Promised Neverland Anime Staff reveled over twitter


The Promised Neverland anime staff has just recently been announced over YonkouProduction twitter account. If you have not heard of the Promised Neverland before, all I have to say is that it’s one of the top hits in the Weekly Shounen Jump.  There were rumors about the manga getting an anime adaptation, and also a rumored list of the staff was revealed. However, now we have an official information regarding them, so let’s see what we have here.

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promised neverland anime staff

Promised Neverland Anime Staff

The tweet was shared on Promised Neverland official Twitter account. Confirming the list to be true and also telling us a lot of information regarding the upcoming anime. Let’s take a closer look at the  Promised Neverland anime staff list.  The director for the anime is Mamoru Kanbe. He has also directed Elfen Lied, Sound of the Sky, and Kimi to Boku. Personally, I loved Elfen Lied, so I hope this anime ends up well. And, I do believe it will, regardless of not reading the manga, I have heard some pretty good things about the story. Toshiya Ono is doing the series composition. You might know him from Blue Exorcist, Perfect Insider, Magic Kaito, and a few other less popular anime. In the mentioned, Toshyia was mainly in charge of screen composition or screenplay.

Kazuaki Shimada will be doing the character design, Kazuki has worked in a lot of projects for various anime and their animations. Although he has worked on so many, he was mostly in charge of the animation. The only other anime in which he has done character design is  Mahou Shoujo Nante Mouiidesukara. Are we sure the characters will look good?  Let’s hope that Kazuki does a great job. Takahiro Obata is in charge of music, what do we know of him? Well not much, except that he has performed in a certain OST from Haikyuu.

The studio

CloverWorks, a studio which you would think did the Black Clover animation, but actually has no relation to it at all.  However, that does not make them less badass of a studio. Some great titles by them are Darling in The Franxx, Slow Start, Persona 5 the animation, Ace Attorney season, and Fate/Grand Order: Zettai Majū Sensen Babylonia. Are you excited about the upcoming anime adaptation? I know I am, it will be a bit of a wait. However, January of 2019 will come sooner than we realize, and then we will be able to experience this promising new title.


Promised Neverland Anime Staff officially reveled over twitter - Anime News
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Promised Neverland Anime Staff officially reveled over twitter - Anime News
The official news regarding the Promised Neverland anime staff have been revealed over twitter, you can read about the details here.
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