What do cats do all day?

what do cats do all day

I bet all the cat-owners are wondering what do cats do all day? Or, they are just assuming that they are sleeping most of the time because they see it that way. But, sometimes, what we see when we are at home is not the whole picture. When you are not at home, your cat has full freedom and her/his daily routine might be different from what you know. Thus, Purina Friskies decided to do research on what do cats do all day. They decided to put a tiny digital camera on numerous household cat collars to see a daily view of every cat. These cameras also took pictures every 15 minutes so that cat-owners could upload those pictures on the Purina Friskies site. And with that, they managed to get some results about what cats really do all day.

Before doing the research, they collected information’s from cat-owners to see what they think their cats are doing all day. 70% of cat-owners expected that their cats will spend most of their time sleeping.  Secondly, around 50% of cat-owners thought that their cat spend most of the time eating. And lastly, 47% of cat-owners expected their cat to spend plenty of time looking outside the window. I would probably think the same. But, reality is a bit different. If you continue to read, you will find out a true picture of what do cats do all day.


what do cats do all dayWhat do cats do all day? They Sleep

Although, cat-owners exaggerate when it comes to cats and sleeping, sleeping really is something cats do most of the time. Based on this research, 30-60% of cats daily routine is sleeping. Some reports say that average cats tend to sleep up to 16 hours a day. But, we have to understand that every cat is acting differently, and because of that there are some cats that tend to sleep much less and others that sleep even more. So, what are the reasons they like to sleep so much? Sleeping helps them to conserve energy. And, it is important to mention that they need so much sleep because they are always on alert which means they don’t have such a deep sleep as we people do. Actually, most of the time they are just napping.

What do cats do all day? Look outside the window

Second most common and frequent thing that cats do is looking outside the window. Cats spend around 20% of their time looking outside the window. And, I wasnt surprised at all about this result. Windows give cats great experience of staring and watching what is going on outside the home. They watch other people passing by. Also, they get to know all the cats and dogs around the neighbourhood. Furthermore, which is most important, they can stare and catch birds, rodents and flies with their sight. And this is one of the most fun activity for them. We all know cats are natural hunters, and this activity enables them to evoke their hunting abilities. moreover, the reason why they spend so much time in front of the window are curtains. True, curtains can annoy some cats, but they can also interest them because of their wavy nature.

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What do cats do all day? Hang out with other animal/animals in the household

Third most frequent cat activity is hanging out with other pets in the household. Of course, this wont be a case with your cat if you don’t have any other pets. But, cats tend to get lonely if they are alone, and another animal can help in reducing that lonely feeling. That animal doesn’t have to be another cat. Cats will get used to other type of animals too. In other words, even dog or some other animal can become your cats friend. But, it also, like always, depends on the cat personality. And the personality of that other animal. One of my cats is perfectly comfortable with my dog and spends most of the time with him. On the other hand, my other cat wont even come near the dog and he spends his time only with my first cat.

what do cats do all day

What do cats do all day? Play with toys

5% of cats daily time goes for playing with toys. Many people would think that 5% is really small amount of time. But, when you consider the fact that they spend most of the time sleeping, 5% of non-sleeping free time is a lot. That’s why it is important to provide some toys for your cat. It is a great way of spending time for them. They can catch, run and hunt.

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What do cats do all day? Eat/drink

This is not all day activity but it is important part of cats day. Eating and drinking. And I think everyone knew this. Everyone need to drink and eat to stay strong and healthy, and so do cats too. But, cats also absolutely love to do it! Because of that, make sure your cats bowls are always filled with water and dry or wet food.

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What do cats do all day? Other activities

There are also some other activities that cats love to do! One of them is looking at TV, computer or some other media. And, cats spend around 6% of their time doing so. It is probably because of the moving pictures on these medias. Cats love to observe them. Furthermore, cats also like hiding. They can hide under the table, under the bed or behind the couch. And they do so around 6% of their time too. I assume that the reason for that is the fact that they can feel safe when no one see them. moreover, cats love to climb! They will climb all over the chairs, tables and anything else they can climb on. They do it around 7% of their time.  While doing that, if they are alone at home, they tend to do minor pranks. For example, stealing food or throwing something to the ground.

what do cats do all day

Reading this, you can see that cats are not all about sleeping, like most of us thought. They are actually pretty active animals. That is why we need to provide some sort of stimulations for them. Keep in mind your cats well-being and make sure she/he is not bored or lonely. Be sure to provide for some toys that your cat likes. Also make sure she/he has something high (for example: cat three house) to climb on while looking outside the window. It will make the experience even more fun. Now you see that although cats love to sleep, that there are some other things they love to do and spend their time with.

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