She is considered as a Sua Kang look alike.

Sua Kang is the best friend of Jugyeong Lim. She is a friendly and outgoing girl. She supports Jugyeong throughout the story whenever she needed help. She is a great friend who stands with Jugyeong in every situation.

8. Yeo Jooha as a Gowoon Han

real life true beauty characters- Gowoon

Yeo Jooha is the one who played Gowoon Han’s role in true beauty kdrama. Her facial features resemble that of Gowoon’s precisely. She won people’s hearts by her acting in true beauty kdrama. Lots of people praised her for her role.

Gowoon Han is a Seojun Han’s sister. She meets Jugyeong at the convenience store as a co-worker. She always reminded Jugyeong of herself. So she always tried to be nice to her. Later she gets to know that they both attend the same school. Gowoon Han is an aspiring singer but she was getting bullied for her looks. So Jugyeong offers to do her makeover for a school function. It turns out as a major success. Later both become really good friends.

9. Minhyuk (Monsta X) as a Woohyun Ji

real life true beauty characters- Woohyun
real life true beauty characters

Lee minhyuk is a singer and dancer from South Korea. He is from a boy band named Monsta X. He is also the main visual of the group. His handsome face reminds me of Woohyun Ji from True beauty that’s why I am adding him here to this list.

Woohyun Ji is friends with Sujin Kang. To mess with Jugyeong she sets her on a blind date with Woohyun Ji. But he is a manipulative guy who dates multiple girls at the same time. He acts all charming and caring with Jugyeong and makes her like him. And after that, he ghosts her saying he was busy. He just keeps her hanging every time by giving excuses till Suho catches him with another girl and gives him a piece of his mind. After that, he stops replying to her completely.

10. Jaemin (NCT) as an Aiden Kim

real life true beauty characters- Aiden

Na Jaemin is a singer, actor, rapper, and song writer. He is a part of a South Korean group called NCT. He has won the Best Actor award in Seoul webfest award show. His soft and cute features remind me of Aiden Kim from true beauty. That’s why I added him to our real life true beauty characters list.

Aiden Kim is an outgoing and bubbly guy. He meets Jugyeong when she went to do temporary artist work to help her sister out. She does Aiden Kim’s makeup for his debut photo. Due to his friendly personality, he quickly becomes friends with Jugyeong. Later it turns out that he is friends with Seojun which causes some drama when he meets Suho along with him.

This was our list of some beautiful real life true beauty characters. I hope you enjoyed this list. Again reminder that list is based on my personal opinion. So take it in a friendly way.

You can read this webtoon officially here- True Beauty

If you think any character is overrated or underrated on the list, make sure to let us know. Also, comment on your favorite character from the true beauty below.

Do you have any suggestions for this real life true beauty characters list which you think fits perfectly visually? If yes, then feel free to drop your thoughts in the comment section below.

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real life true beauty characters- BTS

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