Butterfly Effect

Butterfly Effect
Butterfly on a flower
Yahallo, fellow butterflies! Today, I will be taking a break from delusions and syndromes. After all, it does get a bit undeniably boring sometimes to read about mental disorders. Instead, I will be writing about a psychology topic called Butterfly Effect. So, let’s take a look at it 🙂

Butterfly Effect : A Flap Of The Wings

Butterfly Effect

Butterfly on a flower

It’s fascinating how one small action can bring about wide changes, not only in our life, but also in the people around us, or even the people we don’t know.

Consider it this way : A butterfly flaps its wings somewhere, which thereby changes the air pressure around it. Over time, it changes the direction of the wind. This leads to a series of events which may cause a hurricane in another place. And then, this hurricane has a lot of effects on others as well.

That is how the name Butterfly Effect came into existence.

Some events create a wide amount of changes in the world.  Every action we take can render a variety of changes. This theory basically means that a small decision taken in life can alter the entire course of your life.

United Thinking

Butterfly Effect

Last Butterfly – Jerry8448

There can be another viewpoint to this topic. I was reading an article by Elizabeth Waugaman, and her view regarding the butterfly effect is absolutely wonderful. As she said, and I quote,

Recently, meteorologists made a startling discovery about monarch butterflies. A discovery for which they have no explanation. Monarchs migrate in a gigantic cluster that forms the shape of a butterfly. The implications of this discovery are startling. Could it be that, like small fish, the monarchs gather together to form a large group that looks like a very large, inedible, butterfly? If this is the case, like small fish, butterflies have a sense of their identity. What is the message for us?

If fish and butterflies unite for safety in numbers, surely humans have the same ability. But, instead, we divide ourselves into myriad groups that take precedence over our humanity. We need to re-learn that to survive, we have to be united. With the butterfly effect, we can be. Quote Source

A beautiful quote, isn’t it? I’d agree with her. Instead of staying united and respecting each other, humans have take a trip down south. There are more and more disagreements, even among people who were once close to each other. We need to be united, fight against the injustice. All of us should respect every other individual, and accept their opinions. Only then can we come to one proper conclusion through compromises. As a result, we can achieve some stability in life. Can’t we count that as a butterfly effect?

What else can it mean?

Butterfly Girl

Release The Butterflies

Futhermore, we can also interpret the Butterfly effect in a different way. A small butterfly is something completely harmless. Yet, it is able to have such a large impact on its surroundings. Could it mean that everyone has some amount of potential in them? None of us are worthless. Consequently, we have the ability to render wide changes in the functionality of our surroundings. One single person can reach out to the masses. He or she can make them question everything! We, as individuals, can control everyone around us. We can affect everything around us.

A small cause can have a large effect.


1. If you had a chance to change Something in the past, would you do it? Would it have changed your situation now?

2. Do you agree with the butterfly effect?

3. Finally, what is your interpretation of this?



Butterfly Effect : What A Small Decision Can Do In Life
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Butterfly Effect : What A Small Decision Can Do In Life
Even a butterfly can render large changes in its surroundings. Similarly, a small decision can decide the course of our life. This is the Butterfly Effect.
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