Attack on Titan 2 game-play videos overview

A lot of Attack on Titan 2 game-play videos and promos have been released in the last few months. We have waited for quite some time for this. And finally the 20th of March is drawing even closer and everyone in the west is excited about this game. The gameplay videos have shown us many

Anime Film ‘Let’s Decorate the Promised Flowers in the Farewell Morning’ Receives Critical Appreciation

Anime film Sayonara no Asa ni Yakusoku no Hana wo Kazarou (Let’s Decorate the Promised Flowers in the Farewell Morning) achieves fifth place in the recent National Movie Mobilization Ranking. This film marks the directorial debut of Mari Okada. She is the director/scriptwriter of this latest work of theatrical animation. She has previously worked with the anime

Amanchu! 2nd season – ‘Amanchu! Advance’ Releases New Promotional Video & Key Visuals

TV Anime Amanchu! is going to have its second season – Amanchu! Advance this year. Earlier today, the official website shared the 2nd Promotional video and key visuals. Kozue Amano is the author of the original scuba diving-themed manga. The 90-second promotional video contains the new season’s OP theme song – ‘Crosswalk’ by singer/voice actress Minori Suzuki. The anime is set to

Grand Blue manga gets an anime adaptation

Grand Blue manga gets an anime adaptation finally, this golden comedy manga is gonna get animated. For anyone wondering what this is all about. I’ll leave a brief summary of what Grand Blue is all about below.  When talking about Grand Blue we can definitely say that this comedy is worth it. Unlike some comedy

Azuma Kiyohiko’s Manga ‘Yotsuba to!’ 14th Volume To Release on April 28

Azuma Kiyohiko’s Official Twitter account earlier today announced some exciting news. The 14th volume of the manga Yotsuba to!  is set to release on April 28. The new volume is releasing after more than two years and five months since the last release in November 2015. Yotsuba to! is a slice of life, comedy manga based on Yoshiba Koiwai, a

Suu Minazuki Manga “Plunderer” Receives Anime Adaption

Suu Minazuki author of Heaven’s Lost Property current ongoing manga Plunderer serialized in Shonen Ace magazine, recently announced Plunderer will be receiving an anime adaptation. There was no official release date  yet. But if it’s announced now I wouldn’t be surprised if the series air near the end of the year or the first quarter