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best cat litters

Sometimes, cats really are complicated, picky creatures. But, we love them anyways. That’s why we want best for them. We want them to be happy and satisfied. And, if we manage to do that by carefully picking what toys or food to buy for them, why wouldn’t we do that when it comes to a less cute side of them. Their litter! Cats love when everything is sparkly clean and we are the ones that have to clean for them. But, sometimes, cleaning the litter box, every single day, can really be hard and annoying. And it is all because of all that dust and smell that comes from the litter box. But, with this top 10 best cat litters, dust, smells or anything else might not be a problem anymore.

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Before jumping on the best cat litters part, we have to examine what kinds of cat litters even exists. There are more types of cat litters, and once you learn all about each type, you will be able to decide what type of cat litter is best for your cat. Also, it is important to mention that two or more types of cat litters can overlap when it comes to their characteristics. With that being said, here are some of the cat litter types:

Clumping Litter

Clumping cat litter is probably the most popular type of cat litters. I buy it for my cats too. And why is that? First of all, clumping cat litter is much less expensive than other types of cat litters. Also, this type is the one that our feline friends usually prefer. Furthermore, clumping litter is somehow one of the most effective litters when it comes to controlling urine odor. But, the key reason of clumping litter being most popular is the fact that this litter makes cleaning the litter box much easier.

Most of them contain bentonite. Because of that material, when cat urinates, the litter will absorb the liquid and form a solid clump. That way, you don’t have to empty entire litter box every time your cat urinates. You can just pick up that clump and trow it away. Because of that the litter box can also stay clean for much longer. In other words, refilling the litter box with fresh litter can be done less frequently. On the other hand, clumping litter can be dusty and your cat can disperse it all over your home. It is also important to mention that clumping litter is not a best choice for kittens that are less than three months old because small particles of this type of litter can get into their respiratory track.

Non-Clumping Litter

Non-clumping litter is the one type that I myself don’t prefer. But, many cat owners choose this type because it is the cheapest of them all. Another good thing about non-clumping cat litter is the fact that it is really effective when it comes to removing urine odors. This is because of the ability to absorb larger volumes of urine. Nevertheless, when you have non-clumping cat litter you have to clean a litter box more frequently. Not to mention the fact that you will have to clean entire letterbox.

There is also one more problem, which happened to me. With this type of cat litter, urine can get on the bottom of litter box, and if it stays there for some time, the litter box will pick up urine smell. At the end, I had to throw current litter box and buy a new one.  On the other hand, I recommend this type of cat litter for owners that have kittens because kittens can’t fill the box so fast. Also, non-clumping litter is great if you have automated or self-cleaning litter box.

Biodegradable Litter

We are moving on to the type of cat litter that is eco-friendly. Biodegradable cat litter is becoming more and more popular among cat owners. This type of cat litter contains only natural substances. They can include wheat, grass, pine, corn, walnut shells and recycled newspaper. This also means that it is perfectly safe for kittens because this litter is not harmful if your cat or kitten eats it. Also, you can find it in clumping and non-clumping form. Furthermore, some say that biodegradable litter is flushable, but I wouldn’t recommend that. Pros of this litter are also low dust levels and the fact that it doesn’t get tracked around your home. Another great thing is that you can compost it. On the other hand, this type of cat litter is an expensive choice. Also, some cats might not prefer it because they can be sensitive to pine scents.

Odor Control Litter

Odor control litters are great! And I think every cat owner prefers this type because who wants a smelly home? Odor control litters come in two forms: scented and unscented.

  • Scented Litter

If you like all sorts of nice perfumes like lavender, then scented litters are perfect for you. Great thing about them is that with them you don’t have to buy scented sprays to freshen up the room where your cat’s litter box is in. But, nevertheless, don’t forget your cat and her/his wishes. Some cats might be sensitive to perfumes and because of that unscented litter might be a better choice.

  • Unscented Litter

Unscented litters are more environmentally friendly than scented ones because they don’t have additional chemicals that are required for removing unwanted smells. Unlike scented litters with their perfumes, unscented litters hide odors with their absorbent features. Also, unscented litters might be a safer choice because many cats don’t like perfumes and they can even be allergic to them.

Crystal Cat Litter

Crystal cat litter is also known as silica gel litter. What is silica gel? It is a mixture of silica dioxide sand, oxygen and water. A great thing about this litter is the fact that it contains a tiny pores that absorb 40 times their weight in liquid. Because of that, you wont have to clean your cat’s litter box as frequent. It is also dust free. Furthermore, crystal cat litters tend to grow less mold and bacteria than other types of litters. Some of crystal cat litters can also be biodegradable.

On the other hand, these crystals are not so safe for your cat if he/she tends to eat things he/she shouldnt. Also, these crystals can be very rough and your cat might hurt her/his paws. Furthermore, if crystals reach their absorbency limit, you will find pool of urine on the bottom of the litter box. In addition, crystal cat litters are more expensive than traditional cat litters.

