One Piece world seeker gets a new impressive 4k trailer.

On December of 2017, Bandai Namco announced the release of their new game One Piece world seeker over twitter.  Bandai Namco announced the release for PS4, X1, and PC sometime in 2018. There is no specific date for release yet but we eagerly anticipate this open world adventure game. When it was just announced I had a

Steins Gate 0 TV release date and new character designs announced

After 7 years of waiting, Steins Gate 0 TV is finally coming to our screens. The story revolves around an alternative ending which will cover Okabe’s new attempt at saving Kurisu. Steins Gate zero is one part of a big project called Steins Gate World Line, a 2017-2018 anime project discussed at the recent Anime

Review: Kuzu no Honkai

Kuzu no Honkai intro Kuzu no Honkai is a seinen anime about Hanabi and Mugi. They are a couple but they only share time with each other because they both have the same pain. Being in love with people they cannot be with. The troubles of unrequited love and the struggle. Replacing this love with

Winter 2018 Anime Worth Checking Out

The Winter 2018 anime season has started and I thought now would be a good time to look at a couple of anime airing this season I’m really looking forward to. One thing I have to make clear though when writing this is, I did not watch many of the anime that have aired yet.

Fruits Basket Season 1 Detailed Anime Review

Hewwo, I’m Panda! I’ll be writing a Fruits Basket Anime Review, and I hope I can convince you to watch it.  Fruits Basket has many genres. Slice of life, Romance, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, and Shoujo. Usually, animes like this are 12 episodes or so. However, the anime is 26 episodes long. I’m always annoyed at

Kuroko no basket Detailed Anime Review ~

Hewwo, I’m Panda! Today, I’ll be writing a Kuroko no basket review and I hope you enjoy it. General info about Kuroko no basket. Kuroko no basket is a sports and comedy genre anime and I think they balance sports and comedy well. However, obviously, sports is more emphasized compared to comedy. The anime is

‘New Game!’ Anime Review

Hewwo, I’m Panda. I’ll be writing a New Game Anime Review. About ‘New Game!’ Anime The genre is Comedy and Slice of life. I’ll be talking about the genres, later on. If you enjoy lolis, cheerful animes and just an easy anime to watch; this anime is for you. It aired on July 14th, 2016

2017 Anime Recommendation Guide: Hits and Misses

2017 Anime Recommendations Guide and Highlights: Well as 2017 is drawing to a close, I can certainly say it’s been another exciting year for the anime community as wave after waves of newly adapted light novels, games and manga were brought to life. While some may have brought you to tears, was it for the