RaW Hero new manga launches on September 25th


Date: 15/09/2018

Good news for the fans of Prison School has spread last week. Akira Hiramotos RaW Hero new manga will launch on September 25th.  The 19th edition of Kodansha Comics magazine announced last week that is titled RaW Hero.  The series will premier in the magazine’s 20th issue.  Unfortunately, there is not much known about what RaW hero new manga will be all about. The magazine did not include any synopsis for the manga. All we have is a poster with manga sketches from the manga (which will be included below).  The poster shows us sketches about a girl and her teacher. So honestly, by the title, and the sketches, I can not really judge what can be going on in this new manga.  The line on the end of the poster says “Wait what, what’s with these pictures?”

While on the other hand one of the pages has a text written on it translated as “Dear Daddy” This is all very surprising and mysterious. What will this manga be about? If you have a guess on what it could be, leave a comment below with your opinion.  I would love to see your opinion on this surprising new manga. Although it’s all shocking to me, one thing that I will be expecting in this manga is the comedy. Akira Hiramoto is known for his manga Prison School. And if you have not read that then I would definitely suggest you try it out. The manga has a very interesting story, good comedy, and unique facial expressions. It even has an anime adaptation that you can check out.

RaW Hero new manga poster

RaW hero new manga

Akira Hiramoto launched Prison School back in 2011, the anime has inspired live actions and an anime adaptation. The manga has ended, and with that,  I am hoping that this new manga will be another golden comedy.

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