Flushable Litter

Flushable litters are litters that I’m most sceptic about. Especially when you hear how many people and experts are saying that flushing litters isn’t the smartest thing to do. But, either way, some people really prefer this type. Why? First of all, flushable litters are eco-friendly since they are made with naturally organic materials. And secondly, with them, you don’t have to worry about odor control because you wont throw it in the garbage in your house but in the toilet. In addition, because of direct disposal in toilet, they are a great mess-prevention.

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There are many circumstances that can result in choosing a different type of litter than the one your friends and relatives recommended to you. firstly, some people are allergic to dust. If that’s the case with you, you should stay away from traditional, clay-bassed litters and pellet based litters. Secondly, you should have in mind your budget. I know that cat-owners want best for their cats but, if you are on budget, you shouldnt give up your food for some overpriced litter. Furthermore, if you are a messy or lazy person, then you should choose a litter that doesn’t require frequent cleaning. Also, if you are a person that cares about environment, you should choose some eco-friendly litter.

If you have more than one cat, you should consider buying more litter boxes. But, if that’s not possible, there are some great litters with multi-cat formulas that have great odor-control and clumping features. In addition, there are some cats that just don’t like litter boxes. If you have a cat or multiple cats that like to do their business outside the house, then you shouldnt worry about litters because you don’t need them. But, if your cat is making her/his business anywhere in the house except the litter box, the litter might be a problem. In this case, you should try litters that have some attractants that will attract your cat. This will result in urinating in a proper place.


best cat litters - amazonBest cat litters #1: Dr. Elsey’s Precious cat ultra-premium clumping cat litter

Dr. Elsey’s Precious cat ultra-premium clumping cat litter is one of the most popular litters among cat-owners. Great thing about this litter is that it is hypoallergenic. It doesn’t contain any plant proteins. Because of that, if you are a person that copes with allergies, this would be a good litter for your household. Furthermore, Dr. Elsey’s Precious cat ultra-premium clumping cat litter has an ability to make hard clumps. Because of that, cleaning the litter box is much easier. Also, this litter is dust-free. You wont have to worry about cloud of dust while cleaning the litter box. Another great feature of this litter is odor-control. Thus, your home wont have urine smell. It is also suitable for multiple cat households. So, if you are looking for something that will cover up all these aspects, this litter is perfect for you!

You can buy Dr. Elsey’s Precious cat ultra-premium clumping cat litter here.

best cat litters - AmazonBest cat litters #2: Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract Cat Litter

Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract Cat Litter is 99% dust-free! Perfect for people allergic to dust! Odor-control and great clumping ability are also features of this litter. But, this is not the reason why so many people are in love with it. The thing is that this litter has an amazing ability. It has a herb-scented attractant. What does that mean? That means that teaching your cat to use litter box wont be such a problem anymore. You can use this litter to teach kittens how to use letterbox. Also, there are some adult cats that don’t like to use litter boxes, so this litter can help with that too.  Another thing that contributes to this is the fact that it has very small particles and ideal texture. Try it, your cat might finally choose to do his/her business in the proper place.

You can buy Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract Cat Litter here.

best cat litters - AmazonBest cat litters #3: Worlds best scoopable multiple cat clumping litter

Worlds best scoopable multiple cat clumping litter can fall into three categories. Clumping type, odor control and eco-friendly. This litter has all natural, whole-kernel corn-based formula. It is environmentally friendly and it is also proven to be perfectly safe for flushing. You can also use it for compose. Furthermore, it has great odor-control that is actually fragrance-free. Because of that, you don’t have to worry about your cat’s respiratory system getting irritated. Worlds best scoopable multiple cat clumping litter also has antimicrobial benefits to kill bacteria. Moreover, this litter creates perfect solid clumps for easy cleaning and it is 99% dust-free. And, if you have multiple cat household, this litter is perfect for you. Yes, true, this litter is more expensive than many other cat litter brands, but many costumers said that it is worth it. It has 4 star rating on Amazon, and A rating on many other sites.

You can buy Worlds best scoopable multiple cat clumping litter here.

Best cat litters #4: World’s best cat litter extra strength lavender

If you are a person who likes more scented smells and if your cat doesn’t mind it then this is the litter for you. World’s best cat litter extra strength lavender has the same features as Worlds best scoopable multiple cat clumping litter, but with lavender scent addition. As we already said, World’s best cat litter contains all natural materials. No chemicals, perfumes, clays, silica or bentonite. This litter is scented with all-natural lavender oil. Also, it is perfectly safe for your cat. This smell is gentle. It is not over-the-top, irritating smell we can fin din many other products. In addition, it will not only hide amonia-based smells from litter box, but it will also freshen up the whole room.

