One piece world seeker offers freedom of exploring

One piece world seeker offers freedom of exploring as explained by Koji Nakajima. I am a big fan of One Piece and have been waiting for a while for this game. And everything about it excites me. Recently Koji Nakajima, the producer of the game explained how One piece world seeker offers freedom of exploring. A unique way to explore the islands in a free sandbox game. There will be no walls, as Koji Nakajima said while opposing trump. No, wait that’s not official information. Forget about that. Let’s take a look at what exactly Koji Nakajima explained.

Quote By Koji Nakajima.

Hello everyone! I’m Koji Nakajima, Producer on One Piece games. There’s a lot to love about One Piece which we all know about! For this specific game though, we focused on creating a modern adventure. There are many action-adventure games out there already but they come with certain restrictions, such as invisible walls, for example. One of the best parts of One Piece, is the freedom it offers. As a way of replicating this ‘freedom’ we built a game that allows the player to seamlessly and freely move throughout the entire map.

The main concepts behind this game are: having fun on a One Piece adventure, a story with a plotline straight out of One Piece, and enjoy interacting with the crew. Given that Luffy is the main character in the series, we paid close attention to how we developed action sequences featuring his rubber-like movement. Our aim is to create a truly enjoyable experience for players where they can use his unique skillset on an open map. I can say that we all really worked hard on this, on creating gameplay and storyline that really focuses on Luffy, offering action and adventure in a way that is true to him as a character. We’ve really put together a game that will be fun for everyone and I hope that you’re all excited for it. As for the game’s world map we have released some concept art already.

One piece world seeker offers freedom of exploring – Thebiem

One piece world seeker offers freedom of exploring – Opinion and Conclusion:

Sandbox games have been on the rise in popularity as the gaming industry further evolves. And now many producers are creating sandbox games. I enjoy all of them and this is mainly one other reason why I am so hyped about One Piece world seeker. Yes, there have been many open world games. However, this one offers to me something I always wanted to do and that is to play as Luffy. His unique swinging around the trees in town is fun. I think I will probably jump around for an hour. And the battle mode looks very good I am very excited to try it out. If you want to know more about One Piece world seeker. You can check out its impressive 4 k trailer.

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