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One Piece Chapter 935 Review – A New Powerful Enemy Appears


Date: 08/03/2019


One Piece chapter 935 has just been released and it was a really interesting read. I wish there was more of it, but unfortunately, the chapter felt like a breeze. Nonetheless, we can’t say that nothing interesting has happened in this chapter.

However, before we continue the discussion of the latest chapter, I want to warn you about the spoilers ahead. If you have not read One Piece chapter 935 yet, then I would definitely advise you to do so before continuing to read this. Unless you do not mind spoilers or you have already read the chapter, proceed right away.

One Piece Chapter 935 Discussion

As the chapter starts we get a look at Luffy and his situation in prison. It seems he could not keep calm and has caused more trouble than needed (again). Also, it seems Raizou has managed to steal the keys for the sea stone handcuffs and is planning to break Luffy free. However, due to Luffy attacking a guard, it now seems that this prison break is only going to get much more complicated.

Where is Zoro?

We can see that the Straw Hats are discussing their plans and approach along with Law in the Ebisu town. They are discussing certain matters with this guy, the one with whom Zoro wandered off previously. But where is Zoro again? It would seem his sword was stolen and he is trying to get it back. Will he miss out on half of the story again due to his wandering? It seems Sanji is gone as well. Perhaps he is busy peeping on women with his newly acquired ability

Queen – A New Foe Appears

One Piece Chapter 935 Review
A new powerful enemy has appeared. Queen: The Plague has a whopping 1.32 billion Bounty. He is one of Kaido Pirates all-star members. This makes me wonder how will the Straw Hats deal with so many powerful enemies. Considering how much trouble only Katakuri gave them.

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One Piece Chapter 935 Conclusion

This Chapter was good for building up some anticipation for us readers. We got to see one of Kaidous powerful subordinates. And the mysterious man in the prison cell seems to be Raizous friend. This really surprised me, but as this is very good for the Straw Hats I am fine with it.

One thing I have to say though is what Luffy said when he was punched i.e. “If only I could use Haki”. Why can’t Luffy use Haki with his sea stone cuffs? I thought sea stone only worked on Devil Fruit powers. And I remember Rayleigh destroying similar sea stone cuffs during Sabaody Archipelago arc. Did I miss out on something? Well, the only thing we can do now is to wait for the next chapter. Thanks for reading, and goodbye until then.

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  1. As you said, sea stone works on devil fruit users only, so since Luffy has been cuffed for some times, it depleted his strength a lot. And to be able to use Haki, you need strong willpower. But for Rayleigh, he is not a devil fruit user, that’s why the sea stone didn’t bother him at all, and he was able to use his Haki perfectly well.