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One Piece spin-off manga is set to release on June 18


Date: 07/06/2018

A week ago on Shueisha’s website Shonen Jump, there was an announcement that surprised most of One Piece fans. And that is the fact that One Piece spin-off manga will be released soon. Now there has been quite a lot of conversations going on around the anime community. Will the One Pice spin-off manga be good? A question was raised that quickly turned into debates among the fans. Some say that there is no way you can make something that is better than the original manga. However, I will not be a skeptic and I will give it a try. One Piece spin-off manga will be focusing on a Koby look-alike character that’s named Kobiyama. The full name of One Piece spin-off manga is One Piece Koby ni no Kobiyama: Urifutatsu Nagi no Ōhihō. The illustrator for the manga will be Nakamura.


One Piece spin-off manga visual

One Piece spin-off manga

Koby Look-Alike

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The story of the manga will revolve around a middle school student that looks just like Koby. This manga is a serialization of a one-shot that Nakamura had published on December 25th in Weekly Shonen Jump.  For me it was quite suprirsing to find out about this manga, and to also find out it’s the 3rd spin-off that One Piece will be getting. When I first heard about this, I actually thought that it was the first one. Yoshikazu Amamai launched an official spin off manga called Chin Piece. There has been a lot of spin-off material for One Piece.

There is talk about a crossover manga happening where Fischers group will enter the world of One Piece. Semimaru Aburokaji is illustrating the manga for the crossover. The crossover manga will be releasing on August 3rd in Saikyo Jump.  One Piece will soon be celebrating it’s 21st anniversary, and along with that they will be holding an important announcement.



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