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Updated on: 08/01/2023

Hello everyone (✿^‿^)

Today we are going to talk about the top 10 most powerful tower of god characters. This list is official. And not according to the storyline. Because most of the characters aren’t shown in the story yet. We have a long way to go according to the storyline.

Tower of God is one of the most hyped webtoons written by SIU. I don’t think there is any webtoon reader who hasn’t read this webtoon yet. It’s another thing that some loved it and some got bored of it due to its huge quantity of chapters and pages. Anyways its huge world and diverse characters remind me of the popular anime “One Piece.” But I enjoyed one piece more than the tower of god. One piece is a masterpiece and the tower of god just can’t compete with it, unfortunately. Well, it’s my personal opinion. (^_^) Don’t kill me, please.

So here is a little intro.

This place called tower is a mysterious structure which contains numerous floors. Just consider each floor as a single world. The legends say, if you manage to climb the top of the tower, any wish you might have will be fulfilled. Reach the top, and everything will be yours. At the top of the tower exists everything in this world, and all of it can be yours.

Our main character is Twenty-Fifth Bam. He has a friend Rachel. One day she decides to climb the tower leaving Bam behind. So Bam follows her. He opens the door of the tower in search of a friend. And our journey begins.

Here is a link to the official webtoon- Tower of God.

Our main character Bam is considered irregular i.e. the person who opened the doors of the tower by himself.  Regulars are people who are chosen to climb the tower. But Bam wasn’t chosen one still he opened towers door by himself. That’s why he is considered irregular.

The tower of god has a ranking system. The people who manage to reach the 134th floor are given ranks. Then there are advanced rankers and high rankers. Advanced rankers are the top 10% rankers. And high rankers are the top 1 % rankers.

So this list is based on this official ranking system. So are you ready for our top 10 most powerful tower of god characters?

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Most Powerful Tower of God Characters

top 10 most powerful tower of god characters- Ha Yurin

10. Ha Yurin

Ha Yurin is the leader of the Ha family which is one of the 10 great families. She holds both scout and fisherman positions. She is considered inactive as she hasn’t taken part in any battle after becoming head of the family.

She is one of the great warriors who climbed the tower with Zahard. Because of her bold and fearless personality, she mainly fought on the front line. She has the ability to strengthen her body by using shinsu.

She is nicknamed snakehead. The reason is unknown.

Again her detailed power and abilities are unknown. But she is still considered 10th in rank in the list of powerful tower of god characters.

9. Baek Ryun

Next one in our powerful tower of god characters list is Baek Ryun who is the head of Wolhaiksong. He is the best friend of Urek Mazino. Together they formed the Wolhaiksong organization. He is also the ruler of the 77th floor.

He is considered the best wave controller in the tower.

He lived as an orphan in a jungle where he learned lots of his abilities including shinsu control. After that, he climbed the tower and became ranker. Then he met Urek Mazino and became best friends because of their mutual goals of living tower and exploring the outside world. Urek Mazino also helped him by compressing the forest in which he lived so that he can take the forest with him anywhere he wants.

He is called mysterious because no one knows his appearance. Everyone sees him differently. For some, he looks like an ordinary boy and for some, he looks like the tall guy who can even touch the ceiling of the floor.

His combat abilities and other powers are unknown as he fought a handful of battles. Still because of his enormous power he was given 9th ranking in the powerful tower of god characters list.

top 10 most powerful tower of god characters - Eurasia Enne Zahard

8. Eurasia Enne Zahard

Eurasia Enne Zahard is Zahard princess which is known for her powerful abilities.

She possesses S- rank weapon named “Colorless December” from 13 month series. It is said that, after losing her mind she went berserk and that’s why she was sealed away by Zahard.

Zahard’s princess competition was considered to held to become the wife of Zahard but after some time it was being used by 10 great families to slaughter powerful candidates from other’s sides. But thanks to Eurasia Enne Zahard this endless war came to end.

She was given nickname the great white shark

But one day she discovered Arlen Grace’s pocket where she discovered that Zahard was in love with her and had no intention of marrying anyone else. After learning all the cruel secrets from a pocket she went crazy and started killing people without reason. She then got her hands on all 13 months series weapons but after igniting them she went crazy. So she was sealed away by Zahard.

top 10 most powerful tower of god characters- Adori Zahard

7. Adori Zahard

7th place in our powerful tower of god characters list goes to Adori Zahard who is one of Zahard’s princesses and she is considered the strongest princess. She is captain of Zahard’s royal guards and also chief commander of Zahard’s army.

She possesses S- rank weapon named “Golden November” from 13 month series.

Her nickname is Killer Whale. The killer whale is the strongest divine sea fish.  She uses a carrier which is the combination of the lighthouse, pocket, and a pipe. She also has learned Arie’s swordsmanship besides not being from the Arie family.

Her appearance, powers, and abilities aren’t completely revealed yet. She only appeared in the flashback of Kallavan in which she showed mercy to him for failing in his mission to kill Bam and only demoted him to a regular soldier as a punishment. But she is known for her great loyalty to Zahard and for being peace oriented.

top 10 most powerful tower of god characters.- Khun Eduan

6. Khun Eduan

Khun Eduan is also one of the great warriors who climbed the tower with Zahard. He is currently active and is head of the Khun family.