You can buy World’s best cat litter extra strength lavender here.

best cat litters - AmazonBest cat litters #5: Arm & Hammer clump & seal multi-cat litter

Arm & Hammer clump & seal multi-cat litter can be put in two categories. And they are odor-control and clumping type. It is not eco-friendly as World’s best cat litter, but it has similar or some even better features. This litter is even 100% dust-free. Because of that it is perfect for people who cope with dust allergies and for cats with respiratory issues. But, its key features are clump and seal as the name says. It has one of the best odor control. This is because of its moisture-activated micro-granules. They form a tight seal around the litter to prevent odors from escaping. Furthermore, Arm & Hammer clump & seal multi-cat litter contains baking soda composition which will make odors stay in the litter box for a long time (it can go up to 7 days). Moreover, this litter creates solid clumps, making it easier to scoop and clean litter box.

You can buy Arm & Hammer clump & seal multi-cat litter here.

best cat litters - AmazonBest cat litters #6: Feline Pine original cat litter

Feline Pine original cat litter is non-clumping, all-natural, biodegradable cat litter. A great thing about this litter is the fact that it’s not containing any dangerous chemicals or silica dust. It is wood-based, 100% natural pine. This litter can neutralize strong odors and it has an ability of leaving fresh smell. Furthermore, Feline Pine has an absorbent feature. Because of that, this litter will control urine odors even before they can get out of the litter box. On the other hand, many people have a problem with this litter not being clumping type. But, even though Feline Pine original is non-clumping type of litter, it is still scoopable. Seeing all this, if you prefer all-natural things, this is perfect litter for you. But, if you already use clay-based or granule-based litter, you should gradually start adding this one so that your cat can get used to it.

You can buy Feline Pine original cat litter here.

best cat litters - AmazonBest cat litters #7: Blue buffalo naturally fresh walnut based multi-cat quick clumping cat litter

Blue Buffalo Naturally fresh cat litter is another biodegradable litter. Instead of all sorts of artificial materials, there is walnut shells composition. But, there have been some complaints from the costumers side. According to Blue Buffalo, this cat litter should be dust-free. On the other hand, some costumers revealed that this is not the case. Because of that, I wouldn’t recommend this litter if you cope with allergies. Just to be safe. But, putting this aside, costumers are perfectly happy with other features of this litter. Blue Buffalo has great absorbency and odor control. It keeps odors inside the litter box. Because of that, even when cleaning, you wont sense any smells. Also, this litter can last much longer than some traditional cat litters. It can even go three times longer than the usual ones. I would say that this is money well spend.

You can buy Blue Buffalo Naturally fresh cat litter here.

best cat litters - AmazonBest cat litters #8: Fresh step simply unscented

Fresh step simply unscented falls under one of the best odor-control litters out there. If you are looking for something that is perfect in every aspect (clumping, dust-free etc.), then this is not a litter for you. But, on the other hand, if you are only coping with bad smells around your home that comes from your cat’s litter box, then this litter is all you need. It’s odor control is even strong enough for multiple cats households. In addition, it doesn’t have any perfumes or dyes in it. Instead, Fresh step simply unscented uses carbon to trap the odors and plant extracts to neutralize them. Because of that, this litter wont create a problem for you even if you have a sensitive nose to perfumes. Fresh step simply unscented will do a great job in getting rid off bad smells and freshening up your home.

You can buy Fresh step simply unscented here.

best cat litters - AmazonBest cat litters #9: Fresh step crystal cat litter

Like we already mentioned, crystal cat litters are not the best ones you can choose for your cat. But, on the other hand, this Fresh step crystal cat litter is great, and costumers love it. Because of the fact that crystals absorb moisture better than clay litters, this litter can last up to one month. Only thing you need to do is scoop out solid waste. Also, it has very low dust levels. Not only that, but it is also excellent when it comes to odor-control. True, a price of this litter is little high, but it is worth it since it will last for a longer period of time.

You can buy Fresh step crystal cat litter here.

best cat litters - AmazonBest cat litters #10: Purina Tidy Cats Cat Litter

When we look at Purina Tidy Cats Cat Litter, we can see a variety of litters and options. From lightweighted litter, clumping, non-clumping, alternative to unscented cat litter. But, whatever you choose, we can say that this litter has great odor-control. It’s granules are made specifically for that. They neutralize urine odors, and make you home smell fresh. Not only this, but Tidy Cats Cat litter is great at clumping too (with exception in non-clumping type). Furthermore, it is 99.6% dust-free! And, it is all because of the anti-dust coating. Another great thing about this litter, and the reason I choosed to put it in top 10 best cat litters, is its price. Unlike some other cat litters that are mentioned, this litter is doing a great job for a small, affordable price.

You can buy Purina Tidy Cats Cat Litter here.

Now that we analyzed what types of cat litters exist out there and what are some of the best cat litters we could find, it is time for you to decide. Take everything in consideration. Are you allergic to something, is your cat allergic to something, what kind of litters you prefer and what kind of litters your cat prefers? After you do that, you should find the best cat litters for you and your cat. Also, if you already tried some of these litters, or if you know any other cat litter that you think is best, please leave a comment. Let us, and other cat-owner know what you think. This way, you can also help others to choose what is really a best choice!

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