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What is the current bounty of the Straw Hat pirates? And Luffy’s new shocking bounty




Updated on: 05/10/2023

apedIn the recent chapters of One Piece manga, it has been revealed that Luffy has a new bounty alongside other new One Piece bounties. But before that, I’d like to tell you a bit about how it came to this. For those who wish to know, but have not read up on the manga. Although, I have to warn you it will have some spoilers. So, basically, after the Dressrosa arc, and Luffy‘s fight with Doflamingo, some things lead them to the Whole Cake Island.  It is the island where they face off against big mom, also known as the Tea Party From Hell arc. At the start of chapter 903 in One Piece, Luffy reads his new bounty after their battle with Big Mom.  The bounty said 150 million, which made Luffy sad. And it also made no sense to anyone why it would go down. Luffy‘s old bounty was 500 million.

New One Piece Bounties revealed

At first, it would have appeared as Sanji had a bigger bounty on the ship than Luffy has, Sanji‘s Bounty has now been put up to 330 million. It surpasses Zoro’s current bounty, which is 320 million currently. Since Sanji and Zoro are rivals, I can imagine how this must be going for them. However, I think that since Luffy‘s new bounty was shocking, that Zoro will soon be getting a new bounty as well. Sanji‘s bounty also changed from Only Alive to Wanted Dead or Alive. And, the connection between him and the Vinsmoke family was made clear. Sanji‘s name on the wanted poster is Vinsmoke Sanji now.

One Piece bounties

Sanji’s New Bounty – 330 Million Berries

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Luffy’s new shocking bounty revealed

It would have seemed that at the beginning of chapter 903, Luffy had mistakenly misread his bounty to be 150 million. At the end of the chapter, it was revealed that Luffy‘s new bounty is 1.5 billion berries.  There is also something else, due to the military controlling the newspapers. They decided to put on a lot of heat onto Luffy and the Straw Hat pirates. The newspaper portrayed how Straw Hats won against Big Mom. And what this meant is not that Luffy had defeated Big Mom. Although everyone is calling Luffy now the new fifth emperor.

Being able to demolish and wreck top commanders of the Yonkou Big Mom is a fantastic feat. Luffy and the Straw Hat pirates have trashed Big Moms subordinates, caused havoc, and made a lot of wrecks.  While all escaped without a scratch, doing all so, Luffy also defeated two of Big Mom’s top dogs.  Yes, he has not dealt a blow to Big Mom herself, but against the Big Mom Pirates, they have scored a victory.  If you think about it, it is similar to how the Enies Lobby went down. There the straw hats practically won against World Government. Even though they just went against them and barely survived.

One Piece Bounties

Luffy’s new bounty – 1.5 BIllion Berries

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Straw Hat pirates current ranking and bounties

There have been three changes overall. We have gotten two new One Piece bounties, and also one more new member for the straw hat pirates during the Whole Cake Island arc. The 10th member of the Straw Hat pirates, which was just announced but not yet officially welcomed.”> Jinbei has joined the Straw Hats as their new member, even though many have expected it. I still think it’s quite shocking in the right way. Jinbei’s current bounty is 400 million berries, which brings him above Sanji and Zoro. However, since Luffy has a new bounty. I do not think that Zoro will stay at 320 million for too long.

My only concern is that Jinbei will only even further shadow out Sanji, and portray him weaker. This will only furthermore distance him from Zoro as his rival. And would put all of those things from the past where they were shown to be at least close in strength even further away.  That would mean that the top strength will be Luffy and Zoro, accompanied by Sanji and Jinbei as badass support.

One Piece Bounties Based Rankings

  1.  Monkey D. Luffy – 1.5 Billion Berries
  2.  Jinbei – 400 Million Berries
  3.  Sanji – 330 Million Berries
  4.  Zoro – 320 Million Berries
  5. Usopp – 200 Million Berries
  6. Nico Robin – 130 Million Berries
  7. Franky – 94 Million Berries
  8. Brook – 83 Million Berries
  9. Nami – 66 Million Berries
  10. Chopper – 100 Berries

The overall bounty for the Straw Hat Pirates is now over 3 Billion Berries overall. The correct amount for their current bounty would be berries.

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  1. Although, in the new chapters in one piece, you could see that the strawhats are all complete (with jinbei as an excemption). So after the wano2 arc there would be an increase in their bounties. Perhaps making luffy as 2billion, zoro and sanji in 400million, while the rest would range from 200-300million. Of course this is assuming that their fight with kaido will be a success.