He is called God of Spears for his magnificent spear bearing ability. Because of this, he is nicknamed “Marlin” which means blue swordfish. His other nickname is “Blue thunderclap” which was given to him for his electrical shinsu ability.

He possesses a spear named Mago which is so enormous that it can pierce half tower. So of course he had to be in the list of most powerful tower of god characters. But this is all we know about him as he has yet to appear in the series. He only appeared as data on the hidden floor.

top 10 most powerful tower of god characters- Arie Hon

5. Arie Hon

Arie Hon is one of the great warriors who climbed the tower with Zahard. He is strongest among great warriors excluding Zahard. It is said that after losing 10 times against Zahard he became his servant. He is head of the Arie family and the 100th floor ruler.

Arie Hon is considered the greatest swordsman of all time. He possesses “White Oar Sword” which is the only S+ ranked weapon in the tower.

His appearance, powers, and abilities aren’t revealed yet. He only appeared in the story of his son Hoaquin. He fought with Urek Mazino on the 100th floor but he accepted his defeat. Still he is considered at 5th place in most powerful tower of god characters.

top 10 most powerful tower of god characters- Urek Mazino

4. Urek Mazino

So in the tower of god world, Urek Mazinois irregular who is at fourth rank in the list of most powerful people in the tower. His past is yet to be revealed. He is considered the fastest person to climb the tower in history. He wants to climb all floors and leave the tower to explore the outside world. It is said that Urek Mazino entered the Tower to track down Phantaminum

His personality makes him one of my favorite characters in this webtoon. He is a confident but ruthless guy who has been feared by everyone. Urek Mazino is nicknamed “Ray Barracuda”. Ray refers to his lightning speed shinsu attacks and Barracuda is a white steel eel that is known for its fierce and aggressiveness.

Urek Mazino has monstrous physical strength combined with high agility and speed. By using Spatial Distortion he can distort space to travel across distance. He is the first irregular in our most powerful tower of god characters list.

top 10 most powerful tower of god characters- Zahard

3. Zahard  

At third place in our most powerful tower of god characters list is Zahard who is the main antagonist of the story and king of the tower. Zahard and his friends known as great warriors were the first ones who climbed the tower in history. He is the first human who made a contract with the tower and became king.

He is a heartless and cruel person who killed the child of Arlan Grace for rejecting his love for her.

After reaching the 134th floor he decided not to climb the next floor. So he locked the next floor and split the key into two parts to stop other people from climbing further.

Zahard has the power to see the destiny of others and manipulate their fate. He can also transform into a demon form in which he has thorns. He is also immortal and invulnerable to attacks from tower residents. His other abilities include great shinsu control, Shinwonryu, the golden needle of war, Air Explosion Iron Fist, rampage, cosmos, and golden bomb. 

top 10 most powerful tower of god characters- Enryu

2. Enryu

Enryu is the first irregular who entered the tower. He is currently inactive and his status is unknown. He is considered as mysterious as Phantanium. He currently holds second rank in most powerful tower of god characters list.

Enryu is mostly known for slaughtering the administrator of the 43rd floor. Floor administrators were considered immortal. But Enryu proved otherwise. It was revealed that the 43rd floor was Arlen Grace’s land but Zahard had ruined that place due to his hatred for her. So as a warning Enryu killed the administrator and left a thorn that will kill king Zahard.

Enryu is nicknamed “Red Tower” because whenever he passes by, the shinsu around him turns red for some unknown reason. His overwhelming shinsu power is considered his most powerful ability. It’s also rumored that he can create a life by using shinsu. Also, he can control over 9000 baangs. Baang is a basic shinsu measuring unit. He is also called spear bearer for his ability to create spears from shinsu. It’s called red rain.

1. Phantaminum

Number one place in our list of powerful tower of god characters goes to Phantaminum. He is mysterious and extremely dangerous irregular. Also, he is the one behind causing a bad image for irregulars. He is currently inactive and his whereabouts are unknown.

One day Phantaminum appeared in the tower and killed lots of high rankers. Then he infiltrated Zahard’s palace and killed all of his guards. But he disappeared without fighting Zahard.

He has given the nickname “Riddle” as his motives and relationships are not known. Also, no one knows about his appearance, powers, and combat style. The people who witnessed his powers either died or went crazy. Because of his overwhelming strength, he was given the number one ranking.

Big Spoiler Alert- So the reason behind his overwhelming power is that he is Axis. Axis means he is the “author” or “god” of the story. He has the power to write and erase events that occur in the story. So he can control reality with his own will. But Phantaminum was a previously normal human who was awakened as an Axis.

S.I.U. said that Phantaminum is a top-level character of the whole TUS universe. He is one of the top 5 Axis in the TUS universe.

As you must have realized that a large number of characters from this are not revealed in the story. They are only shown in flashbacks of people. But their direct involvement in the story is not shown. This only shows that how huge the plot of this story is. I just hope that readers won’t drop it in between because of its slow pacing.

Tower of God has got its anime adaptation too. Though, I didn’t like the animation quality. Still, if you want you can watch it.

This was our list of the most powerful tower of god characters. I hope you enjoyed this list.

If you think any character is overrated or underrated on the list, make sure to let us know. Also, comment on your favorite character from the tower of god series below.

Do you think any other characters will surpass these characters and take their places in the future? Feel free to drop your thoughts in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading. ヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ

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