Cat Home Alone

Cat Home Alone
Cat Home Alone

Have you ever asked yourself if it’s a good thing to leave your cat home alone? You have a busy schedule? You want to go on a vacation? Or, you have some other things to do away from home? The thing is, many people think that leaving cat home alone is just fine. That is also the reason why plenty of people choose a cat for a pet instead of a dog. Before you pack your bags and leave carelessly, read this article and find out why you shouldn’t leave your cat home alone. Also, if you really have to go away, find out what are the things you need to provide for your cat before leaving.

Cat Home Alone

Cat Home Alone

Reasons you shouldn’t leave your cat home alone 

Cats can get sick

First of all, we all know that cats can have some sort of disorders and that they can get sick. Just like humans, when sick, cats need help too. Also, if no one is around to help her when she is sick, that sickness can get far worse. There are plenty of people who decided to go away and leave their cat home alone. But, when they came home, they found their cats desperately ill or even dead. You don’t want that to happen, do you?

Your cat can run out of food and water

Secondly, we all know that type of cats that will eat as much as they have in their bowls. That’s why you need to consider a possibility that, even though you left plenty of food for your cat, your cat could eat everything in only one day. Furthermore, let’s not talk about how cats need a mix of dry and wet food. But, when you leave, your cat is left with only dry food because wet food can go to waste. And, that is not really healthy. Moreover, you need to consider the fact that water you left can be spilled. That means your cat will be stuck in your home without water and proper food.

Litter box

Thirdly, cats are very sensitive when it comes to hygiene. Cats like their space to be clean and everything to be in its place. But, when you are away from home, there is no one who can clean your cat’s litter box. It is important to mention that cats tend to search for a different place for getting their business done if their litter box is dirty. That means, if you leave your cat home alone, you might come back to find your bed, carpet, closet or something else covered in pee.

Separation anxiety

The last thing you should know is the fact that your cat can suffer separation anxiety. If your cat has it, you will notice her urinating all over your home. Your cat will also meow excessively, she will have lack of appetite and you will notice an increase in self-grooming. These are the ways of saying that she is lonely and scared without you. And, you don’t want her to feel that way, do you?

Cat Home Alone

Cat Home Alone

How to make your home alone cat feel better

Now, when we talk about special preparations for your cat we are not talking about times when you leave for one night or day. But, even in these times, you should think about your cat. You should scoop the litter box and prepare plenty of food and water. Also, you should provide some toys because cats need stimulation. On the other hand, leaving for only a day or night is not such a problem. The problem occurs when you decide to leave for a longer period of time. Or, if your job requires from you to travel a lot. In these cases there are few things you should reconsider:

Boarding facility?

When people have to go away from home for a longer period of time they tend to put their pet or pets in a boarding facility. But, is that such a good idea for a cat? There is no doubt that boarding facilities that are specialized in cats can take good care of them. If you put your cat in one, you will be sure that there is someone who is taking good care of your cat, someone who feeds her and plays with her.

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But, you have to consider happiness and comfort level of your cat. Why? Because cats are very territorial and they might not feel well in a new environment. If you put your cat in a boarding facility, she could also be stressed out. It is all because of all the smells and sounds of other animals too. If you ever moved to a new apartment or house with your cat you know what I’m talking about. I have. And, my cats were stressed out for days while they were trying to get used to the new environment. So, if you are going away, I recommend boarding facilities only if there is no other options for you at the given moment.

Find someone to take care of your cat

A much better option than boarding facility is leaving your cat home but not alone. You should try finding a friend, relative or a neighbor who will be able to come to your home on a daily basis to check out your cat. This is a perfect choice because in this way there will be someone who could give your cat fresh food and water every day. That person could also scoop the litter box and make sure your cat has a clean space to do its business. Moreover, in this way, your cat won’t feel so alone anymore. She will have someone to interact, play and cuddle with. If you don’t have any friend, relative or neighbor who could devote some time to your cat, you can consider hiring a pet sitter.

Cats crave routine

Yes. Cats do crave routine. They are creatures of habit. That is where your friend, relative, neighbor or pet sitter can help. They can make sure your cat has its routine. The first thing they can do to maintain cats routine is scooping litter box regularly. But, that we already mentioned. Another thing that is important is feeding regularly. A person who takes care of your cat while you’re gone should know in what parts of the day you usually give your cat food. Also, they should know when to give your cat medication if she needs one. Because of that, it would be the best if the person who is taking care of your cat comes to your home in that times. For cats, everything should go on a schedule.

What can you do to make sure everything really is going on the schedule? You can leave lots of notes! Leave notes around your home about how much food to give and what food to give. You can also write about the things your cat likes to do, what toys does she like best. You know your cat best, and that is why it is important to give that kind of information to a person who is taking care of her. Also, leave a phone number of your veterinarian. On the other hand, you can always exchange phone numbers and be in touch with your cat sitter on a daily basis.


When we talk about leaving your cat home alone many people think that your cat will be fine because cats tend to sleep so much. Do you really think that all your cat needs is sleep, food, and water? No. They need some stimulation too. Because of that, before leaving, make sure to provide plenty of toys and stuff that can make your cat feel less bored. You can provide some scratches, catnip toys, puzzle feeders, boxes and cat trees. Some sources also suggest having some background sounds your cat is used to. For example, leave your TV turned on. You can also try to hide some treats around the house so your cat can have fun with searching. This is all important because the more fun your cat has, she will feel less lonely and her time away from you will go faster.

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Cat Home Alone

Cat Home Alone

Finding a friend

Some sources recommend getting another cat because in that way your current cat will have someone to interact with anytime. But, I personally have some doubts about that. If you are a person who travels a lot and if you can’t give a proper care for one cat, what will you do with more of them? Finding a friend for your cat is not a proper reason for getting a new cat. But, this could work for a cat owner who is home every day but spends half of the day at work. In this way, you won’t have to worry about leaving your cat home alone. She will have a friend to interact and have fun with.

Traveling with your cat?

Another option is not leaving your cat home alone but taking your cat with you. It is important to mention that this goes for the people who won’t be spending all the time in meetings. If you travel only for meetings, then it is better to leave your cat home with someone who can take care of him/her. But, if you are able to bring your cat with you be prepared for something. Your cat might need to use litter box while traveling and you should make that available. Also, you need to find a hotel that allows pets. In a hotel, remember to always have „do not disturb“ sign on the door. Furthermore, on a travel, your cat should always have her collar (with your informations) on. In this way, if unfortunately, something happens, people will know where to return your cat.


Leaving your cat home alone is not the best thing to do. But, I understand that there are some situations in life where there is no other choice. Sometimes we just have to leave home, want it or not. When that is the case, you should try following these advices listed below. You can take your cat with you, find someone to take care of her at your home or consider some good boarding facility for your cat. Do everything you can to make your cat’s life easier while you’re not around. I think that is every cat-owner interest.

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What Cats Do When They're Home Alone

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